Chase Me || n.h [complete]

Audri has always been taught to never give her heart to a guy
And to play tricks and have them chase her.
Audri is invited to a one direction concert.
Will that concert be a turning point for her or
Will she just continue to have them chase her?


23. Deeply Romantic :) x


Audri's pov;

I laughed running in front of Niall as he caught up with me and twirled me around. "That was so much fun" I squealed as he kissed me on the head softly.  "ready for your next activity?" He asked grinning widely.

This told me that this activity was something Niall was looking forward to as well. He took my hand and we continued walking not that far ahead of us i could see the beach and a little beach shed with a man waiting outside. "I wish we could live here, its so amazing!" I whispered enjoying the sunshine and the views around me. He squeezed my hand and gave me a soft smile nodding his head. "me too babe, but we can always come back" He told me as we picked up pace walking over to the man.

"Hi Mr Horan, i presume?" The man asked holding out two diving suits. Niall nodded his head and took the suit thanking the man, as i did the same and the man gave me a little smile and winked at me. I saw Niall glare a little so i just laughed awkwardly. 

"okay I am your diving instructor, my name is Steve, there are just a couple of rules you both should know. The first is that you both need to stay by me the whole time so that i can make sure your both okay" He told us putting on his own scuba diving suit. "The second is dont touch any of the fish unless i allow or do myself, because their are a range of fish out there that are poisonous, they often sit at the bottom of the sea bed, so we should all be fine. The third one of course then is do not go so far down that you are touching the sea bed, stay at less 3-4 inches above the sea bed" He told us walking in front of us towards a small boat. He turned around and gave us both a serious look "got it?" He told us as we both grinned and nodded. We got onto the boat that was quite small but cute looking and then Steve got on to. Giving us the rest of the equipment to put on that would keep us from not drowning down there. 

I watched the sea and the sun glistening on it as Niall spoke to Steve and they joked around about random things, soon the boat was stopping and Steve and Niall came over to me, I was excited but know i felt a bit scared, i didn't know if i could do it. "you okay sweetie?" Steve asked bending down and putting his hand on my knee. Niall sat down next to me putting his arm round me. "It will be okay Audri, ill go before you so that ill be in there when you do and ill stay by your side the whole time" He told me gently as i smiled at him and nodded my head.  Steve stood up and told Niall how to sit so that he fell backwards into the water when he dived in. I watched Niall do it and make it look so easy and he was floating in the water waiting for me and smiling at me.

"ready" Steve said gently helping me sit properly and walking me through the instructions on how to do it. I took a deep breathe and focused on being in the water with Niall. I felt myself going backwards and before i knew it i was floating in the water with Niall. He pulled me into his arms and whispered "Im so proud of you" and gave me a hug before we new it Steve was at our side. He gave as a thumbs up and the signal to go down so we checked our equipment and we dived down Steve following after.

I caught my breathe at first looking at the beautiful scene below us as we kept diving down so we were among the site and part of the scene that i just saw. There where brightly colored fish everywhere I felt Niall right beside me and we swam forward and down a bit more following Steve like he said.

He stopped just in front of a turtle and some little fish and we went to his side and he gently touched the turtle as it swam around us and he gave signal so that we could to. I couldnt believe this it was amazing.


We swam around looking at all the brightly colored fish and Niall took my hand while we swam. It felt like a dream it looked beautiful underwater and so much better from the world, the fish swam around as if they had no worries, no difficult decisions when it came to love, no care in the world. I looked at Niall and remembered the others, i wonder what they were up to and how Louis was...why was i thinking of Louis? This day was meant to be about me and Niall. I curse at myself but no one else can hear and push him from my mind. 

Before i know it we were all at the top of the water again and climbing onto the boat.

"thank you Steve that was amazing" I told him as Niall sat me on his lap and hugged me tightly agreeing and thanking him to. He laughed and told us it was no problem and told us more about the types of fish and how some that we saw are actually rare to see because there is so little of them around now. 

when the boat got back to the sand we got of and Steve gave us keys to a little beach hut where we could get change and take the suits off. We thanked him and walked off over to the red and white little beach hut. Inside was so cute, there was a little seat that run along the back of it and their was cushions all around it with a little table and some flowers on it.

"tired?" Niall asked as i yawned and stretched I shook my head and laughed. "Good, because i have a surprise for you know" He told me putting the last of his dry clothes on. "really? Niall today has been wonderful already you didnt have to" I told him finished up changing and he pulled me into a hug and softly kiss my lips. "I love you Audri" he whispers kissing my kneck as I pull away and look into his eyes " you too" I tell him and know i mean it. He smiles at me and pulls me out of the hut and walkes over to Steve giving him the keys back and thanking him yet again. 

I laugh as he runs back over to me and picks me up carrying me across the sand. "where are we going then?" I ask as he begins to run further down the beach but closer to the hotel. "Not far you will see" I close my eyes and see that its getting dark how long had we been diving for? I felt Niall stop moving and he put me down and put his hands over my eyes before turning me around. "Are you ready" He asked chuckling as i jumped up and down "yeah" I told him excited. He dropped his hands and i gasped...."OMG Niall I LOVE IT" I scream throwing my arms around him as he laughs more.

I turned around seeing the platform in the middle of the sea, the candles lighting up the table and chairs on it.

"Im glad you like it beautiful" he tells me grabbing my hand and pulling me over to smaller boat, he got in and then gave me his hand to help me down into it, as he started rowing over to the platform that was lit up and glowing I saw food already on the plates and saw that it was Nando's...,how did he do all this?

We got of the little boat and took our seats at the table, Niall reached over and took my hand.

"Audri, i wanted to show you that i love you so much and there is nothing i wouldnt do for you, I hope this proves how much im better for you than this....other guy" I squeezed his hand and closed my eyes before opening them. "Lets not talk about him Niall...todays about me and you, and it has been lovely and I couldn't even imagine anything like this you are amazing Niall and I do love you" I tell him as his face lights up and he starts to eat. We joke around and talk about the scuba diving while eating and i know im happy with has been the most amazing day of my life and im never going to forget about...i just now have to make the choice Louis or Niall. I feel a text from my phone and pull it out checking its not Zoey and that everythings okay. I sigh at who it actually is;

Louis x; 

Hey Audri, I bet Niall is treating you right now, so im sorry to be texting you but this isnt fair..he has got to show you how good he can be for you, I havent had any time like that with you How do you know he is the one when you havent been alone for that long with me..apart from the party of course ;) xx

I feel myself tense up and delete the message making sure that if Niall ever got hold of my phone he would find out it was Louis. I put my phone away and Niall frowned at me. "everything okay beautiful" He asked with worry in his voice. I smiled and took his hand taking a breathe "everything's fine, was just Zoey asking if im having fun" I tell him and then laugh as he laughs too and we continue with the conversation while i try and push Louis and his text to the back of my mind...yet again today Louis managed to destroy the day and get in my mind. What am i going to do?



Hey guys sorry it took so long to get this chapter up, but I had to travel to my college im going to yesterday and i got lost so it took longer than planned, therefor i didn't have time to write this up :/. Anyway I hope you like it and im not sure if the pictures are going to show or not because they weren't showing up properly when i put them in here, so sorry if they didn't work ill fix them tomorrow..or try anyway.

Thank you all for reading, liking and adding it to your favorites, your all amazing! and me and Briana are so glad your enjoying the story. We have worked so hard on it and to know that you guys enjoy it just makes it all worth while  :) Please give some Feedback we would love to know what you like and what you don't like about this story so we can make it even better and enjoyable for you all :)

~Katie *.* x

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