Chase Me || n.h [complete]

Audri has always been taught to never give her heart to a guy
And to play tricks and have them chase her.
Audri is invited to a one direction concert.
Will that concert be a turning point for her or
Will she just continue to have them chase her?


4. chaser?

~Niall p.o.v~ "watcha doing niall?" Zayn said "on twitter" i said "oh" he said continuing to tap on my phone. I was bored liam was sleep and louis and harry were out. We were in california. Hmmm skypecall from Audri_Monroe? Im bored so answer. " Hello?" I said the a girl just stood there looking horrified. Must be a fan. They ment to call. But I called back anyway. Waiting... Waitng... "hello?" A blue eyed blonde picked up. "why did you call the hamg up?" Smiling she was gorgeous! "it was an accident" she said "sure it was...." I peared at her username "Audri." Her face turned serious"I don't chase boys skyping them" she bit her lip. Then I saw the brunette again with the face. "arent you the girl who first called with the horrified look on her face?" I said chuckling she just nodded head. " who is that" zayn asked looking up at me "fans." I told him. He shrugged his shoulders. I turned to the laptop " am I.right?" I asked "yes, no" the said at the same time. Audri wasnt a fan! That has to change. What was the brunettes name? "oh. And brunette love whats your name?" I said "zoey." She said blushing and smilimg PP yeah she is a directioner i can tell but Audri on the other hand. "nice. And why you no fan audri?" I asked i wanted to change that. "im not a chaser." She said expressionless. then zoey gave me great news "were comimg to your cali concert tommorrow" she said then lois and harry walked in with pizza. " great ill see you tomorrow then but i have to go now." Is aid puting on my cute pouty face "bye" zoey said Audri just nodded. Then i.pressed end. Zoey was a cutie but Audri was that and intriguing. "who were the cute girls" harry asked chewing his pizza. I grabbed some pizza and took a bite "just some fans" i, said shrugging my shoulders "mhmm" he said then pulled out his phone. I, dont know what itbis about Audri i barely know her but i know she is diffrent. Im crazy. ~Audri p.o.v~ *next morning* I woke up to the annoying shriek of my alarm clock. I set it late but im still tired. I kept pressing the button for it to shut up bit it kept going so i pulled out the plug and threw at the wall. I turn over to see Zoey still passed out. How.could she sleep though that crap? I mean she is really knocked out cold. I shook her a little but with no luck. I shook her a little harder still no response. I shook her super hard and no response. Damn. I got out of bed and walked to the bathroom filling up a cup with cold water. I walked back into the room steadying the cup. I, towered over her and threw it on her. She jolted up with a scream and i fell to the floor in fits of laughter. Her face was priceless. " i was gonna wake up!" She groaned "when next year?" I said calming down. She sniffed the air and my tummy growled we looked at each other and ran to the kitchen. Breakfast was on the.table with a note. Zoey started eating and i read the note: AUDRI WENT TO GRANDMA SHE IS REALLY SICK BE.BACK IN A WEEK SO SORRY. Wow. She left like that. Watever. I sat down and started eating we had 3 hours till we left for the.concert. "what if niall sees us" zoey said.pouring herself coffee "no choice but to talk we are doing a meet and greet tlremember?" I.said she just sighed but i knew she was stoked. *1 hour later* I stood in the mirrior examing myself. My high waist shorts and avengers tank read converse. My mascara not smudged black eyeliner makimg my eyes pop. Reg strerchy headband . Perfect. Simple. Zoey with short ahorts and american flag.tank with hair in a complicated unexplainable but pretty braid.i grabbed my purse and walked out to Zoey right behind me. It was hot and sunny on the ride. *30 mins later* We paid the driver and hopped out. There was already a long line zoey pulled me into the line we were in the middle and damn it was an hour before the show. There were girls and boys.crying, laughing, and screaming to be able to see them rehearse. That ment they were already here. I look at.zoey she smiled and sat down on the floor in the not moving line so i did the same. "i guess it" isaid elbowing her. "yeah i guess no turning back Audri" she said giggling i laughed to flashing my dimples. Ughhh this was gonna be a long day...
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