Chase Me || n.h [complete]

Audri has always been taught to never give her heart to a guy
And to play tricks and have them chase her.
Audri is invited to a one direction concert.
Will that concert be a turning point for her or
Will she just continue to have them chase her?


6. agonizing hours!


~Audri's pov;~

I watched the security walk back to the doors and watch a few of these other girls that went running and screaming over to Liam and Harry. I folded my arms and looked at my clock, as I heard Louis laugh. I shot him a glare and Niall smiled and raised his eye brows. Zoey gave a nervous giggle and I rolled my eyes. "Sorry love, got somewhere important to go to?" Louis asked looking me up and down, I grunted at him, if he was going to check me out he could at least not do it so obviously. 

I felt Zoey nudge me and I looked at her as the two boys started to talk to another fan. "Audri you could at least pretend you want to be here, for me please!" She hissed as I folded my arms and faked a smile. The boys turned back to us and Niall looked at me with a straight face, his eyes wide and glistening. I felt my body shiver and I wondered what i had done. It looked as if he was trying to figure something out, but before long he smiled at me and went to sit down on a sofa at the side. 

I looked around to see there was even less fans in here now, ones that didnt get picked at the concert and had bought v.i.p tickets. I watched as Zoey went over and sat down and Harry and Liam go over to them too, they were all laughing about so i sneaked out the door to go have a look round the place. 

" claustrophobic too then?" I heard a soft Irish voice say behind me, as i headed towards the stairs the lead to the roof. I turned around to look at him. "Why are you following me?!" I said annoyed, why didn't he just stay there I didn't need him around me, he makes me feel so..I don't no he just gets to me and I dont like boybands and never well. I turn away and continue walking aware that he is also still following me.

When i get to the roof, I gasp as the cold wind hits me, and i rub my arms as goose bumps appear. "Here have this, you'll freeze otherwise"  Niall tells me closing the door and walking in front of me, he slips off his black jacket and puts it over my shoulders. I sigh and look up into his eyes, he gives me the same stare as he did inside, and i look down to the floor. "Stop it!" I growl as he just chuckles. I walk over to the bench thats near the edge and take a seat.

"Stop what?"  He asks taking a seat and moving a little closer to me.

"Everything..stop looking at me like that, stop following me, stop smiling at me, just stop" I told him in a rush as i then covered my mouth after i said it all.

"im sorry..I just..I cant Audri" He mumbles as he stands up and looks over the side of the roof with his back towards me. 

"well then just stay away from me until we leave, and then you want ever have the chance to again will you" I tell him spitefully and standing up, i thrust his jacket back at him as he turns around.

It hurt me to say that, I didn't really want him to leave me alone, it shocked me that i didn't want him to because i should. I don't understand what im feeling and I dont want the chance to. I walk away towards the door to the stairs but I feel him grab my arm and turn me around. 

"Thats exactly the problem..after this im never going to see you again, your not a fan so whats the chance that you'll come to another tour night, and I dont think i can live without seeing you again" He says looking into my eyes and then down to the floor. I tug my arm out of his hand and just laugh.

"right, i've heard that before, trust me you'll be fine, you will have another concert, meet another fan and tell her the exact same thing. Please you were right im not a fan, and that why im not going to fall for this. I dont think i can live without seeing you act" I shout getting angrier and angrier.

He shakes his head vigorously, and i see a small tear in his eye.  "Thats not who i am Audri, thats not me, your...I dont do this to fans at every concert..I promise" He tries to tell me as he puts a hand on my cheek. I brush it off still not believing a word he says. 

Then I walk away again..but this time there is no stopping me, I open the door to the stairs and walk back down leaving Niall standing at the top of the stairs, I only glance back to check he is still there. I find my way back to the room with the others and Zoey and see that she's hugging them and saying goodbye. I enter the room and slam the door leaning up against it. The Security walk over to me but Louis tell them its fine. 

"Where have you been?" Zoey asks sounding worried. All the boys look at me waiting for the answer, although something in Louis eyes tells me he knows something. 

"Uhm...wheres Niall?"  He asks me softly while staring at me. I feel a tear in my eye but hold it back.  "Why should i care?" I snap back at him and then look over to Zoey and the others.

I see Harry has an amused look on his face and Liam and Zayn just look puzzled and dare i say scared?.   "Can we go now?"  I ask Zoey while checking the time, It was half 4 and I really want to get home, and make some dinner and then curl up on the sofa watching telly.

Zoey turned around and apologized to the boys before walking over to me.  "fine lets go then moddy" She told me and then laughed while giving me a worried look. As we was about to leave Niall walked back in slipping his phone into his jeans. He looked up sadly and I saw his eyes were quite puffy and red and i felt a bit guilty and the need to just pull him into a hug. He looked at me and I avoiding eye contact and opened the door. I called out bye to all the boys happy now i was leaving and followed Zoey down the corridor and towards the exit.

"That was so amazing!" She squealed. As we was on our way home. I put my headphone in and nodded at her. "yeah it was so interesting and I cant wait to do it again" I told her sarcastically as she just glared at me and sighed.  "I think Niall really likes you" She told me as I just began to laugh hysterically. 

"please them boys probably like everything that moves as long as its female" I tell her and continue to laugh as she just frowns at me.

"You really know hardly anything about them Audri, Niall isn't like that, Harry's the one that has a lot of girlfriends but Niall doesn't , I've never seen him do anything wrong in papers, and he hasn't got tattoo's..he is perfect for you"  She tells me as I just stare at her angry.

"No! okay just drop it I don't care what he is like. In fact I don't even want to know what he is like because i couldnt care less". I tell her before putting in my other earphone so i could block her out.

However the truth is everything she said made me think. Imaged flashed into my mind of the way he looked at me the way he practically told me he wanted to see me again, but had a tear in his eye when i snapped at him. The way he walked back in the room with red puffy eyes like he had been crying. "STOP IT ADURI..STOP THINKING" I mentally had a go at myself stopping all the images and all the thoughts and focusing on my music in my ear I wouldnt allow myself to think like this anymore.


Hey Guys how did you like this chapter? I'm a new co-author and I had this idea for this chapter so thought I might write it up for you all to take a look, I hope you like it as much I liked making it. I would love some feedback? 

Anyway the photo underneath is the photo showing how Niall kept looking at her. Im sure you could see how it made her feel and why, you just have to look at it yourself :) haha :) Anyway enjoy and Im sure we will have another chapter up very soon!.

~Katie *.* x

Niall and his amazing stare, that makes your heart melt! :) ...your welcome ;) x

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