Bad Boy Thief of Hearts (Zayn Malik Fanfic)

Ella the bookworm finds a mysterious boy that turns her life around. What is it about Zayn Malik from One Direction that makes her feel different feeling that she has never encountered bfore? Will he break her heart? or will this end in a happily ever after like in her books? find out by reading...


18. Chapter18


Chapter 17

When I stepped out of the shower Janell informed me that Christian had gone home to tell his family about our trip to the beach and that he will be meeting us at the beach later. I wasn't sure if our conversation that we had before had maybe scared him off or if he really did have to go with his family. I started to prepare my beach bag with a change of clothes and some sunblock. I wasn't planning on getting in the water since I was just not in the mood for it, so I packed my bag with two books that I've been reading and my iPod Janell said that we had to meet the boys at a restaurant close to their hotel because there were too many fans outside their hotel and they were going to try and sneak out.

Niall had gone back to the hotel to get a change of clothes since he spent the night here and I am still not sure if I should believe Janell when she said that nothing happened. I am happy for both of them even though I am a bit jealous. I know I shouldn't be because I do have Christian, but I am not sure if I can ever look at Christian the way Janell looks at Niall.

I start to look for my red bathing suit that I bought a couple of days ago since it was on sale and Monica insisted that I should but it, but I couldn't find it anywhere. For some reason all of my bathing suits were missing. I looked through my drawers and finally found a bathing suit. I took a look at it and realized that it was the same one I wore the day I met Zayn. I threw it aside and looked through my drawers again trying to find something else. I was starting to grow desperate wanting to wear anything but that. I threw all my clothes out from my drawers creating a mess around my room. I threw myself on my bed annoyed because I couldn't find anything to wear. I turn my head and find the stupid navy blue bathing suite that I wore the first time I met Zayn. I let out a grunt and grabbed it. I gave up on trying to find something else and as much as it hurts me to wear this stupid bathing suite that reminds me of Zayn I had no choice but to wear it.

Once I was dressed in my little reminder of Zayn I threw on my oversized t shirt and my jean shorts over my bathing suite. I quickly started to clean my messy room due to my little nervous break down on not know what to wear. Once my room was tidy I grabbed my beach bag, slipped on my sandals and walked out my bedroom.

“Janell I am ready to leave now,” I yelled out.

Janell came out wearing a black bathing suit that made her look extremely hot. She was wearing some big sunglasses that made her look like a pop star that lived in Malibu.

“Wow. You look stunning.” I said.

“Do I? Because I feel like after last night maybe Niall will regret everything and not want to ask me to be his girlfriend,” she said worriedly.

“What did happen between you two?” I asked.

“We made out and I told him I really liked him and we talked for hours. It was nice I felt like we really connected,” she said.

I rose an eye brow and said, “Well then let's head out we need to meet the boys and I hope Rosalie is with them because she didn't even come back to get some clothes or anything.”


We pulled up to the restaurant where we were going to meet the boys and found them parked in the parking lot. Louis and Niall got out of the car and walked over towards us. I rolled down the window and they both squat down to talk to us. Niall never left Janell's sight and I rolled my eyes in annoyance. Louis informed me that Harry and Liam had gone back to my apartment with Rosalie so that she could get some clothes since they were not able to escape the crowd of girls sooner.

“So then what do we do now?” I asked.

“We go to the beach and meet them there. Can we ride with you girls?” Niall said.

I nodded and they both went back to the black SUV that they came out of. They grabbed their backpacks then walked to my car getting inside. Once they were inside the car the SUV drove off.

“How are Harry, Liam, and Rosalie going to get to the beach?” Janell asked as I started the engine and drove off.

“Paul will drive them,” Louis said.


When we arrived at the beach my phone rang and I quickly answered it when I saw that it was Christian calling.

“Babe I am already here at the beach,” he said.

I could hear some chattering on the background and I wondered whether it was his family members talking. The thought of meeting them started to make me nervous. My palms started to sweat and felt my breathing start to become uneasy. This was too much pressure. I was not ready to meet his family yet. This was a big step in our relationship and I was not ready for that. I am just getting used to the fact that I am dating him, but I know that this is something I have to do in order to keep away from the one that I truly want but can not have.

“Oh so are we. I'll find you where are you?” I asked.

Once he told me that he found a great spot by the pier where no one can bother us since we were hanging out with a bunch of pop stars; I hung up the phone and headed towards the pier. Niall and Louis were wearing a hoodie with their expensive sunglasses so that no one would recognize them. Niall walked next to Janell with his arm around her and all they did was laugh and playfully slap each others arms. Louis caught up with me leaving Niall and Janell to walk on their own.

“It is sickening what is happening to them, isn't it?” Louis said scrunching his nose.

“What do you mean?” I asked confused.

“Just look at them being all laughs and giggling all the time,” he said in disgust.

I laughed at Louis and said, “they really like each other what is so sick about that?”

“I still see Niall as my little brother. I've never seen him this way and it is odd,” he said.

I just laughed at his comment and kept walking. As we got closer to the place where Christian was waiting for us my heart started to beat nervously against my chest.

“Oh great I forgot your boyfriend was here,” Louis annoyingly said.

I looked up at where he was staring and found Christian standing next to a twelve year old blonde girl who was holding a beach ball. His eyes met mine and a smile crept on his face.

“Louis!” the little girl yelled, “OH MY GOD! It's really you!”

Louis smiled widely and walked towards the girl. She had a big smile on her face and I can tell that she was happy.

Christian looked at her and shrug his shoulders, “I told you I knew them.”

The girl jumped up and down in excitement then hugged Christian his tall body towering over the short girl. I look back to look for Niall and Janell, but they were too far behind talking to each other. They were standing in place looking into each others eyes and I can tell that their conversation was intense. I stared at them for a while wondering what they were talking about.

Niall reached out and grabbed her hand ringing it up to his chest. My friend shyly tilted her head to the side and Niall stepped closer to her.

“What is up with those two?” Christian said standing besides me. I hadn't even noticed that he was standing besides me.

“I have no idea. I think they are going to..” and just when I was about to say it Niall leans in to Janell planting a light kiss on her lips.

“Oh yeah they are definitely dating,” Christian said while wrapping his arm around me.

I rolled my eyes and walked over to Louis and the girl who were playing with the beach ball. I noticed that Christian's family wasn't around and I started to wonder where they were.

I turn to Christian and say, “Where is your family?”

“They wanted to take a walk through Hollywood so they asked me to bring Erin with me since she was the only one that wanted to go to the beach.” He said.

His words brought such relief to me because I really was not ready to meet his family. I pulled out my towel and set it down on the ground avoiding the smile of relief. I sat down and pulled my t shirt over me to expose the top half of my body. I laid on the towel putting my sunglasses on and taking out my iPod to play my music. I closed my eyes and got lost in the Zayn's voice that played in my Ipod. At least this time I no longer was playing 'What Makes You Beautiful' I had changed it to their other song 'Moments' since it had a more melancholy mood to it. A shadow over me startled me and when I opened my eyes I found Christian towering over me.

“You are blocking my sun Christian,” I said annoyed.

“You are not going to lay here all day Ella. You always do that when we come to the beach,” He said.

I groaned and sat up taking my sunglasses off. I put my ear buds and iPod away and got up from my towel. Christian grabbed my hand and pulled me towards him wrapping his arm around my bare back. My chest was pressed against his and I started to wiggle from his touch. I was feeling very uncomfortable under his touch and he was holding me tight against his chest. I brought my hands up to his chest and tried to put some space between us. He must of noticed how uncomfortable I was because he quickly let go of me and I slowly took a step back.

“Are you alright?” He asked.

“I just I don't feel comfortable being this naked and so close to you,” I said honestly.

He frowned and took a step back away from me. He shook his head and walked away. I started to feel a rush of embarrassment because this fear I had of being so close to someone in this state was just too embarrassing. I walked over to Christian slipped my hand into his entwining our fingers together. I leaned my head on his arm because I wanted to let him know that I was sorry and that I had no intentions on hurting him at all.

“I am sorry,” I said.

“I am the one that is sorry. It's just a little frustrating to keep up with you and I am sorry. I know that because of something that happen to you in the past you fear of getting close to someone and I am not sure what happen, but when you are ready to tell me I will be here for you,” he said.

We stopped walking the water from the shore slightly touching our feet. He looked over at me and I flashed an apologetic smile at him. He leaned in and gave me a light kiss on the cheek I returned the kiss by pressing my lips on his knowing I owed him so much for sticking with me. I still wished that every time I kissed him I wouldn't think of Zayn, but he was constantly in my head.

As if on cue Zayn and Adeline appeared behind Christian along with Monica and Danny. I looked down at the ground to hide my blush because even the slightest sight of him made my heart flutter and the blood in my veins boiled with excitement.

Christian noticed my blush and turned around to find Zayn standing behind him. He sighed and shook his head. I felt bad because I never get this reaction at the sight of Christian and I can see it in his eyes that it was hurting him. I still didn't understand why he put up with me knowing that I liked Zayn, but I was glad he was still around because I needed him to distract me from running into Zayn's arms.

I walked back to my towel and sat down taking out my book to read.

“Hi Ella,” a sweet voice said to me.

I look up and find Adeline in her bikini. She looked so perfect compared to me. Her tanned toned body was towering over me her face flaunting a pearly white smile. I was suddenly feeling very insecure of my body and I could tell that she had no insecurities because her bikini was flaunting all aspects of her body.

I was confused on why she was standing in front of me and talking to me.

“Hi,” I say grabbing my t shirt and putting it over my head. Knowing that her flawless body was standing before me made me want to hide mine.

“What are you reading?”

“Um, it's a book by Simone Elkele,” I said. Ever since Zayn had left I've been reading this same book because it was the book I was carrying when I bumped into him.

“Oh, Zayn reads that book a lot,” she said in her cheery voice.

Her statement caught me a bit off guard. What did she mean by Zayn reads it all the time? I had no idea what to say to her or how to even communicate with her. She was just too happy and giddy and I was so plain and boring. I stayed quiet looking up at her and I she just stared down at me with her big smile. She ran her fingers through her hair pushing her hair back and her hair flowed in the wind as if she was in some shampoo commercial. Why did she have to be so perfect?

“Do you want to go play volleyball?” She asked.

“No thanks,” I said and opened up my book again.

She sat down in front of me and said, “Ella, I am going to be honest with you. I really want to get to know you. I mean we are going to spend a lot of time together since the guys plan on spending a lot of time with you girls and I sort of have to be with Zayn,” she paused noticing my confused stare. What did she mean she has to be with Zayn?”

“I mean you know since we are sort together. I already got to know Rosalie, Ella, and Monica and they are great, so all that is left is you,” she continued.

She was talking so fast and so much that it was sort of hard to keep up with her. I had no idea what to say to her because I wasn't sure I wanted to be best friends with the girl that was dating the guy that I wanted. She left me speechless and baffled.

“So what do you say,” she said offering me to shake her hand, “friends?”

What do I say? Should I be friends with the girl that is going out with the one man that makes my heart flutter? I stared at her stretched out hand pondering whether I should take it. I finally make up my mind and take her soft hand in mine.

“Friends,” I said.

She smiled giggling and then got up running towards Zayn.


Zayn's POV

Adeline ran into me slamming into my chest. As always she had a bid smile plastered on her face. I laughed as she wrapped her arms around me because she looked happier than ever. I wonder what was going on with her?

“I did it,” she said.

What did she do? I pulled her away from me to looking at her confused.

“Ella agreed to be my friend,” the sound of her name made my heart flutter.

“What are you talking about?”

“I told you Zayn I am going to help you get to her because I know that you how much you like her,” she said smiling.

I frowned because I know that there is no way she can help. I've lost her.

“I don't think this would work so don't waste your time. I told you she is gone. She is happy with him,” I said looking over at Ella who was sitting next to her boyfriend reading her book while he had his arm wrapped around her.

“Ugh you are so stubborn and blind,” Adeline said stomping away.

I look over at all my friends and notice how happy everyone is. Niall and Janell are laughing sitting by the water their hands entwined and by the looks of how close they are I am going guess that Niall finally had the courage to ask her out. He had been asking all of us for advice on how to ask her and I just didn't know what to tell him since I wasn't doing so well in that area.

The rest of my friends were playing a game of volleyball except for Liam who was in the water with Erin who is a fan of ours and Christian's cousin. I look over at Ella who was still sitting next to her boyfriend and I could help myself but stare. She was wearing the same suite she wore the first day I met her only she covered up her stunning body that always left me breathless with an oversized t shirt. The t shirt hung loosely exposing the skin on her shoulder and I couldn't help myself but want to trail light kisses on her shoulder. I wanted her to be with me. I want to make her happy. I wanted to be the reason why she smiled. Why did I ever let her go?

Ella's POV

Christian was looking over my shoulder his chin resting on it. He was watching me read my book and playing with my hair.

“Why do you read that book so much?” He asked.

I didn't want to tell him that the reason why I read it was because it reminded me of the day I first met Zayn so I just smiled at him and told him that I never got tired of it.

“It is my favorite,” I said.

He stood up from the ground and said, “Well as much as I enjoy reading I also enjoy a good game of volleyball so I am going to go join the rest of the group if you don't mind.”

I smiled at him and said, “Actually I think I am going to go to that little shop by the pier to buy some some sunblock because I can't seem to find mine. I thought I put it in my bag but it disappeared.”

“Do you want me to come with you?” He asked.

I looked over at his cousin and I knew he couldn't just leave her here and she was having so much fun, “No it's fine I'll be back soon.”

He nodded and we both parted ways.

I made my way up to the pier where various little stores where located. The pier was crowded with people who were laughing and enjoying the sunny day. I walk into a souvenir shop where I hoped they sold sunblock because the last time I chose not to wear sunblock I was a fried potato. I walked up to the cashier and asked if she had any sunblock. She thankfully said she did and pointed to the direction where it was.

“You look very familiar,” she said, “have we met before?”

I shook my head and said, “I don't think so I hardly come around here.

I grabbed the sunblock and then started lurking around the store the cashier going on about her business. I got distracted by some of the summer wear they had wondering if I could I actually pull off wearing some of it. I knew for sure miss 'I want to be your friend' would be able to wear anything in this store and make it look like a piece of art. I start to look through the bathing suits knowing that I would have to buy a new one since all my other ones had mysteriously disappeared. All the suites were just to revealing and after watching Adeline flaunt her perfect body I wasn't sure if I would ever be able to wear a bathing suite ever again.

I suddenly hear screaming outside of the shop and I look over at the cashier who looked as startled as I was. We stare at the door that led to the outside of the shop wondering if we should go out and check it out. I slowly walk towards the door hoping that there isn't some sort of maniac killer outside. I stood in front of the door trying to build up the courage to walk out and check what was going on when suddenly a panting Zayn stumbled into the store. My heart starts to lose control and I take a deep breath trying to calm myself.

“Zayn?” I ask.

“I have to hide,” he says taking my hand. He pulls me walking towards the cashier who had a shocked expression on her face. My guesses were she was a fan and so were all the screaming girls that were outside the shop.

“Zella!” the cashier said, “that is how I know who you are.”

I smiled at her embarrassed and Zayn said, “Do you have some back door we can go through or somewhere we can hide?”

The girl nodded pointing towards a door in the back of the tiny shop, “That door leads to a little ally between the next shop over you can try and sneak out through there.”

“Thank you,” Zayn said and headed out the door the girl pointed to pulling me with him.

“Why do I have to go,” I protested.

He ignored my protest and pulled me with him. We were standing in the tiny ally hiding from the fans that were standing around. We can hear some informing each other about where they had last seen Zayn.

“I heard Ella was with him,” some girl said. I still did not understand how it was that they knew a lot about me.

“Do you think that they might be together because I never actually liked that model he is dating,” some other girl said.

I looked over at Zayn his eyes meeting mine and I hadn't realized how close we were standing to each other. My back was pressed against the wall his arms on either side of me. Our chests lightly touching with every breath we took. Our eyes locked with each other and my breathing started to lose control. I could feel his chest rising and falling against mine and my eyes lingered to his plump lips wanting to press mine against his. My breathing was beginning to lose control my chest harshly rising and falling. I licked my lips then bringing my bottom lip between my teeth I took a deep breathe trying to restrain myself from wanting to plant my lips on his. His thumb lightly touched the bottom of my lip making me lose it's grip from my teeth. His beautiful long lashes batted as I gasped from under his touch. His fingers slowly traced my lips making me shiver. My chest rising and falling faster. I closed my eyes getting lost in his touch my heart beating against my chest. I opened my eyes with the absence of his touch finding his hands on against the wall on either side of me. He slowly leaned in towards me and I knew what he was about to do. I didn't struggle to move or dodge him as he moved closer because I wanted to feel his lips against mine. I closed my eyes waiting for his lips to join mine and my heart started to pump faster, but my eyes shot open when the touch of his lips on my neck startled me. He lightly kissed my neck and my hand instinctively found it's way to the back of his neck. My fingertips pressed against his nape encouraging him to keep going as he nibbled and kissed my neck. His kisses trailed up to my jawline and I could feel his hot breathe against my skin making a light moan escape from my lips. My heart beat faster with ever kiss that trailed up to the corner of my mouth. His hand trailing down to the hem of my t shirt. He lightly pulled it up and I could feel his fingertips pressed on my hips holding me in place. When his lips found mine I lost myself in his kiss letting his tongue sensually move against mine. My arms wrapped around his neck encouraging the kiss to deepen. We were pressed against the wall our bodies slammed against each other. I could feel the heat that radiated from his body. His hands traveled to my thighs and his touch was so hypnotizing that I had no idea what was going on around me. His lips pulled away biting my bottom lip and I felt a light moan escape as his teeth grazed my bottom lip.

His lips then trailed to my neck again and I couldn't help but try and grab onto his short hair. Small strands of his hair entwined in between my fingers. My eyes were shut closed getting lost in the touch of his lips against my skin. His hands traveled up my back at the inside of my shirt. I was so lost in his touch that I hadn't realized his intentions until I felt his fingertips meet the lace of my bikini top. I grabbed his arms and pushed him away, “Stop.”

His brown eyes looked into mine apologetically and said, “Sorry.”

We both let go of our embrace and looked at each other panting. The lust we felt for each other had us so out of breathe that we both took a minute to catch our breathe. He leaned in once more and planted a light kiss at the corner of my lips.

I pushed him off and said, “Zayn we can't. This is a mistake.”

I started to walk away from him and I heard him call my name. I ignored him realizing that I just let myself lose control with Zayn again. I walked faster leaving him behind and making my way back to the shore where my boyfriend was. I had to face him again after kissing Zayn, again. I promised myself that I wasn't going to let this happen again and here I am trying to make myself feel better of backstabbing Christian again.

When I got to the shore my friends were still playing volleyball and I saw Christian laughing at Harry because he tripped and fell on the hot sand.

I sat on my towel and pulled out my book again trying to forget what had just happen with Zayn. I started to read, but I couldn't focus. The touch of his lips lingered on my skin and my heart was still racing. I still wanted more. I wanted to feel his lips again. His touch and his kisses were like a drug that I was addicted to. A drug that made me forget about the world and only focus on the lust that was burning deep in my core. I wanted him. I needed him.




































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