Bad Boy Thief of Hearts (Zayn Malik Fanfic)

Ella the bookworm finds a mysterious boy that turns her life around. What is it about Zayn Malik from One Direction that makes her feel different feeling that she has never encountered bfore? Will he break her heart? or will this end in a happily ever after like in her books? find out by reading...


7. Chapter 7

 Chapter 7

I was laying in bed listening to some One Direction songs because that was the only way I got to hear Zayn's voice. My phone starts to ring and I rush over to answer it. I look at the caller ID and I couldn't believe who it was. I quickly turn off my music and answer the phone.

“Hello,” I answer.

“Um, hi Ella.” His sexy accent was making me sweat. I forgot the effect his voice has on me.

“Zayn,” I said not knowing what to get out of this call. I had no idea if he was calling to tell me that I need to forget about us being friends or was he calling me to tell me he wants to be more than friends. Whatever was the reason that he was calling I didn't care I was just glad that he called me and that he didn't forget about me. I've seen a few things online where fans posted some pictures of Zayn, Harry, and Louis drunk and laughing with a couple of girls. When I saw those pictures I knew that he had forgotten about me and had probably found himself some new friends. I didn't blame him the girls were pretty and exotic and me well I am just an ordinary girl.

“Sorry I haven't called or anything, but I've been busy lately,” he said.

“Yea, I can tell,” I said coldly. I couldn't help but remember those girls with him and how one of them held on to his arm laughing.

He hesitated to speak and said, “Listen Ella. I know this is hard, but I am willing to give it a try and be friends.”

I was so confused by what he was saying. I thought we had already agreed that we were going to try and be friends. Maybe he had changed his mind?

“I thought we had established that already,” I said.

“Um yes we did, but lately I've been thinking it wasn't a good idea until Niall convinced me otherwise.” He said.

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. He was making this more complicated then it already was. He was debating whether he should be my friend or not. It all sounded ridiculous to me. How can someone say they want to be friends with you then decide that it wasn't a great idea for no apparent reason. He was so hot and cold about this situation. Who does he think he is? Does he expect me to just agree with him with what he wanted? What about what I wanted?

“Zayn, no one is forcing you to be my friend. You are either my friend or not just don't tell me you will call and text me when you are not going to. I am not going to fall at your feet every time you call. Have you even considered how I feel about this? You always say that it won't work out, but you never listen to what I think about all of this,” I say.

He doesn't talk for a while and I start to think maybe I scared him off. I don't think I said anything wrong. He was being self centered and I had to tell him that a friendship involved two people not just himself.

“You are right,” he finally said, “How do you feel about us trying to be friends.”

I sigh and say, “I feel that we should just be friends and not think about what can go wrong. All we have done since we first met was talk about how your career makes it hard for you to make friends and how you didn't think any we can ever be friends. Zayn just stop thinking so much and let things happen.”

I couldn't believe what I was saying to him. Me the girl who hated when people told her to 'let things happen' or to 'stop thinking' was actually giving him that advice. I was always stuck to the pages of my books and always thinking of all the negative things that could happen when I met someone, but with him things were different. I mean he managed to get me drunk and that is one thing that no one has ever done. Monica tried to get me drunk once but I stopped drinking as soon as I felt dizzy and giddy, but all that anger I felt when Zayn told me that he was leaving made me do the impossible get drunk. I vaguely remember most of what happen, but the fact that he took care of was a good enough reason to be his friend.

“Stop thinking?” He asked.

“Yes,” I said, “just be a friend instead of thinking of being one.”

“Alright, how do I do that?” He asked.

Was he really asking me on how to be a friend? I mean it was not that hard to be a friend to someone. Everyone knows how to be friends it was like some human instinct.

“Are you serious?” I asked.

“Yes, I am. How do I just be your friend?”

“Have you ever been friends with some one?”

“Yes, to my friends from school before my career and now the lads, but I haven't been a friend to anyone in a long time. I've been too busy to keep up with any of my friends.”

Wow. He was serious. I don't know how anyone can just not be friends with someone. I mean I get that he is busy with career and all, but that is no excuse to just have a friend and talk to someone about you problems or someone that you can laugh with and share secrets with. Maybe it was different for guys?

“Well the boys don't count because they practically live with you, but I guess talking like we are right now is a great start to be a friend.” I say.

“Oh, I feel silly.” He said laughing.

“Well you sound silly,” I laughed.

We talked for about two hours. We talking about our day and our dislikes and likes. I learned that he does not like the ocean because he can not swim, but that he likes sharks. This made no sense to me, but that was who he was. He told me that his name is originally spelled 'Zain' but he thought spelling it with a -y was way cooler. I laughed at the fact that he decided to change the way he spelled his name because it was cooler. I've never hear of anyone changing the spelling of their name. I told him about my middle name and how my mother named me Marie because my grandmother's middle name was Marie. He told me that his middle name was Javadd and that a lot of people often misspelled it so he never uses his middle name. We also started talking about books and he confessed that when he was younger he used to collect comic books. Apparently that was one thing we had in common because when I was younger I collected comic books, but I did it only to end up giving them away to my brothers. We talked and talked and it all just came natural when it came to him. The conversation flowed easily and the more I knew about him the more I knew that I wanted to be more than just his friend.

After talking it got really late and we both had to sleep because he had and interview to do early morning and I had a job interview. We laughed at how different, but also very alike that was.


* * *

I woke up and checked my phone for the time and found two missed calls and a text message. I check the missed calls and both calls were from my mother. I decide to call her later and check the text message. It was from Zayn. I felt my cheeks get red and a big smile formed on my face.

Good luck with your job interview.

I quickly hit reply and type, Thank you. Good luck with your interview.

His text message quickly out me in a good mood because I knew that he was thinking about me. I stepped into the shower with the smile still on my face. As I showered his face popped in my head and I couldn't help myself, but think what it would be like to shower with him. I close my eyes and wonder what his lips would taste like while the water pours down on us. What our wet naked bodies would feel like pressed against each other and his hands traveling through my body while I reach up to touch his hair. My heart starts to race at the thought of us being together and I quickly shake my head to shake the thoughts away and open my eyes.

I can't believe I was thinking about being naked with him. What is he doing to me? I know I like him, but taking it to that level is just too much. I've never felt this way about anyone. Even when I had feelings for John I never pictured him naked. Yes, I used to think about what it would be like to kiss him, but never naked or sexually in any way. I was in high school and sex was not something I wanted. A lot of girls talked about sex and many of the girls in high school who had sex ended up pregnant, but to me it was just something that I hoped to happen in the future with someone I really liked or loved. Unfortunately, I was stupid enough to fall for John's lies, but everyone makes mistakes and the past is the past. I promised myself not to fall into that trap ever again, but Zayn was making me think of all the possibilities we have and I hardly even knew him. I wish someone can tell me what this is that I am feeling for Zayn. This feeling is so different and so unknown to me. He makes me smile and feel warm inside when he talks to me or when he sends me a simple text. Just the thought of him makes my heart pound in in my chest.

I walk into the kitchen to grab some breakfast and I find Monica, Janell, and Rosalie whispering to each other. I look at them suspiciously and they smile at me as if nothing was going on. I am in such a good mood that I just ignore them and start to make myself some waffles. I am walking back and forth in the kitchen pouring some orange juice and preparing myself my breakfast with a big smile on my face and humming. I sit down to eat my breakfast and six pairs of eyes stare at me in amusement.

I look at them a bit scared of why they are staring at me that way and say, “What?”

“You are very happy this morning,” Janell said.

“I had a good night,” I said.

“OH! MY! GOD! You totally had sex!” Monica shouted in excitement.

“Is that why you locked your door last night,” Rosalie asked. I did lock my door last night but only because I was on the phone with Zayn and I didn't want them to interrupt me.

“I did not have sex,” I said shocked. I mean I was thinking of Zayn and I together in the shower, but not sex and what does sex have to do with being happy.

“Don't lie to me, Ella. You are very happy this morning. Almost as happy as me when Danny and I--”

“Oh please. Stop,” I interrupt before Monica goes into details.

“Come on Ella. Tell us who was it,” Janell says.

“I did not have sex,” I said.

“Then you must of done something related to sex last night because that is the only explanation I have for why you are so happy,” Monica said, “You know sex is a great stress reliever.”

I roll my eyes and say, “for the last time. I. Did. Not. Have. Sex.”

“Then what is with the humming and the smiles. You are kinda creepy,” Rosalie said.

I sighed and said, “Zayn called me last night.”

“Phone Sex!” Monica chimed.

“No!” I yelled shocked and threw my banana peel at her.

“So you are just happy because he called you?” Monica asked disappointed.

“Yes,” I said and then I thought maybe it was because of my little shower fantasy as well, but I was not going to tell them that or else they would go crazy.

“I am happy for you,” Rosalie said, “do not listen to these sex addicts.”

I smile and finish up my breakfast. Sometimes my friends can be very awkward, but that is what I like about them. They always make me laugh and sure they just made this the most awkward moment ever, but it was pretty funny and I am sure I would have done the same to one of them if I saw them as happy as I was. I was happy. I was happy that Zayn and I could be friends. I was happy that he called me last night and told me so many things about himself. I felt like we could really work things out and be great friends. I know we can not be more than friends and that my fantasy will only be that, but I am willing to give our friendship a try because it is better than not having him at all.

I get up to wash my dishes and my friends are still staring at me. I finished washing my dishes and look back at them, “Can you stop staring! It is creepy.”

“I am sorry, but it is so weird to see you this way,” Monica says.

“Well don't stare,” I say and then my phone rings. I rush to the table to answer it but I am too late and Monica answers.

“Hello,” she says.


“Oh, Hi,” she says disappointed, “yeah she is here.”

She hands me my phone and says, “calm your hormones it isn't Zayn. It's Nicolette.”

I roll my eyes at her and grab my phone. Nicolette and I met on the first day of college and we have become very close since then. Her blonde hair compliments her beautiful blue eyes and I have always looked up to her because not only she is one of the strongest people I know, but she is very confident.

“Hi Nicky,” I say.

“Hey Ella. So Monica was excited to hear my voice,” she says sarcastically.

“Oh don't mind her she though you were Zay--,” I stop myself and say, “somebody else.” I am not sure if I was ready to tell Nicolette about Zayn because she has been trying to hook me up with her cousin since we first met. Her cousin keeps on insisting, but I wasn't and I am not interested in him.

“OK,” she says unconvinced, “well I am on my way over to pick you up. I'll be there in about fifteen minutes.”

“Alright I just need to finish doing my hair,” I said.

She agreed to call me when she was outside and we hung up. Nicolette was driving me to my job interview because she works there and we wanted to make sure the manager saw we were friends so that I would definitely get hired. I was looking forward to this job interview because it is the only place I would see myself working in, the library. I spent most of my days in there so to get paid to be in the library was just the cherry on top.

I got into the car with Nicky and as always she looked gorgeous. Her platinum blonde hair flowed down her back and she was wearing her eye makeup in a way that made her blue eyes stand out. Her features always had people with there eyes wide open. When Monica, Nicolette and I go out I look even uglier than ever and people can't seem to stare at them because of how gorgeous they are. They both can walk in a room and grab everyone's attention.

“Hi Ella,” she says to me.

“Hi Nicolette,” I say. I know she doesn't like it when I call her by her full name and I never got why because her name is so unique. She says it's too complicated to say and that it reminds her of when her mother yelled at her because she always used to use her full name when she was angry.

Nicolette rolls her eyes and starts to tell me about the job and what the manger will expect from me. I listen intently taking notes of what she is saying because I really do want to get this job. She tells me to make sure to speak about how much time I spend in the library and what my favorite authors are. She also said that they would ask me about my least favorite authors, but I honestly do not know what that has to do with stacking books. She said that they just want to make sure you know how to keep a conversation flowing and be nice to people. I think I know how to be nice to someone. I don't know about keeping a conversation flowing though; that was one thing I did not know how to do. I thought about my conversation with Zayn last night and I realized that we were able to keep it flowing, but it was different with him. I felt like I should tell him most of my life only because I wanted him to be my friend. I wanted to see that it is not that hard to be my friend.

Nicolette was giving me more tips when all of a sudden she stopped talking and yelled, “Oh! My! Harry,” she turned up the radio.

I listen as Ryan said, “Listen up all you One Direction fans. Your favorite boy band will be here this weekend in the studio for the first time and we are giving you the opportunity to call in and ask them whatever you want.”

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. This meant Zayn was coming. This meant that I was going to get to see him again. I couldn't believe it. My heart was racing and I had the biggest smile on my face and I looked over at Nicky and she also had a smile on her face. Something told me that she was a fan.

“You know who they are,” she asked.

“Um,” I didn't know whether I should tell her the truth about Zayn and I, “yeah about that.”

She looked at me confused trying to focus on the road at the same time and I couldn't help myself but laugh at her. I throw my head back laughing and she was just clueless and confused.

“There is something you should know about them and I,” I said as she parked the car outside the library.
































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