Bad Boy Thief of Hearts (Zayn Malik Fanfic)

Ella the bookworm finds a mysterious boy that turns her life around. What is it about Zayn Malik from One Direction that makes her feel different feeling that she has never encountered bfore? Will he break her heart? or will this end in a happily ever after like in her books? find out by reading...


45. Chapter 45


Chapter 45


“Nicolette thank you for coming,” I said to Nicky as she pulled up to pick me up from the airport, “I've been calling Monica, but she doesn't answer.”

After that long plane ride and the drama from Paris all I wanted to do was get home and sleep. I was so happy to see Nicolette as she pulled up. I don't think I have ever been so happy to see a car ride home. All I want to do is try and forget about everything. I was already beginning to miss Zayn and it has only been about twelve hours. I missed his brown eyes and the way they sparkled. I missed him so much that it aches my heart.

“No problem. What happen?” Nicky asked waking me from my day dream.

“It's a long story,” I said to her. I gave her a weak smile and hoped that she wouldn't mention his name because I was already missing him and just the thought of knowing I still loved him after what he did hurts me. How stupid am I to still love him after what he did. I so naive for thinking that he ever loved me. I was only another girl that he wanted to mess with. I suddenly understood what Jasmine went through when she lost him. Only she didn't because he was back there in Paris with her probably still kissing her.

“Where's Zayn?” Nicolette asked and I cringed at the sound of his name. I could feel the knot in my stomach and I was at the verge of tears.

“Zayn and I,” I paused and took a deep breathe before I could finish, “we are over Nicky.” I never thought I would ever have to say that. I knew that we wouldn't last forever and that one day I would say I dated Zayn Malik instead of I am dating, but that was just a thought in my head. I never thought that I would actually say it out loud one day and I hoped that if I ever had to it was because we ended it in good terms not because he broke my heart and kissed some other girl. How could he do that to me? The image was still fresh in my mind.

Nicky turned to look at me her eyes wide open in shock as she yelled, “What?”

I sighed as I played the image in my head once more and the tears soon escaped me eyes. I was now sobbing and couldn't control my breathing. Nicky looked at me scared and confused.

“Ella,” she said, “What happen?”

After a few deep breathes I managed to calm myself down and talk.

“Nicky can you keep your eyes on the road please,” I said in between cries.

She smiled at my attempt to light up the mood and nodded turning to watch the road. I then took a deep breathe to control my breathing and began to tell her what happen.


Zayn's POV

I got my bags all packed up and quickly left the hotel room. I spent all night thinking about how I can fix things with Ella and I came to the conclusion that sitting in this hotel room thinking of how to say sorry was not going to help. I had to go after her and I had to see her. She might not see it now, but I love her. I always did and always will. There was no way I was going to let her go. I know I messed up, but to my defense it was not my fault at all. I was tricked into this mess and I have to fix it.

I quickly checked out of the hotel and headed to find a cab. The whole ride to the airport I was feeling nervous and all I could picture in my head was how broken Ella looked when she left. I couldn't help feeling so guilty and so stupid for what I did. How could I have be so stupid? I will never forgive myself for making Ella feel this way.

When I arrived at the airport I received a text message from Harry. I saw his name flash on my phone and I ignored it putting it away in my pocket. I wanted to get through security as quick as I could. I had to get to Ella as soon as possible. As I made my way towards the terminal my phone vibrated again. This time he was calling. He called and texted a few more times until I finally decided to turn off my phone. There was no point in having it on anyways I was going to be on a plane.

I quickly took my seat and took a deep breathe. This was going to be the longest plane ride of my life.

After what seemed like more than three hours I managed to get some sleep. I was waken up by a light attendant who was wearing way too much makeup. I was startled a bit by her appearance, but I managed to do a pretty good job at hiding my surprised expression.

I smiled at her thanking her for letting me know we had landed. I made my way out of the terminal and called for a cab. I wanted to call Harry or Liam to pick me up, but I was sure that Ella had talked to them and I really did not want to listen to them and their lectures.

I climbed into the cab and gave him the directions to Ella's house. I had to see her. I couldn't go another day without seeing her. I missed her so much. I had no idea that being only one day apart was going to be this hard. I was so used to having her lying next to me when I woke up. I miss seeing brown eyes light up as I tell her how much I love her. I miss the way she laughs when make her laugh. I even miss the way she would tease me by changing in front of me. I miss everything about her. Her touch. Her smile. I just miss...her.

The cab pulled up to Ella's apartment and I quickly grabbed my suite case and got off of the cab. I thanked the driver and ran up to Ella's apartment. I hoped that she wouldn't shut me out and let me explain everything. She had to let me apologize, but most importantly she had to forgive me because I can not stand another day knowing she was mad at me. I can't stand this distance I have from her.

I knocked on her front door hoping that she would answer. There was no answer.

I knocked once more then waited for anyone to open the door. There was still no answer.

“Ella,” I yelled, “Please open up.”

No answer. After many attempts it occurred to me that maybe she wasn't home. I began to walk away deciding that would try again later. I was not going to give up until she listened to what I had to say.

As I made my way out with my head down thinking of what I would say to her; I heard my name being called. I ignored it thinking it was only in my head and kept walking.

“Zayn!” I heard again.

I looked up only to find Liam standing a few feet away from me. I rolled my eyes not wanting to deal with anyone right now. I looked around trying to find a way to escape him, but he jogged his way over to me. He looked a bit apprehensive and I wondered why he was so worried.

“Zayn where have you been, mate. Harry has been calling you. We all have,” he said his words rushing.

I took a step back knowing that he was about to say something about me being stupid for messing things up with Ella.

“I just got here from Paris. I turned off my phone,” I said

“Wait what? You just arrived. So then you don't know,” he said.

“Know what?” I asked a bit confused.

“Zayn,” he said slowly. His eyes became sad staring at me with pity.

“What is going on Liam? Why are you staring at me like that?”

He took a step closer to me and placed his hand on my shoulder as to comfort me, “Mate it's Ella.”

My heart began to race as I heard her name. Oh no! Ella! What happened to her?

I pushed Liam's hand away from me and yelled, “What happened to Ella, Liam!?”

He didn't speak he just kept staring at me with these sad eyes that were making me think the worst. I lost my temper and took another step towards him yelling, “What the fuck happened Liam!?”

He took a deep breathe and answered slowly, “she was in a car accident, Zayn.”

My heart stopped as I heard the words escape his lips. The whole world was spinning around me and I thought I was going to collapse.

“Zayn did you hear me?” He asked.

“Take me to her,” I responded immediately.

“Uh sure I just have to get Monica's cell phone,” he said.

“No,” I yelled, “Now!”

His eyes went wide in shock of how easily I was losing my temper, but he didn't understand this was Ella we were talking about. I have to see her. I love her. I can't lose her.

“Alright. Alright let's go,” he said and we quickly walked to his car.


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