Bad Boy Thief of Hearts (Zayn Malik Fanfic)

Ella the bookworm finds a mysterious boy that turns her life around. What is it about Zayn Malik from One Direction that makes her feel different feeling that she has never encountered bfore? Will he break her heart? or will this end in a happily ever after like in her books? find out by reading...


40. Chapter 40

Chapter 40

“Babe, you are going to do fine,” Zayn was trying to convince me to get out of the car to go on and meet his family at this dinner.

The night was beautiful here in Paris. The stars were shinning bright and I could feel a cold breeze of air through the opening of the car door. I looked out the car and watched the Paris lights shine bright. I looked passed Zayn and into the restaurant where people were laughing and having interesting conversations. All I could feel was the nervous beating of my heart and my sweaty palms. I am not sure I can face his family, yet.

I looked up at Zayn's chocolate eyes and saw love in his eyes. I took a deep breathe and grabbed his hand that he held out for me. I still couldn't believe that I was doing this. All of this was all new to me. I've never had a boyfriend that loved me and looked at me the way Zayn did. I've never had that person that wanted me to meet his family and be this intimidate with. I wasn’t sure what to do in a situation like this. All I knew was that I was going to try my best to not make a fool out of myself and just try and make a good impression.

“If they end up hating me I am truly sorry,” I said to Zayn as he held me close to him and we made our way towards the entrance of the restaurant.

' Zayn laughed, “They are not going to hate you. Besides it doesn't matter it won't change how I feel about you.”

I smiled as his words made my heart flutter. We made our way inside the restaurant where a private table was filled with unfamiliar faces. I looked around only to find Zayn's mother and sister to be the only ones I recognized. Next to Zayn's mom was a man that looked a lot like Zayn only older and had a bit of white hairs on the sides, probably his father.

As we approached the table everyone stood up with excitement when they saw Zayn. They all cheered and ran towards him taking him in their arms. I stepped back as I watched Zayn be loved by his family. It was nice to see him smiling so much and I could tell that he really missed his family as much as they missed him.

“This was the surprise you were talking about,” an older lady said to Zayn's mom.

Zayn's mother nodded and watched as her son got kissed and hugged by everyone.

I stood there alone watching everyone be happy. It wasn't until a little girl pulled on my dress when I realized that I was starring and smiling as well. I looked down to find a girl with big round eyes looking up at me.

“You must be Ella,” she said.

“I am,” I said.

“I'm Safaa. Zayn's younger sister,” she said, “you can sit next to me if you'd like.”

I smiled at her answering, “I'd love that.”

She smiled at me before saying, “You are really pretty by the way.”

Just when I was about to thank her Zayn pulled me next to me and began to introduce me to his family. I met his three sisters, his aunt, his cousins, and his father. Of course this wasn't all of his family, but it was a couple of his closest relatives and I had to admit it felt nice to get to know this side of Zayn.

We all sat down to eat and I got to sit between Safaa and Zayn. Safaa was telling me about her school and the things she likes to do with her friends while Zayn talked to his parents and caught up with them.

“So Ella,” her aunt began, “has my nephew been treating you well?”
I smiled and answered, “Zayn is great. He has been an amazing person with me.”

“Of course he has. He is a total gentlemen because he lived with a bunch of girls his whole life,” Doniya said.

I smiled and said, “Well I am glad because he has been an amazing person with me lately.”

Zayn looked placed his hand on my thigh underneath the table and gave it a gentle squeeze. My heart began to flutter and my stomach sparked with butterflies. I looked over at him and he was staring at me with loving eyes. What was it about his eyes that just absolutely drove me crazy?

The rest of the dinner we spent talking about traveling, school, and Zayn's next career move. We laughed and had pleasant conversations making me feel like I was part of the family. Everything was going amazing and I was glad that I was getting along with his family.

It wasn't until Zayn's cousin spoke when I began to feel like I wasn't wanted. We had all finished dinner and were sitting around drinking tea and conversation. I got up to excuse myself to the restroom and that was where I bumped into his cousin. She was the bride's sister, Jana was her name. The whole night I watched her give me dirty looks and making rude comments.

I was touching up my makeup when she came up behind me and said, “So Ella what makes you think that this would last?”

“Excuse me?” I asked confused.

She rolled her eyes and said, “Look you seem like a nice girl, but I know Zayn we grew up together and you are not his type. He went out with my best friend and I don't think you are the one for him and to be honest I think he still might have feelings for Jasmine.”

“Who is Jasmine?” I asked.

“My best friend. Look that is what Zayn does. He is the heart thief. He goes around having girls fall in love with him and then moves on to the next one, so all I am saying is what makes you think that you are special and that this would last? Jasmine will be at the wedding and I wouldn't be surprised if they hook up. She's way hotter and she is Zayn's type. I am just giving you a heads up.” She said while applying some lip gloss and then walking out the door.

I looked in the mirror and took in everything she had just told me. I wasn't sure what to think of all of this. I always thought that I wasn't good enough for Zayn, but to hear someone else tell me that was like a wake up call. Here I was living this fairy tale with him. This was all too good to be true. What if this was what he did with a lot of the girls he was with. He brought them to Paris made them feel they were special and when he got tired of them he dumped them and moved on to the next. Jana was right. Who the hell was I to make a difference in his life? Why would I be the girl that he chose to stick with?

I watched as a lonely tear escaped my eye. I felt the knot in my throat grow and I wanted to stay here and cry. I wiped the tears off my face and before I broke down into more tears I took a deep breathe fixed my make up and walked out of the bathroom.

When I went back to the table Jana looked at me with a smirk on her face. I simply ignored her and sat next to Zayn. I didn't want to continue this dinner anymore or any of this. I wanted to go back home to LA and live my normal life. All of this was beginning to become too overwhelming. It was all too much and unrealistic to me.

Zayn must have notice my change in mood because he kept trying to hold my hand and entwine our fingers. I kept pulling away not wanting to touch him because with his touch I would forget about this uneasy feeling. I placed my hand on my lap and I could feel Zayn's gaze on me. He tried and reach for my hand once more and this time I pulled away placing my hand above the table. I didn't want to look at him or touch him. How was I suppose to believe any of this was real when his cousin confirmed to me that he plays with girls. What if I was just a fling?

Zayn leaned in close to me and whispered in my ear, “Is everything alright?”

I sighed and said, “I am just really tired.”

He placed his hand on my thigh sending electricity through my body. I tried my best to keep this feeling under control and I quickly pushed all thoughts of being with Zayn away.

“Would you like to go back to the hotel?” he asked.

I nodded and pushed his hand away from my thigh. We soon both stood up excusing ourselves from the dinner table.

“Why are you leaving so soon,” Zayn's mom asked.

I gave her a weak smile and said, “I am very tired from the flight I really want to go rest a bit.”

“I understand,” she said giving me a hug.

Zayn and I were soon out of the restaurant and into a cab. The ride back to the hotel was silent. I couldn't stop thinking about what his cousin had said to me. Zayn kept trying to hold my hand or make contact with me, but I was too confused and overwhelmed. I wasn't sure what to think. Should I believe that I am just another one of Zayn's flings or was I more than that? I still didn't think I was good enough to be more than a one night stand, but Zayn has been the most amazing guy to me. He has showed me that he cares about me.

“Look that is what Zayn does. He is the heart thief. He goes around having girls fall in love with him and then moves on to the next one, so all I am saying is what makes you think that you are special and that this would last?”

Jana's words roamed in my head making me believe that this is what he did with all of the girls he went out with.

When we got to the hotel Zayn got the hint that I didn't want to be touched by him and didn't really bother to try and hold my hand. We made our way up to our room in silence with all of these thoughts roaming around in my head. I took off my heals and went to the bathroom to have some privacy. I sat down on the edge of the bath tub and thought about what this could mean for Zayn and I. Should I believe that I was just another girl to mess with? What made me so special?

“Ella,” Zayn called through the door.

I didn't answer not wanting to talk to him right now.

“Are you alright?” He asked, “Can you please come out and tell me what is wrong?”

I closed my eyes thinking about what I would even say to him. How do I tell him that I don't think I am the right girl for him? How do I tell him that this is all too much? How do I tell him that this is all too good to be true and that it is hard for me to believe that he loves me?

“Baby, come on. I'm worried here,” he said.

I took a deep breathe and went out to talk to him.

He looked at me in the eyes with those beautiful eyes that I love and said, “Did I do something wrong?”

I looked away from him and walked past him taking a seat on the bed.

“Ella can you please talk to me. You have been acting weird ever since you came back from the loo,” he said.

I looked up to him and said, “I bumped into Jana and she--”

He didn't let me finish. He put up his finger signaling me to be quiet and he pulled out his phone.

“Jana what the fuck did you do?” He yelled.

There was a pause.

“Stay out of my fucking life Jana! No. You can't say that. You don't know what goes on in my life! Just stop interfering and leave Ella alone!” He said and hung up the call.

“You didn't even let me talk,” I said.

“You don't need to explain I know my cousin and she just doesn't know how to keep away from my personal life,” he said and took a seat next to me.

He reached over to hold my hand, but I was so mad that he didn't let me speak and pulled my hand away from his.

“Ella you don't need to act like this. She won't be bothering us,” he said.

I stood up and stepped away from him. I began to walk back and forth trying to explain to him the way I was feeling.

“Zayn your cousin was right,” I began, “she told me that this is what you do. This is how it works with all the girls you end up with and then you move on to the next one when you are bored. How do I know that you won't get bored and dump me tomorrow? I am no one special and this,” I through my hands in the air signaling at the luxurious hotel, “Paris. All of this is too good to be true. It is all too fairytale like. This doesn't happen to anyone at least not to me. I am no one special. It's just hard to believe that you do this because you love me. It just doesn't feel right.”

He stared at me with sadness in his eyes. I stood there in silence looking him straight in the eyes when I suddenly felt my heart ache and the tears began to role off my cheek. Zayn's eyes turned a shade darker and I could see the pain in his eyes. He stood up from the bed and walked towards me. I took a step back and he took another step forward. I kept backing up, but he kept moving forward getting closer and closer to me.

My back soon hit against the wall and Zayn's tall slim figure hovered over me. I held my breathe not knowing what he was going to do next. His eyes were dark and mysterious.

I opened my mouth to speak, but his lips were soon on mine making me gasp. He kissed me with force and at first I began to fight it, but the taste of his lips was so alluring and I began to kiss back.

He pulled away from me and gently placed his hand on my cheek. He caressed my cheek with his thumb and I closed my eyes letting a few tears out. I opened my eyes and looked into his. They sparkled and I could see a tear starting to stream down his eyes. I wanted to say something, but I couldn't find the words. I was confused and wasn't sure what to believe.

He leaned in and lightly brushed his lips on my ear before whispering, “I am in love with you.”

I clenched onto his t shirt and placed my forehead on his chest. I took in his scent and let the tears fall out. He held me close against his chest and squeezing me tight. I couldn't breathe and this was all too overwhelming. I pushed him off of me and he took a couple steps back.

“Why?” I yelled, “Why do you love me?”

He stood there in silence confused about what I was asking.

“I can't explain what you make me feel,” he said.

“But I am no one. What makes me any different from the other girls you've dated? Why me?” I asked the tears still rolling down my cheeks.

“Ella,” he said stepping close to me. He took my hand into his and put it against his chest, “do you feel that?”

I looked up at him feeling the beat of his heart against my hand.

“My heart begins to race every time I am bear you. I can not explain this feeling, but I've never felt anything like it. All I think about is you. I feel like I can be myself with you. I can laugh and tell you anything and I know that you will always be there to listen to me. You are my best friend and I am in love with you. My heart is living proof of my love for you,” he said.

“Zayn it's ju--”

His lips slammed into mine and my heart began to race. I felt his heart beat increase with ever touch of our lips and began to feel stupid for ever thinking that I was just a game to him.

He broke our kiss and began to kiss my neck his body pressing me against the wall. He lightly brushed his lips against my jawline making the goosebumps rise on my skin and then whispered in my ear, “tell me this doesn't feel right?”

I opened my mouth to speak but there weren't any words because he was right. This felt so right, but I was still not sure that I was good enough. I brought my hand up to push him off of me, but he grabbed my wrist in time pinning it back against the wall and over my head.

“I know you want this,” he whispered, “I can feel the beat of your heart when I touch you like this.”

He placed a light kiss on my neck.

“And like this,” he said kissing me right at the corner of my lips.

“And when I kiss you like this,” he whispered against my lips before slamming his lips against mine with a bit more force. His tongue swift across my bottom lip trying to make me give him access. I opened up giving him access and his tongue explored my mouth making the kiss lustful. He teeth then grazed my bottom lip and he lightly sucked on it making a light moan escape my lips. He pulled away leaving me out of breathe. I watched as my chest rose and fell rapidly making my blood boil with lust.

“I would go on, but I am not sure you want to besides according to you it doesn't feel right,” he said and began to take a step away from me.

Before he took that step back I clutched his t shirt and pulled him against me. His body slammed against mine and I felt my back slam against the wall a little to harsh. The air escaped my lungs and I took in a deep breathe making my chest rise up and brush against Zayn's. I watch as a smirk formed on his face and I rolled my eyes pulling him so that his lips were on mine. Our kiss was full of lust and I felt his hands travel down my sides. I through my arms around his neck and let our bodies become close so that I could feel his chest against mine.

I felt his hands travel down to my bottom and he then he picked me up so that I was straddling him by wrapping my legs around his waist. My back was pressed up against the wall and he was nibbling and sucking spots on my neck as my hip involuntary moved against him.

“Z-zayn,” I stuttered his name.

He moaned against my neck and then slipped his hands up the skirt of my dress. His hands were cold and a bit rough, but felt so good against my skin. I felt him reach higher and higher up my skirt and I couldn't help but let out a low moan.

He began to carry me off slowly making his way towards the bed. He slowly put me down on the grown and placed a gentle kiss on my lips.

“Ella,” he spoke breaking the silence in this lustful night, “I truly do love you.”

I smiled then bit my bottom lip. I placed a light kiss on his lips and whispered against his lips, “I love you, too.”

I began to slip out of my dress and Zayn trailed kisses from the edge of my shoulder up to my neck. I crooked my neck to the side giving him more access and began to unbutton his shirt. Once his shirt was off I couldn't help but stare and marvel his chest. His tan skin glowed so perfectly and I began to trace his perfect lines that formed his with my fingers. I traced down the v lines that led down to his pants and began to fondle the button on his pants. Once I got his pants off and he kicked them off to the side my lips kissed up his stomach then up his chest until they met his lips.

I felt his hands wonder on my back and he unclasped my lace bra. My bra was soon on the ground and Zayn pushed me onto the bed. I lay on the bed wearing nothing but my lace undergarments. I looked at Zayn who was staring at my naked body. I used to feel uncomfortable and insecure around him, but when I look at him staring at me like that I believe him when he says he is in love with me. All I see is love and passion in his eyes.

“What are you starring at Mr. Malik?” I asked jokingly.

He smiled that cheeky smile I love and said, “You are just so beautiful.”

I laughed then bit my bottom lip and brought out my pointer finger giving him a signal to make his way over to me. He smiled and hovered on top of me.

“You look so sexy when you bite your lip like that,” he said and then kissed my lips. He pulled away and bit my lip making me moan.

He began to rail kisses down my neck reaching my breasts. The kisses trailed down my chest then back up to meet my lips. I ran my fingers through the tiny strands of his hair and clenched on to them feeling the soft strands between my fingers. His teeth grazed my bottom lip once more and I could feel his erection against my thigh. I began to thrust my hips against him and his hands traveled down to the hem of my lace panties.

We struggled to take them off and we both began to laugh.

“Maybe it's a sign,” I said jokingly.

He looked at me and said, “Oh no I think my body is giving me the opposite sign.”
He pointed down to his erection and we both began to laugh again. We were silly, but it made me want him even more.

We finally got my underwear off and then I felt him between my thighs. We then filled the silent night with our heavy breathing and sound of our hearts beating rhythmically together.


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