Bad Boy Thief of Hearts (Zayn Malik Fanfic)

Ella the bookworm finds a mysterious boy that turns her life around. What is it about Zayn Malik from One Direction that makes her feel different feeling that she has never encountered bfore? Will he break her heart? or will this end in a happily ever after like in her books? find out by reading...


38. Chapter 38

Chapter 38

“Zayn,” I asked.

“Yes Ella,” he said jokingly.

“How long is this flight?”

“About eleven hours, love.”

My mouth opened in surprise I knew that it was going to be a long flight but I was beginning to grow restless and I was bored.

“How long do we have to go?” I asked.

He looked over at me and said, “about six hours to go.”

“Six hours!?” I yelled.

He laughed and said, “keep it down some people are sleeping.”

“Zayn I am bored. I already slept for like three hours and I never thought I would say this but I am tired of reading. What am I going to do for the next six hours?”

Zayn began to laugh, “you sound like a child.”

“I am a child,” I said jokingly.

He then looked over at me raising an eyebrow. I knew that look. It was his 'I have an idea' look. I wasn't sure whether I should be scared or be excited about this look.

“Why are you staring at me like that?” I asked.

He then took my book and wrote something on the inside of it. I stared at him confused. What was he up to? He handed me my book and I was about to open it to see what he had wrote, but he stopped me before I had the chance to read it.

“Count to fifty read then read the note,” he said.

“What?” I asked confused.

He didn't say a thing. He just stood up from his seat and then walk towards the back of the plane. What the hell was he up to? I watch him walk away and he turned to look at me and mouthed out 'count.' I did as he said. I began to count to fifty and when I was done I opened the book to read his note. It read: Meet me in the bathroom stall for some fun.

I closed the book and looked around to check if anybody had noticed my expression. I put my book down on Zayn's seat and slowly got up hoping no one noticed that was heading towards the same stall that Zayn was in. I looked so guilty and felt silly.

I knocked on the bathroom door and Zayn quickly opened it pulling me in. Our bodies were pressed up against each other in the small space and I couldn't stop myself from laughing at this silly idea.

“Zayn what exactly are we doing for fun in a bathroom?” I asked.

He smiled that mysterious smile that I loved and then in one swift moved he picked me up and sat me on the sink making me squeal.

“Ssh. We don't want people to know we are in here,” he said.

“Sorry,” I whispered.

He smiled then brushed my hair back with his hand. I stared into his eyes for awhile admiring that amazing twinkle that made my heart race. He gently caressed my cheek and leaned my face towards his hand closing my eyes and feeling his soft touch against my skin. I just couldn't believe that I was here with him our bodies so close pressed against each other.

“You are so beautiful,” He whispered.

I opened my eyes and smiled, “I am just an ordinary girl. You are the one that makes all the girls swoon.”

He smiled and said, “I only have eyes for one girl.”

“Oh really? Who is she?”

“Some annoying girl who is afraid of balloons, loves to read, and likes to bump into people at the beach wearing a sexy blue bikini.” He said.

“She sounds like an interesting girl. Where is she?”

“I am about to kiss her,” he said.

I laughed and he placed his lips against mine. Our lips began to move against each other his tongue grazing my bottom lip. I smiled under our kiss feeling happy about being with him. I felt his hands travel down to the hem of my shirt and he began to pull it up. His touch under my skin felt nice making my insides warm up and my heartbeat increase. He pulled my shirt over my head and began to kiss my neck slowly trailing the kisses down my neck and onto my breasts. I felt my breathing start to increase and my chest began to rise and fall quickly. His kisses trailed down my chest and my fingers wrapped around his tiny locks of hair. I clenched onto him feeling his lips against my skin as they traveled down my body. It all felt so nice.

He stopped when his lips met the band of my jeans and he began to unbutton them as his lips met mine once more. Our lips moved together as his long fingers played with the button of my jeans. I grabbed the band of his jeans and pulled him closer to me. I wanted to feel him as close as possible. I loved feeling the beat of his heart against my chest. I loved feeling the way his chest rose and fell with every breathe that he would take.

I scooted forward to the edge of the sink and let his hips press against me. I could feel the bulge in his pants pressing against me and I couldn't help but smile under his kiss. He pulled away from our kiss and then placed his lips on my neck. He began to suck on my skin and I let out a low moan. Just the feel of him on me was too much for me to handle. I wanted him. I wanted him right here and right now in this small bathroom. I pressed my palm against his chest and felt as his heartbeat began to increase.

I quickly pulled his shirt off over his head and began to kiss his neck feeling his tender skin against my lips. I felt chest rumble into a low moan as he through his head back slightly giving me more access to him. I thrusted my hips towards him wanting to feel him.

“Zayn,” I whispered, “I want you.”

He kissed my lips forcefully as I pulled down his pants exposing his prominent size. I quickly wiggled out of my jeans the small space making it hard to take them off. Once I got them off Zayn began to move closer to me. I felt him close to me and I moaned as I felt him enter my entries. I wrapped my arm around his neck for support and our hips began to move against each other.

I still couldn't believe that we were here together. I began to get lost in the moment letting our bodies show each other the love we felt for each other. It was a moment of lust and love that filled the small space we were in. My lips met his as his hips thrusted against me making a light moan escape under our kiss. I felt him thrust into me once more this time a bit more forcefully and I bit down on his bottom lip trying not to make any more noise.

He let out a light moan then whispered,“Keep it down unless you want to get us arrested.”

I felt my core burn up into flames and I bit down on my lip trying not to make any sound.

“Let go,” he whispered in my ear.

I didn't want to let go. I wanted to keep going. It all felt so right, but I couldn't hold it any longer. I did as he said and I let go letting this flow of energy flow through my body. I felt him let go underneath me as well and my heart kept pounding against my chest. I felt tired yet energized at the same time.

Zayn kissed my lips gently and whispered, “Why does it just feel right with you?”

I giggled and said, “I was just wondering the same think.”

His lips met mine and he said, “You have no idea how in love I am with you.”

“I love you too, Zayn more than you think,” I said.

He kissed me once more and then we both attempted to get dressed in that small space.

Zayn stepped out of the stall first and asked me to wait a couple of minutes so that no one would see us get out together. I did as he said taking advantage of the time to fix my hair and freshen up. After a couple of minutes I came out of the stall feeling guilty. I sat in my seat next to Zayn who was reading my book and playfully punched Zayn's arm.

He giggled and said, “what was that for?”

“For making me lose control whenever I am with you,” I whispered.

He laughed and said, “you are the one that was complaining about being bored in this long flight.”

“I know, but I didn't think we would do that,” I said.

“With you being so closed to me like that it was hard not too. Besides, I know you enjoyed it,” he said playfully.

I punched him again and said, “that is besides the point, but I’ll admit it was fun.”

He kissed my lips then said, “I’d be happy to do it again.”

“As intriguing as that sounds I am actually tired. I think I’ll just take a nap.” I said.

I rested my head on his shoulder and he kissed my forehead whispering, “I love you.”

I smiled and whispered, “I love you too.”

I closed my eyes and fell asleep.























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