Bad Boy Thief of Hearts (Zayn Malik Fanfic)

Ella the bookworm finds a mysterious boy that turns her life around. What is it about Zayn Malik from One Direction that makes her feel different feeling that she has never encountered bfore? Will he break her heart? or will this end in a happily ever after like in her books? find out by reading...


37. Chapter 37

Chapter 37

“Honey I'm not sure I am still comfortable with you going on this trip with Zayn,” my mom has been trying to talk me out of going to Paris.

“Mom it's Paris. I am not turning down Paris, besides Zayn's family is going to be there and he wants to introduce me to them.” I said while I check my luggage to make sure I had everything ready.

“I know honey, but don't you think you are moving too fast. It's almost as if you were running out of time with him. You need to slow things down, Ella.” She said.

Part of her argument was right. I am acting as if I was running out of time, but that was only because I am running out of time. He is going to leave back to England soon and I am going to go back to school. I know that both our schedules are going to get very busy and it is going to be hard for us to find time for each other. I am scared to lose him. I am scared that all of this will end too fast. I want to enjoy every minute with him.

“Mom I love him,” I said, “and I am afraid of losing him.”

“Why would you lose him?”

I sighed and sat down on my bed, “because mom we are from two different worlds. He is a famous pop star that lives miles away from me while I am a student trying to make someone out of myself. I just know that I will lose him. I am just not good enough.”

“Don't say that. Anyone would be lucky enough to have you, Ella,” she sighed pausing a bit then spoke, “I am still not alright with you going on this trip with him, but if you think it is something you have to do then bring me a souvenir.”

I laughed, “I will mom. My flight leaves tomorrow morning, so I think I am going to go to bed now.”

“Alright honey,” she said, “be safe. I love you.”

“I love you too,” I said and hung up the call.

I flopped back on my bed and sighed. I closed my eyes trying to relax and not think about all the thoughts this conversation with my mom sparked. I was running out of time with Zayn. I should have been spending more time with him then trying to avoid him. I don't want to waste anymore time. I finished packing my things and then went to bed. I checked my phone to see if Zayn had texted me, but I only had one message from my friend Nicolette: Bitch bring me back something from Paris. I still can't believe you are going. I hate you.

I laughed at her message and quickly replied. I put my phone down on the night stand, then dosed off into sleep.


“Good morning,” I heard a gentle whisper.

I groaned, but didn't wake. Tender lips started to trail kisses up my shoulder and towards my neck. It felt so good making my heart warm up and the butterflies in my stomach go wild. I felt the kisses traveling up and stopping by my ear.

“Wake up sleepy head. We have a flight to catch,” he whispered.

I groaned then pulled the covers over my head. I felt the covers come off and a pair of lips were suddenly on mine. He pecked me once leaving me wanting more. I stayed asleep wondering if he will continue with more kisses. He pecked me once more and I felt a slight grin form on my face. I heard a light giggle coming from him and he kissed me once more this time a bit more forceful. I began to kiss back our lips moving in sync. His tongue grazed upon my bottom lip making a light moan escape my lips. Taking advantage of the parting of my lips he stuck his tongue inside my mouth making me moan once more. I was suddenly very awake. I wrapped my arms around him and taking him by surprise I swiftly moved so that he was laying underneath me and I was straddling on his hips.

“I was not expecting that,” he said.

“I think I can get used to waking up like this,” I said.

He laughed and pulled me in for a kiss. I started to pull up his t shirt and my hips were involuntary thrusting against him. He kept fighting back so that I wouldn't take his shirt off, but I fought back by moving my hands to the button on his jeans.

I pressed my lips harder against his so that he wouldn't be able to stop this, but he bit my bottom lip making me pull away for a second giving him enough time to push me off so that I was laying next to him.

He straddled over me and said, “You are in quite a mood today Ms. Scott.”

I smiled feeling guilty. I kept thinking that I didn't have much time left with him and I wanted to spend more intimate moments like these with him.

“I like this side of you, but we don't have time. We have a whole weekend of Paris for that,” he said.

I smiled and said, “not if we miss our flight.”

He pecked my lips lightly then said, “Then stop fooling around and let's go.”

I laughed and we both got up from the bed. I quickly got dressed and gathered my things. Zayn grabbed my luggage and we headed out the apartment. Paul was outside with the car waiting for us. He smiled at me when he saw me and smiled back.

“Hi Paul,” I said.

“Hi Ella. How are you?” He said.

“I am fine thank you.”

“Excited for Paris,” he asked.

“Very. Are you staying here with the other boys?”

He smiled and said, “Yes I have to. You and Zayn will be alright in Paris without me. You will have another one of our body guards meet you there. I can't leave these boys here by themselves sometimes I feel like I am the mother.”

I laughed and got inside the car. Zayn sat with me leaving Paul to drive.

When we arrived at the airport there were a few girls waiting for Zayn. I still had no idea how these girls found out about where the boys would be. There was a few paparazzi outside as well, but not as many as there usually was. We were already running late for out flight so Zayn tried to walk fast and past all of the flashing camera's. There was a few girls who asked for a picture or autograph, but Zayn said that he couldn't right now. I couldn't help, but think that if I hadn't distracted Zayn this morning maybe he would have time for a few pictures with some fans.

We got to the plane and I still couldn't believe that I was going to Paris with Zayn. I looked over at Zayn who was sitting next to me and smiled. I stared at him trying to figure out how was it that I ended up being so lucky. Zayn was such an amazing guy and here I was sitting with him on my way to Paris.

“Why are you staring at me?” He asked.

“I just can't believe I am here with you.” I said.

He smiled making my heart skip and then leaned into me while gently holding my face. His lips met mine and then he spoke, “Well believe it because I plan on being with you for long time.”

I thought about that and wondered how long would this last. I started to get sad when the thought of this only lasting for awhile came to my mind. I saw him stare at me, so I smiled trying not to let him know something was wrong.

The plane took off and looked out the window as the city grew smaller.

“Zayn look at how beautiful the city looks,” I said.

“No thanks I'll take your word for it.” He said.

I looked over at him and he had his eyes closed.

“Are you alright,” I asked.

“I am afraid of heights Ella,” he said once the plane had leveled.

“Don't you go on airplanes all the time?” I asked.

“I do and I prefer the tour bus. I've gotten more used to the whole flying above the earth thing, but just the taking off part is that I can't quite get used to.”

I laughed and Zayn stared at me disappointed.

“Don't laugh at me,” he said.

I couldn't stop laughing. I just didn't picture him as the type that would be afraid of something. Zayn looked mad making me laugh even more because he looked so adorable. He kept telling me to stop laughing and kept threatening me, but I just couldn't stop.
When I finally stopped and was able to catch my breathe I spoke, “I am sorry Zayn it's just I would see you as the type of person to be afraid of something.”

“I am not perfect Ella. No one is,” he said.

“To me you are,” I said.

“Every one is afraid of something,” he said.

“I know. I am sorry I laughed,” I said.

“What's your fear?”

“You might laugh,” I said.

He smiled and said, “you laughed at me.”

I rolled my eyes and I suddenly started to regret that I laughed at him. I took a deep breathe and then said, “Fine, I'll tell you. I am afraid of balloons.”

He stared at me for a couple of seconds. I could see him trying to fight back his laughter. He bit his bottom lip and I could tell he was about to burst into laughter. I was going to speak, but just when I opened my mouth to talk he began to laugh.

“I know,” I said, “It's silly.”

He kept laughing at me and I rolled my eyes annoyingly, “Alright you can stop now.”

He took a deep breathe then said, “Balloons?”

I nodded and he began to laugh again. I punched his arm and turned to look out the window again.

He laughed and said, “Come on Ella. You laughed at me and balloons...that's a weird fear.”

I turned and he had a huge smile across his face that made me want to laugh with him as well.

“I know,” I said then started to laugh with him.

We laughed together and started to make fun of each other. We continued pointing out our other silly habits and fears and laughed at each other until one of the flight attendants told us to keep it down.

I felt like a child and I smiled feeling happy. I rested my head on Zayn's shoulder and took a deep breathe.

“Zayn,” I asked.

“Yes,” he spoke.

“Is this why you asked me to take the seat by the window,” I asked.

“Yes,” he said and we both began to laugh again.

The flight attendant stared at us with a disapproving stare and we immediately stopped laughing. 


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