Bad Boy Thief of Hearts (Zayn Malik Fanfic)

Ella the bookworm finds a mysterious boy that turns her life around. What is it about Zayn Malik from One Direction that makes her feel different feeling that she has never encountered bfore? Will he break her heart? or will this end in a happily ever after like in her books? find out by reading...


29. Chapter 29

Chapter 29

“Ella,” I heard Christian call out as I walked to my car. Ever since he and Adeline started talking things have gone very well between us. He and Adeline have been hanging out leaving Christian busy and unavailable. I haven't talked to him for a while.

“Oh hey Christian,” I said. He displayed a big smile on his face and I wondered what he was smiling about. I don't think I had ever seen him smile like that before.

“Hey, I haven't seen you in a while. How you been?” He asked walking next to me.

“Yea I know you've been MIA, but I am good thank you. How about you?”

“I am good. So listen Adeline and I were wondering if you all wanted to come to us to a new club in West Hollywood. It is suppose to be really hard to get into, but Adeline knows the owner.” “That sounds great,” I said, “I'll talk to Zayn and the rest of the boys. What time should we meet?”

His cellphone rang and he pulled it out to take a look at it. He flashed a big smile and I immediately knew who it was that was calling him.

“Great,” he said not even acknowledging me, “I'll text you the details.”

I opened my mouth to say thanks, but just when I was about to speak he ran off answering his phone call. I know I wanted Christian to move on, but I did not expect him to forget about me so fast. It was as if I didn't even exist. He was so focused on the phone call that he did not even notice me there.

I got into my car and started to drive away trying to forget about these stupid thoughts. I should be happy for him. I shouldn't be here feeling like I matter when all I have done was break him. He needs to move on. I should be glad he has.

When I arrive to my apartment I find Niall and Janell sitting in the living room eating pizza. Monica and Rosalie were sitting with them staring at them in disgust as they both devoured their pizza. I laughed making them all turn to me staring at me as if I was crazy.

“Why are you laughing,” Rosalie asked.

“You and Monica look so funny. Why are you staring at Niall and Janell like if they were some type of creature?” I asked.

“Because they are some weird creatures. I can not get it through my head how they manage to eat all that pizza and not gain any weight,” Monica said still staring at them.

I laughed at my friends and sat on the couch by them, “So Christian and Adeline invited us to a new club in West Hollywood. Do you guys want to go?”

“Yes!” Rosalie jumped from her seat with excitement.

“Yeah sure can I bring Danny?” Monica asked.

I nodded, “What about you hungry love birds. Would you guys like to go?”

They both stared at each other for couple seconds then look at me answering, “Yes,” at the same time.

“Alright I'll call Zayn,” I said.

I took out my phone walking into my room hoping that Zayn wouldn't want to go. I didn't really want to go and see Adeline. She made me feel very insecure and I wasn't sure if I could compete with her. She is beautiful and a model who managed to fake date my boyfriend and date my ex boyfriend.

“Hello Love,” Zayn answered. The sound of his voice immediately made my heart skip a beat.

I flashed a nervous smile and managed to let out a low, “Hi.”

“Are you alright?” He asked.

“Yeah,” I said my cheeks turning red of embarrassment, “Christian and Adeline invited us all to a new club in West Hollywood. Do you want to go?”

“Oh yes with Robert. She told me about it. Yea sure we should go,” he said.

The way he said it made me feel like an outsider. He was talking to her and knew her friends.

“Um alright,” I said not sure if I really wanted to go at all.

“Are you alright Ella,” he said.

“I am fine Zayn,” I answered a bit angry.

“Alright,” he said not sounding convinced.

“Just come by at eight,” I said and hung up the phone.

I know I was being stupid acting like this, but I couldn't believe that this girl was so close to my boyfriend and my ex boyfriend. She was pretty and had everything. I was jealous. I was jealous that Christian was forgetting about me so fast and that I was nothing to him anymore and to top it off she was my boyfriend's best friend.

I received a text from Christian telling me that the club opened at nine and that our names would be on the list. I walked out of my room and let my friends know that we would be leaving around nine to avoid the crowds that would be outside the club.

“Did any of you let Liam, Louis, and Harry know about it?”

“I told Liam and Louis they agreed to come, but Harry is not answering calls,” Niall said, “he has been acting pretty weird lately.”

I scrunched my eyebrows. This was not like Harry. He was usually the one that looked for the party. He liked fun.

“I'll give him a call,” I said, “maybe I'll invite my dear friend Nicolette. She has been dying to meet him.”

I took out my phone and dialed Harry's number. I wondered what was going on with him.

“Harry,” I said, “I got you a date. You should come with us to the club tonight.”

“I don't think that is a good idea Ella,” he said.

“The date or the club?”

“Both. I am not sure I am in the mood to go clubbing or date anyone,” he said.

“Are you alright mate,” I said attempting to imitate Liam.

He laughed and answered, “I am fine.”

“Alright well I am sending you the address in case you change your mind,” I said.

“OK, thank you Ella,” he said and hung up.

I wasn't sure if I should believe Harry when he said he was fine. Harry has become really close to me ever since Zayn and I got together and I can honestly say he is one of my closest friends. He is just so easier to talk to and he is very sweet. I know he was feeling lonely the last time I talked to him, but he said he had found a girl and that they weren't really working out. I wonder what went on with them or what didn't go on.


I had my leg up on the bed while I strapped on my heals when I heard a light knock on the door.

“Come in,” I yelled softly.

The heard the door open and a low husky voice spoke, “Woah.”

I turned around and found Zayn dressed in a leather jacket looking hotter than ever. I felt my heart start to race and I just couldn't believe that there was an actual human being that could ever look so handsome and hot.

“You look,” he paused trying to find the words, “Breathe taking. You have no idea what I am feeling right now.”

I blushed and turned away from him trying to hide it.

“You don't look so bad yourself Mr. Malik,” I said.

I felt his arms wrap around my waist pulling me close so that my back was pressed up against his chest. He rested his chin on my shoulder taking in a deep breathe. My heart started to pump faster and I could feel my blood boiling inside of me. His lips started to brush over my shoulder pulling the small strap of my dress down to expose more of my skin. He placed tender kisses along my shoulder leading them up to my neck. I cocked my head to one side giving him more access to my neck and closed my eyes getting lost in his touch. I felt his teeth graze my bare skin making the goosebumps rise up and down my body. His lips closed down onto my skin and he started to suck on it. It felt so good to feel his lips on me and I always got lost with him. I suddenly did not know where I was or what was going on in the world. It was as if we were the only ones that existed in this world of pain and confusion. All I could feel is his lips on my skin and the sweet sensation of his skin on mine. Nothing matter to me anymore; not when I was with him.

I felt his lips pull away and my eyes shot open trying to figure out why he had stopped. I turned around to face him and he was staring at me with tender brown eyes. I could see how much he cared and loved me when I looked into his eyes and I immediately felt my heart start to race again. I threw my arms around his neck and pressed my lips against his. Our lips moved together in sync making my heart race with every touch. I let out a light moan and he took the opportunity to let his tongue flow in. I savored the kiss full of lust and love. Every move our lips made my heart beat increase making me moan once more. I felt his hands travel down to the hem of my dress and he slowly started to pull it up. I wasn't thinking and didn't care anymore. I wanted him. I wanted to be with him.

“Woah!” I yell interrupted us making us pull apart.

I look over Zayn's shoulder trying to look at the person who interrupted us and see my friend Nicolette standing by the door.

“Maybe next time you guys should close the door,” she said.

Zayn laughed and I pressed my forehead onto his chest trying to hide from the embarrassment. Zayn kissed the top of my head and whispered, “We should get going before we start to do anything in front of Nicky.”

I smiled and pulled away from him. I grabbed my purse that was laying on my bed and walked out the door with Zayn by my side.


When we arrived at the club Nicky kept asking me if Harry would be coming, but I wasn't sure what to tell her. I know she wanted to meet him, but I wasn't sure what was going on with Harry and if it was the right time to meet him.

“He said he was not feeling so well and that if he felt better that he would come,” I said.

“Maybe he knows I am one of those annoying fans and that is why he doesn't want to come,” she said.

“You are an annoying fan,” Zayn said jokingly.

Nicolette's face turned red and her mouth dropped in shock. I slapped Zayn's arm softly and he winced smiling at me.

“Malik,” I protested, “be nice.”

“I was joking,” he said.

“No it's fine I know I am,” Nicky said.

“No you are not,” I said.

“No you are not. I was joking you are fun and perverted just like Harry. You are perfect for each other.” Zayn said.

I looked up at him and smiled letting him know that I was happy he thought that because I was really hoping that Nicolette and Harry would hit it off.

Inside the club Nicolette pulled me aside to talk to me.

“I have a question,” she asked.

“What is it?” I asked

“Were you and Zayn about to have sex? I mean when I walked in your room things looked pretty heated from where I was standing.”

I blushed, “I am not sure, but I think that if you hadn't interrupted I might have let him continue.”

“Does he know about John?” She asked.

“No, I am not sure I want to tell him.” I said.

“I think you should. He needs to understand why? He deserves to know.” She said and then walked away,

I sat next to Zayn and placed my hand on his holding him.

We had our own VIP area where we were served various drinks and wondered how Christian managed to get us drinks since most of us were not twenty one yet. Just when I was about to ask Christian, who was telling us about the club, Adeline walked up behind him wearing a red dress that made her look even more beautiful than ever. I felt my mood suddenly go down and I wanted to get up and leave.

“Ella,” she said wrapping her arms around me, “i am so glad you made it.”

“Malik,” she said wrapping her arms around him causing Zayn to let go of my hand, “I am glad to see you again. It's been what three hours,”

They both laughed and stood in the sideline watching as my boyfriend and his fake ex girlfriend bonded and laughed about god knows what. I looked over at Christian who was displaying a big smile on his face. How was it possible that this girl can make everyone like her.

“So Christian,” I said, “how you been?”

He didn't answer.

“Hello,” I said waving my hand in front of him.

“Oh sorry,” he said.

“What were you staring at?”

“Adeline,” he answered, “Thank you for making me call her. She is amazing. I really like her, Ella.”

“Wow you move fast,” I mumbled.

“What?” he asked.

“Nothing,” I said,” I think I am going to go to the bathroom.”

I walked away from the VIP room with out telling anyone since they were all caught up laughing and talking to Adeline.

When I got to the bathroom I stood over the sink and took a good look at myself. No wonder they were all caught up in her. There was no way I could ever compete with her, I look like an ogre compared to her.

I quickly touched up my make up and then left the restroom. I bumped into Zayn on my way out and I wondered if he noticed I was gone because Adeline had left the VIP room.

“Where did you go,” he asked.

“To the bathroom,” I answered coldly.

“Are you alright Ella,” he asked.

“Yes,” I said and walked around him.

He pulled me by my arm turning me so that my body slammed against his chest. My hand rested on his chest and I stared into those beautiful brown eyes.

“Why are you being so cold with me?” He asked.

“I am not. Why don't you just leave me alone and go talk to your best friend Adeline. What hasn't it been five minutes now?” I said rudely.

Zayn smiled then spoke, “You are jealous.”

“I am not jealous of that anorexic model,” I said,

He giggled and said, “God you look so hot when you are jealous.”

I wiggled from him hold because I did not want to talk about how hot he thought I was. I didn't want to talk about anything at all. I just didn't want to see her. I didn't want to be here with her.

Zayn brushed my hair back with his hand and then spoke, “Let's get out of this place.”



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