Bad Boy Thief of Hearts (Zayn Malik Fanfic)

Ella the bookworm finds a mysterious boy that turns her life around. What is it about Zayn Malik from One Direction that makes her feel different feeling that she has never encountered bfore? Will he break her heart? or will this end in a happily ever after like in her books? find out by reading...


26. Chapter 26

Chapter 26

Zayn's POV

I can't believe she agreed to be my girlfriend. After all that we have been through it was still shocking to know that she actually wanted to be with me. I had to try and make this right with her. I wanted this relationship to work more than anything. Management is not going to be happy when they find out that we are together, but I had to fight them. I have to fight for us to be together because she is who makes me happy. Having her in my arms warms my heart and I want to be with her. I want this feeling to last. I want to protect her from everyone and make sure nothing breaks us apart. I don't want to mess this up. I worked so hard to get her back even if she was never really mine to begin with.

I was holding her tight in my arms not wanting to let go of her because she was now mine. Her chest was pressed against mine and I could feel the beat of her heart increase as I moved my hand down her back towards her bottom. Her chest rose up and down with every breathe and I felt her lips part slightly as I kissed her. Taking advantage of that slight parting of her lips I ran my tongue across her bottom lip because the taste of her lips was a taste that was unforgettable. It was an exquisite taste. A sweet pleasant taste that brings a rush of pleasure through my body. I could feel the lust deep in my groin with a single touch of her lips against mine. I couldn't control what I was feeling for her and my hands moved down to her bottom gently squeezing causing a light gasp escape her lips. I smiled underneath our kiss then slowly moved my hands down to her thighs picking her up from the ground. A low shriek escaped and she snaked her arms around my neck. I slowly sat her up on the kitchen table her arms still wrapped around me. I started to kiss her uncontrollably leading kisses down her neck.

She giggled nervously, “Zayn.”

But I didn't stop. I kept kissing her losing control. I was so happy I was with her that I couldn't take control of what I was feeling.

“Zayn,” she said said again, but I kept going kissing her neck tracing the kisses across her shoulder. I pulled down the strap of her shirt to reveal the skin on her shoulder then grazed my bottom lip across her shoulder wanting to taste more of her. I started tracing kisses down her shoulder leading to the top of her chest.

Just when I was getting closer to her breast I felt her hands gently touch my face bringing it up so that I was facing her. She had a big smile on her face that just brightened up my day. Her eyes looked into mine and she slowly leaned in towards me landing her rosy lips onto mine. She slowly moved her lips with mine savoring the sweet taste of our kiss, then she pulled away and said, “we have to take things slow.”

I smiled back at her then laughed at how carried I can get when I am with her. We just got together and I am already taking it further than it should. Although we did do a lot more when we were not together, but I got to say those times were the heat of the moment. I have to start being careful with her because I can not afford to lose her.

“I lose control when I am with you,” I said.

“And I with you, but for personal reasons we can't have sex. I am not ready for that,” she said shyly.

I suddenly understood what she was telling me. She was a virgin.

“I am not a virgin,” she said.

I looked at her confused. What was she telling me?

“It's hard for me to talk about that, but trust me Zayn,” she said wrapping her arms around my neck.

I nodded, “No pressure. When you are ready to tell me I'll be here.”

“The thing is,” she said shyly looking down at the ground.

I bent my head gently covering her lips with mine then pulling away slowly, “you don't have to tell me if you don't want to. I am just happy you and I are together.”

She flaunted a weak smile then whispered, “Thank you Zayn.”

Listening to her say my name was like music to my ears. I smiled at her then pecked her lips once more. I never thought it was possible to be this happy. I brushed her hair back behind her ears and stared at her wondering what my life would be like if I had never met her. What if I had stopped trying? What if I had given up on her and moved on? I would have never been standing so close to her. I would have never been staring into her eyes and feeling this connection I felt when I was with her. The taste of her lips would have been foreign to me and the touch of her skin would only be something I dreamed about.

“Why are you staring at me like that?” she asked.

“I was just thinking how my life would be without you,” I said.

“We lived that remember and I don't know about you, but I didn't like it,” she said.

“Neither did I,” I agreed.

She gave me a quick kiss on the lips then jumped off of the table where I had sat her. She walked around me heading out of the kitchen.

“Where are you going?” I asked.

She looked back at me and said, “I have laundry to do. As much as I want to stay in your arms forever; I can't I have things to do.”

I followed her out of the kitchen and into her bedroom where she grabbed a white hamper full of clothes. She set it down by the door and I sat on her bed watching her walk around her bedroom gathering the clothes she was going to wash. I laid back on her bed looking up at the ceiling while she moved around the room and started to think of what Ella said. What was it that happen to her that she was to scared to tell me about? I wanted to know if she was hurt before. Should I be worried? I could see the pain in her eyes as she tried to tell me and I wanted to take that pain away. I wanted to make that ugly memory she did not want to talk about go away. But how? How can I help her when she won't even tell me what happen?

I was lost thinking about all of these questions I wanted to ask her, when I felt her tiny body slam on top of me. Her knee almost hitting my crotch.

“Ow! Just a little lower and I wouldn't be able to have children,” I groaned.

She laughed then kissed my lips, “what are you thinking about?”

“Nothing,” I said, “and everything all at once.”

She scrunched her eyebrows together and pouted her lips. She looked so innocent and beautiful I wanted to kiss her and keep her with me. I sat up placing my hand on her back so that she wouldn't fall back. She straddled on my lap her knees on either side of my legs. My hands travel to her thighs then to her bottom. She pressed her forehead against mine and I gently squeezed her bottom making her hips thrust towards my direction. Her lips parted slightly letting out a low puff of air. I felt her hot breathe against my skin and I couldn't resist but place my lips against hers. Our lips moved together my hands urging her to press her body against mine.

She groaned under our kiss then pulled away whispering, “you are such a distraction.”

I laughed agreeing, “so are you, love.”

She got up then walked over to retrieve the hamper. She stopped by the door then turned back to look at me giving me nothing but a wink. I laughed then followed her out her bedroom.

We went down to the laundry room and I watched as she started to put her clothes into the washers.

“Do you need any help?” I asked.

“No,” she said, “I don't need you helping me wash my underwear.”

I laughed then started to picture her in her underwear. I had to admit that I was looking forward to the day I would see her that way. She was just so beautiful and I wanted to be with her in every way possible.

Once she was done putting her clothes in the washer she sat down on top of one of the washers and I walked over to her and wrapped my arms around her. She kissed my cheek then snaked her arms around my neck. She suddenly got a sad look on her face and I could see a tear trying to escape her eyes.

I kissed the corner of her lips and asked her what was wrong. She shook her head then gave me a weak smile.

“Ella, what is it?” I asked again.

“I,” she started, “I feel like I shouldn't be this happy after watching Christian walk out like that this morning.”

I caressed her cheek with my thumb feeling her soft skin and trying to comfort her.

“He will be fine. Trust me,” I said, “he is stronger than you think. Believe me I punched his face and I think it hurt me more than it hurt him.”

“That isn't funny,” she said.

“I know. I'm sorry,” I said. Suddenly I remembered when she said that she was in love with Christian. Was that the reason she felt bad about being with me? Maybe she was somehow in love with him?

“What are you thinking about Zayn?” She asked noticing my change in mood.

“Did you mean it when you said that you loved Christian?” I asked wanting to know the answer. I was scared of what she would say, but I had to know.

She frowned then answered, “Yes.”

I felt my body go stiff and I didn't know what to say to her. I looked down at the ground confused about what she meant by loving Christian.

She took my face in her hands then brought it up so that our foreheads were pressed against each other.

“I love him like my big brother. He has always been there for me, but I am not in love with him,” she said then quickly pecked my lips, “I am not in love with him because I think I am falling in love with you.”

I smiled at the sound of those words then covered her lips with mine letting our kiss last. I pulled away then said, “I am falling in love with you too.”

The rest of the day I helped Ella fold her laundry and although she didn't let me fold her underwear I still snatch a couple away from her hands.

“Zayn give it back,” she said as she tried to reach for her underwear that I held up high so that she wouldn't reach it. Thankfully I was taller than her.

“I don't think so,” I said, “I like lacy underwear.”

“Give it back Zayn!”

“I'll give it to you,” I said lowering my hand that held the underwear. She tried to reach for it, but just when she was about to snatch it I pulled it up again and said, “if you where it for me, then it's all yours.”

Her mouth formed a perfect O shape and then her eyebrows scrunched down. She groaned then said, “you can keep them.”

I laughed then threw the undergarments in front of her, “It was worth a try.”

She shook her head in disappointment and finished folding the rest of her laundry. Once we were done with most of her chores we walked into her room and laid on her bed next to each other. We laid there for hours listening to the radio and singing along to the songs we liked. It shocked me how many song we both actually liked. I guess we had more in common than I thought.

It started to get dark and she was drifting into sleep. She turned over to her side to face me and I watched as she slowly started to close her eyes falling asleep. Her eyes shut fully and I slowly got up from her bed setting a blanket on her body so that she wouldn't be cold. I bent down gently kissing the top of her head, then started to walk out towards the door.

“Stay,” I heard her say.

I turned around only to find her wide awake and stretching out her hand asking me to stay.

“I thought you were asleep,” I said.

She shook her head then answered, “I felt empty with out you by my side.”

I walked towards her sat at the edge of her bed and watched her as she closed her eyes. Just when I thought she had fallen back to sleep she opened her eyes and said, “Zayn, stay the night with me.”

I smiled at her and didn't protest. I slipped into her bed under the covers and so did she. I started taking off my shirt to sleep more comfortably when she stopped me asking me what I was doing. She had a terrified look on her face and I wondered if she I thought I wanted to do something other than sleep.

“I sleep more comfortable without my shirt,” I said.

She smiled then nodded slowly. We laid facing each other and soon we both started to drift off. I slowly opened my eyes and I could see Ella shaking under the covers.

“Ella,” I whispered, “move closer to me.”

“Why,” she asked her eyes still shut.

“You're cold I could see you shivering. Move closer I can keep you warm,” I said.

She opened her eyes then shuffled closer to me nuzzling her face in my chest. I wrapped my arms around her keeping her warm and I instantly felt my heart began to race. Having her close to me felt right. Soon we both fell asleep letting only the beat of our heart and our light snores be the music of the night.


















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