Bad Boy Thief of Hearts (Zayn Malik Fanfic)

Ella the bookworm finds a mysterious boy that turns her life around. What is it about Zayn Malik from One Direction that makes her feel different feeling that she has never encountered bfore? Will he break her heart? or will this end in a happily ever after like in her books? find out by reading...


22. Chapter 22

Chapter 22


Ella's POV

I stayed in Christian's arms mostly because I was afraid that if I let go of him I would run after Zayn and tell him that I lied. I did not love Christian. I wasn't even sure I was in love with Zayn either, but I did know that my feelings for Zayn were stronger than my feelings for Christian. All I know is that when I am with him I feel my skin crawl and want his touch more than anything. He makes my heart race and makes me want to lose control when I am with him. I know I shouldn't have lied to him, but I was afraid he was going to say something about our night together and I didn't want Christian to find out this way.

The truth is that I am scared. I am scared that I might actually be in love with Zayn and I don't want to be. I know what he is like and he is not the type that sticks to one girl. I know that if I give him a chance that he will break me and I am not sure if I will be able to recover. I mean he is already cheating on Adeline. He has kissed me and spent the night with me despite the fact that he has girlfriend. What was the deal with them anyways? Why was she here? Did they break up? Was she here because she knew I spent the night with him?

My head was spinning with confusion and Christian tight grip was making it hard to breathe. I gasped trying to take in some air and then slowly pushed myself away from Christian. His eyes met mine making me feel uncomfortable. I looked down at my hands ashamed for lying to Christian and making him believe that I was in love with him. I felt a tear stream down my face because all I wanted was to be able to put my fears away and be able to take a risk with Zayn, but it was just to hard for me. I didn't want to be the one to break Christian's heart, but I didn't want to be with him either. Why had I made things so complicated? All I wanted to do was run away from all of this. I wanted to be able to escape in my books again and never come out into the real world. Reality was just to scary. It brought pain and desire. It brought shame and real life decisions that I didn't want to make. It brought me heartbreak and that was the one thing I feared the most. I hate that I cannot escape this.

I took a deep breathe and tried to calm myself, but the tears just kept flowing out.

“You are not in love with me; right?” Christian asked.

I didn't know how to tell him that I wasn't. How do I let him know how sorry I am with out breaking his heart. I didn't want to look at him because I knew that it will hurt me to see him get hurt. I kept my eyes fixed on my hands as my fingers fiddled nervously.

“Ella,” he spoke softly, “answer me.”

I closed my eyes letting the tears flow out. Why did it have to come down to this? Why couldn't I just fall for Christian?

“Ella,” I could hear the pain in his voice, “look at me. Please I need to know.”

I slowly raised my head my eyes meeting his. There was tears in his eyes and could feel my heart sink at the sight of him. I wasn't sure I could face him. It broke my heart to see him this way because I cared about him so much and I didn't want to hurt him. His eyes sparkled with the water in his eyes, but it wasn't his usual sparkle it was a sparkle of sadness.

“Ella,” he pleaded, “tell me the truth.”

“No,” I mumbled softly hoping he wouldn't hear me.


I took a deep breathe and slowly spoke, “I'm not in love with you Christian.”

He quickly got up from the floor where he was sitting and walked over to the door.

“Where are you going?”

“Out,” he yelled.

“Christian,” I yelled out, “wait.”

He stopped and turned to look at me. I was standing in the middle of the leaving room hoping he wouldn't walk out with out listening to me first.

“Are you in love with him?” He asked me.

I wasn't sure how to answer him because I wasn't sure if I was in love with Zayn, “No,” I said, “Yes. I don't know.”

“Are you or are you not?” He asked tears still streaming down his face.

I closed my eyes trying to figure out what the right answer was, but I couldn't do it. I don't know the answer to anything. Was I in love with Zayn?

“I don't know,” I finally said.

He took a deep breathe walking over to the couch. He took a seat lazily throwing himself on the couch almost as if he had been defeated. I knelt down in front of him resting my head on his knee. I wanted to let him know that I cared about him and that I didn't want to hurt him. Christian was there for me when Zayn wasn't and that is something I will never forget.

“Ella,” he spoke, “I knew from the beginning that you liked someone else and I told you I would help you get over him if you gave me a chance.”

“And I said I would try,” I said.

“But did you,” he asked, “did you try?”

“Yes. I'm still trying. It's hard for me to let someone in when I've gotten my heart broken in the past.”

“I know,” he said, “but why is it that it's so easy to let him in, but not me? I've seen the way he looks at you and the way you look at him. It's as if you are letting him in. Every time I look at you you turn away and don't let me in, but he can stare into your eyes and I can see you get lost. It hurts me to see you let him in when I know all you are doing is pushing me away. Every time you would kissed me in front him I would think it was because you wanted to show him that you had moved on, but now I see that it was only to make him jealous and I keep telling myself that I am just imagining things. The truth is I don't know what to believe. I want to believe you when you say that you are not sure if you are in love with him, but I think you are. I think you are in love with him, but you are too afraid to admit it to yourself--”

“Stop,” I interrupt him, “I want to be with you. You don't understand. He is wrong for me and I know that you are right for me. I know that I can forget about him, but I need you. I can't do it without you. I know this is a lot to ask for, but just give me a chance.”

“Ella I am not sure that is what you want. I think what you really want is to be with him and I know he wants to be with you,” he said.

“No, I want you. It would never work with him. We are from two different worlds and he will end up hurting me. He isn't right. You are. I know I can grow to love you. Please Christian,” I didn't want to lose Christian. I know that if I stayed with him that I would be able to fall in love with him and forget that Zayn ever existed. I knew I could do it. I had to.

I moved from the ground and sat on his lap holding him in my arms hoping that would convince him that I wanted to be with him.

He took my head between his hands pressing his forehead against mine. I closed my eyes letting the tears out because I was afraid he was going to push me away. I know that if he walks away from me he would be shattered and I wouldn't be able to forget about Zayn.

I opened my eyes to find his eyes shut closed. I could see the tears trickle down his cheek and I wanted to stop hurting him. It wasn't fair to him.

“I am in love with you Ella,” he whispered. His hot breath brushing against my lips.

I closed my eyes letting the tears escape my eyes because as he said this I felt nothing. I didn't feel any butterflies or excitement, but I didn't want to hurt him by pulling away from him. I just leaned in and kissed him because as much as I really wanted to just be with Zayn; I didn't want to keep hurting Christian and the only way I would be able to do that is if I completely erased Zayn.

I pulled away and said, “I won't talk to him.”

He stared at me in disbelief, “What do you mean?”

“I mean I want to try. I won't talk to him. I won't see him. I won't have any type of contact with him. It'll just be me and you. This is the only way he can rally be out of my life and I can't do it with out you.”

“Ella,” he said, “I am not sure this will work. I love you, but I know you love him.”

“No, don't say that. I'm not sure what I feel for him, but I know that I want to forget about him and I can't do that if you are not with me.”

He sighed and said, “I only do this because I love you.”

I leaned in and lightly kissed his cheek, “Thank you for being so patient with me.”


Christian's POV

I know that she is in love with him. I know she wants to forget about him and that she really does care about me. I feel stupid for telling her I would help her forget about him, but it meant being with her and I wanted to be with her even though she loved someone else. I know that in time she can grow to love me and I hoped that being away from him would help.

I lightly kissed her rosy lips and said, “I trust that we can work. I love you and I know that my love is enough for the both of us.”

She smiled weakly, “why are you so nice to me?”

I lightly brushed her hair back and said, “because I love you.”

My phone started to ring and Ella moved from my lap onto the couch next to me so that I can answer it. I look at the caller ID and saw Adeline's name. I look over at Ella who was staring out into space and say, “I'm going to take this outside.”

She nodded and I answered the call quickly walking outside.

“What did you do?” She yelled.

“What did I do? Are you crazy? You're fake Backstreet boy of a boyfriend was that one that punched me. I didn't do anything,” I said.

“You know that Ella isn't really in love with you and you didn't say anything. You were suppose to let her go Christian,” She said.

“She doesn't want to be with him. She told me herself. She said she wanted to forget about him.”

“She is lying. She just doesn't want to hurt you. They were suppose to be together by now. Did you at least tell her that I wasn't really Zayn's girlfriend,” she asked.

“No and I am not going to because she doesn't want to know anything about him. She wants no contact with him because she wants to forget about him. Why is it so hard for you to understand that she doesn't want him?”

“Because I know it isn't true. You ruined everything. The boys and Zayn have a few appearances to do up in north California and they won't be back to LA until next week. He was going to ask her to go with him to show her that he is willing to try and make things work with her and this way management would stop bugging him about who he should date.”

“That isn't my problem. I already told you that she doesn't want him. There is nothing else I can do. Now I have to go Ella is waiting for me inside,” I said and hung up.

I wasn't sure why she was so determined to have Ella and Zayn be together. She gained nothing out of this and it just didn't make sense for her to want to bring them together.

I walked back inside the house to find Ella still on the couch and I could tell that she was crying. It hurt me to see her that way and I knew that she was crying over him. I know that she wants to be with him, but I just don't want to let her go. I am too much in love with her to let someone else steal her away.

She quickly wiped her tears when she noticed I was in the room. She didn't turn to look at me as I walked up behind her and I knew it was because she was hiding the tears. I know I was being selfish, but I know that my selfishness will help her. At least that is what I was trying to make myself believe.

“I am going home, Ella,” I said standing behind her. I needed time to think. I needed to know if I was doing the right thing.

“Why?” She asked.

“That was my aunt on the phone and she wants me to babysit my cousin so that she can go out with my uncle,” I lied. I didn't want her to know that I was having second thoughts about being with her. If it were up to me I wouldn't be over thinking this, but her feelings are involved and I know her feelings for him are stronger that her feelings for me.

“Oh. OK I'll see you tomorrow at work then,” she said.

“Yea,” I answered and kissed the top of her head.


Adeline's POV

“Gosh he is so stupid. I am sorry Zayn. I really thought that this would work,” I said to Zayn. He was blankly staring at the television in the hotel room and I knew what he was thinking about.

“You don't have to apologize. She made it pretty clear who she was in love with,” he said.

“She lied,” I said, “I know she did. I could see it in her eyes. She is in love with you.”

“Stop!” He yelled, “Just stop. You always say that and then she goes and proves you wrong. She said she loves him. She stood in front of me, looked into my eyes, and said she loves Christian. I don't know what else to do, Adeline. How do I let her know? How do I make her love me?”

He hid his head between his knees and I could tell that he was crying. It was weird to see him cry because he hardly showed any emotion. He was always so mysterious and was always the one that made the girls cry. I never thought I would see the day when a girl actually made Zayn Malik cry.

I sat next to him and tried to comfort him. I kept telling him that everything was OK and that I know things will work out.

“Adeline. Why are you trying so hard to try and get Ella to be with me?” He asked.

He had never asked me that before and I was too embarrassed to tell him the truth. I could feel my cheeks getting warmer and I can tell my reaction was just making his curiosity grow.

“At first I just wanted to help you because you deserve to be with her. What management did was wrong, but after the first time--” I trailed off.

“The first time...what?” He asked.

I was to embarrassed to admit it but he had to know, “The first time I saw Christian I felt a connection with him.”

“You what?!” He asked his tone surprised.

“I think I like Christian and I know Ella doesn't like him. It breaks my heart to see him be so into her when she isn't. It is just not fair to him,” I said.

“What do you girls see in him. He is not that great of a bloke,” he said and I could tell he was jealous.

I laughed because he was being silly. How can a pop star like him be jealous of a simple bloke that works at a library. I mean to me Christian was nice, kind, sweet, amazing, and I was attracted to him, but Zayn had millions of girls at his feet. Too bad the only girl he was interested in was not at his feet and that was one of the reasons why I wanted to help Zayn. I've talked to the rest of the lads and they said they have never seen him so into a girl before. I know that they belong together and I want to help and by helping them I am helping myself.

“Why are you laughing?” He asked. He looked serious and I knew that he was still not in the mood for jokes.

“Zayn. You don't see that she is in love with you. Give her space. You are going to San Francisco for a week try not to contact her in that time. When you come back you can give it a try and if it doesn't work then I guess you gave it a try, but just don't give up. Be patient.”

My words must of made sense to him because his face slightly lightened up and I could see a hint of glow in his eyes.

“I won't give up,” he said a slight smile played on his face.
























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