Bad Boy Thief of Hearts (Zayn Malik Fanfic)

Ella the bookworm finds a mysterious boy that turns her life around. What is it about Zayn Malik from One Direction that makes her feel different feeling that she has never encountered bfore? Will he break her heart? or will this end in a happily ever after like in her books? find out by reading...


15. Chapter 15

 Chapter 15

“Wake up! Wake up!” I heard Louis yell.

I slowly opened my eyes and found Niall, Harry, and Louis on my bed starring down at me. What the heck were they doing in my room? Why were they waking me up so early?

I groaned and put my pillow over my head to block the light that was coming in from the window they opened. I felt various hands on me tickling me and pulling me off my bed. I wiggled and kicked trying to stop them, but they were too many and I was not fully awake yet.

“Ugh,” I groaned, “fine I am getting up.”

“Great. Now get dressed we are visiting the happiest place on earth,” Harry said.

“What?” I asked confused.

“We are going to Disneyland!” Niall yelled throwing his hands in the air excited.

“I don't have money to go to Disneyland,” I said.

“We have free tickets. They were a gift,” Harry said.

I get up from my bed and say, “Fine let me just call Christian and ask him if he can go.”

Louis snatches my phone and says, “Oh no. You are not going to invite him. No I won't let you.”

“Louis he is my boyfriend,” I said.

“I don't care I don't like him.” He said pouting.

“I don't like him either,” Niall said.

“Neither do I,” Harry agreed.

“Why? He hasn't done anything to you guys,” I said shocked. Why don't they like Christian? He is so nice and a great guy.

“He is the only one standing between you and Zayn,” Louis said, “and Zayn is our friend so we don't like him.”

“If you haven't noticed there is a lot more that is standing between Zayn and I besides he has a girlfriend. Zayn and I are just not meant to be,” I said frowning. I looked down at my hands and thought of how that might be true. Zayn and I are probably not meant to be.

“I don't believe that so no you can not bring that guy you call Christian,” Louis said.

I look up at the boys and ask,“Is Zayn coming with us as well?”

They all exchange a look and nod.

I snatch my phone back and say, “Then I guess Christian is coming with me.”

They all groaned and walked out of my room.

I quickly started to look for a clean change of clothes while I dialed Christian's number.

“Hi babe. What's up,” He answered.

“Hey do you want to go to Disneyland with me and boys,” I asked.

“Um. The boys? Are they the same boys that I met yesterday?” He asks.

I put on my pair of jeans holding my phone against my ear with my shoulder, “Yea,” I say.

“They don't like me Ella,” He said.

Oh that is just great so he noticed that they don''t like him but I didn't. Maybe it was because I was too busy trying to make Zayn jealous or staring at Zayn.

“That is not true,” I lied.

“Yes it is Ella. They hate me,” he said.

“Well it doesn't matter I will be with you the entire time. Please Christian I don't want to be all alone,” I pleaded.

He groaned and said, “fine only because I don't want my girlfriend to be near that Zayn guy. I don't like the way he looks at you.”

I ignored his last comment and said, “Great I'll pick you up in 20.”

He sighed and said, “Alright.”

I finished getting dressed and went out to the living room. The boys were spread around the living room and Niall and Janell were giggling and whispering into each other. Once again I was feeling like I didn't belong.

“Hey guys I'm ready. We could head out now I just need to make a quick stop,” I said.

They all got up and we headed out the door. I got into my car and so did Harry, Niall, and Janell. Louis went on a separate car with Liam and Rosalie since he knew that I was going to pick up Christian. He said he refused to ride in the same car with him and Harry said he wanted to ride with me because he wanted to talk to me. I wonder what he wanted to talk about?

On our way to Christian's dorm Harry was too quiet and I wondered what was going on with him. Niall and Janell were talking about desserts and I can tell that they are both getting along very well.

“Harry what is it that you want to talk to me about,” I asked.

“Oh,” he said surprised, “um I'll talk to you later.”

I nodded and pulled over to Christian's place. I pulled out my phone and called him to let him know I was outside. When I see him walking towards the car I get out of the car leaving my friends in the car. Christian smiles at the sight of me and I smile back. He wraps hos arms around me and plants a light kiss on my lips. After knowing what it is like to kiss Zayn I could help myself but feel very uncomfortable when he kissed me.

He must of felt my uneasiness because he looked at me concerned and said, “Is everything OK?”

“Yeah,” I lied, “Do you mind driving?”

He smiles and I hand him the keys. We each go into the car and start to drive to the theme park. On our way to the theme park Christian turned on the radio and the first song to play was, 'What Makes You Beautiful.'

“This song is extremely annoying,” I say jokingly.

Niall and Harry both laugh and say, “Well it is number one on the radio and pays out bills so we really do not care what you think of it.”

“I am going to give it a shot here and guess this is your song,” Christian said.

“Yes it is,” Harry said.

“Well you guys are great. My little cousin plays this song all the time,” He said and I knew that Christian was trying to make peace with them. I smiled at him because he was just the perfect boyfriend, but not for me. No matter how much I wanted to like him how I liked Zayn I just couldn't.

“How old is she?” Niall asked.

“She is twelve and staying in LA for this week. She is from New York that is where I am from,” Christian said.

“Cool mate. We were in New York a couple of weeks ago. That city is big,” said Niall.

I can tell Niall was starting to like Christian or at least he was trying.

“Yes it is,” Christian agreed.

"So is your cousin a fan," Harry asked.
"Is she a fan?" Christian said sarcastically, “she sings that song everyday and every time she sees a poster or anything with you face ob it she wants to buy it.”
Niall and Harry both laughed.
"Does she know you know us," Niall asked.
"Of course not she would probably go crazy,"Christian said.
I watched as Niall and Harry exchanged a look and they both smiled.
"We want to meet her," they both said at the same time.
Christian looked at them through the rear view mirror and said, "are you serious."

“Dead serious,” Harry said.

“She would love to. Thank you guys,” Christian said.

“We like to make fans happy,” Niall said.

I was surprised that Harry and Niall were being so nice to Christian after telling me that they don't like him. Maybe it was just Louis the one that was being all weird about all of this. I still do not understand why he won't give him a chance, but I guess I can understand that he wants to stay on Zayn's side.

The rest of the car ride was long and quiet. There was traffic on the way there and Harry and Niall were growing anxious.

“Are we there yet,” Niall asked.

“No Niall,” I said.

“How about now,” Harry asked.

“Harry, Niall just asked two minutes ago,” I said.

Janell laughed and said, “If you guys are going to be in LA for about a month you are going to have to get used to the LA traffic.”

They both groaned and threw there heads back. Janell and I laughed.

“You get used to it,” Christian said, “I did.”

After another thirty minutes of driving and I started to hear snoring coming from the back. I turn around and find a sleepy Harry with his head rested against the car window. Janell's head was resting on Niall's shoulder and his head was gently on hers. I laughed at the sight of them and Christian laughed as well.

“Wake up sleepy heads,” I gently tapped their legs, “we are here.”

They all wake up confused and look around at their surrounding realizing that we have arrived. We all step out of the car and stretch out because that was the longest car ride ever.

“We should wait for the rest of the group here,” I said.

Harry took out his phone and said, “I'll call Liam and ask him where they are.”

Christian leaned against the car and grabbed me by the waist pulling me so that my back was against his chest. He rested his chin on my shoulder and I threw my head back closing my eyes because having Christian this close to me made me feel a lot more guilty then ever. I open my eyes and find Harry standing far away talking on the phone. Niall and Janell were standing far too. This was the perfect time to tell Christian about what happened with Zayn last night. I couldn't keep it from him because he has done so much for me and to lie to him was just something I couldn't do.

I turn to face him my chest pressed against his and his arms still wrapped around my waist. I look at his eyes and wonder if I can do this. He looked so innocent and so kind. Can I really just break him like that? He has put up with a lot and all I have done was give him more to put up with. I was scared that maybe he wouldn't be able to put up with this. One thing is trying to forget about Zayn but if Christian knew that I kissed him I don't think he can ever forgive me.

I frown at the thought of hurting him.

“Is something wrong?” Christian asked.

I look down to hide my face because I am ashamed of what I am about to tell him. Especially because I do not regret that kiss. If I were able to do it again I would.

Christian notices something's wrong and kisses my cheek.

I look up at him and give him a week smile.

“You don't have to tell me now. Just tell me when you are ready,” he says.

Why does he have to be so nice? Why is he just the right guy that I need, but I don't want. I want Zayn. Every bone in my body aches for the feel and touch of his skin. I wish he was mine and I was his. I want him to kiss me again and I want him to hold me in his arms.

“We are here!” I hear Monica's voice yell out. She was standing next to Danny who looked more embarrassed than ever. Monica was always being crazy and Danny was always trying to calm her down.

Following behind her were Rosalie, Liam and Louis. Then I saw him. He was holding her hand and walking towards us. Christian tightened his grip around my waist and pulled me closer to him. I can feel his body go stiff with the sight of Zayn and I understand because my heart immediately started to lose control. I felt a tear escape my eyes because I so badly wanted to be the one next to him. I wiped the tear with the back of my hand and took a deep breathe. I tilted my head to look at Christian and his eyes were fixed on Zayn's. I kissed him just below his jawline to let him know that I was with him and that Zayn and I were something that will never happen. He looked down at me and lightly kissed my lips.

“Ugh. Can you not do that around me,” Louis said.

I looked at him with a disappointed look and said, “just close your eyes Louis. Besides aren't you the one that wanted to watch me kiss him again?”

“Ew. Not anymore,” he made a disgusted face.

I rolled my eyes and ignored him

“Louis don't be rude,” Liam said, “now how about we go on in and enter the park.”

We all nodded and followed Liam into the theme park.

The boys have never visited Disneyland before and I've only been here once when I was in middle school so we were pretty much lost on where we should go. Thankfully Monica, Rosalie, and Janell visited the park last year so they knew where to go.

I held Christian's hand as we walked to the first roller coaster ride I think it was called Space Mountain. Adeline and Zayn walked in front of us laughing. She wore some tan colored shorts and a bright turquoise shirt. Her legs were so perfect and it made my self confidence go down. I looked down at what I was wearing and realized that my jeans were not the right choice and neither was this ratty old tank top. I looked so stupid and these were my good jeans.

She jumping up and down with excitement and Zayn was just laughing. I wonder what they were laughing about.


Zayn's POV

Adeline was jumping up and down making funny faces trying to cheer me up. I couldn't hold back and I bursted into laughter. I really did not want to come today after what happened last night with Ella, but Adeline wanted to come and we were not allowed to go out to these type of places alone.

“Did it work. Am I putting you in a good mood,” Adeline asked panting from all the jumping she's been doing.

I smiled and said, “yes. You are silly.”

“I will take that as a compliment Malik,” she said.

I shook my head because she was just so silly and full of energy.

“I kissed her last night,” I told her.

She stared at me her eyes wide open. I hadn't told her why I was such in a bad mood and she deserved to know. I mean I know that in our mind we are not actually together and we do not have to tell each other about what we do or don't do, but she helped me last night when I wanted to make Ella jealous and I wanted to let her know.

“What?” She yelled.

I gave her a wide eyed looked and asked her to keep it down because Ella was not far from us and she could hear us.

“Sorry,” she said, “How did it go? Did you guys make things right?”

I frowned and said, “Not exactly. She said I was too late and just walked away.”

She took my hand to comfort me and said, “Zayn I've seen the way she looks at you. She looks at you like you are the only person that exists and you look at her the same way she looks at you. You can not let her walk away so easily.”

“But she doesn't want to be with me. I screwed everything up,” I said.

“Want to bet that if I wrap my arm around your waist right now and you turn around she will be staring at us with that sadness and jealousy in her eyes that you get when she holds his hand,” she says and then wraps her arm around my waist.

“Now casually look back,” she says.

I do as I am told and my eyes meet hers. Her eyes twinkled with sadness and jealousy. I frown at the thought of hurting her and I watch as a tear escapes her eyes. She quickly wipes it away and looks down at the ground.

I turn back and face forward. Adeline takes her arm off and says, “You saw it didn't you?”

I nod. How is it that I've never noticed how much this all hurts her.

“You have to start paying attention to what she wants, Zayn. I can see it in her eyes and she want you,” Adeline said.

“But she has a boyfriend and she said--”

“Forget about what she said,” she interrupted, “girls always say one thing and mean the other. Trust me Zayn that girl is crazy for you just like you are for her.”

I smile because I was happy to hear that there was a possibility that she would still want me. I wrapped my arm around Adeline and kissed the top of her head in appreciation.

“Thank you,” I said.

“No problem Malik. Just don't give up on her,” she said.

Once we got to the roller coaster that we were about to go on we noticed there was a big line. We stood in line for a while and every minute we were in line I was fighting not to run away because I was terrified of roller coasters.

“Malik don't be a baby,” Adeline said, “Look that little boys is gonna go on.”

“I am not that little boy,” I said.

“Clearly,” Adeline said rolling her eyes.

I looked over in Ella's direction and her boyfriend was playing with her hair while she laughed throwing her head back. She looked so happy when she was with him, but I couldn't help but feel jealous that he was the one making her laugh. I remembered that I made her laugh once, but I ended up ruining that. I loved it when she laughed. She looked so young and happy. I wanted to be the reason for her happiness. She playfully hit him on the shoulder and he pulled her in close to his chest. She weakly smiled at him and he kissed her. My heart sank watching him kiss those lips that were mine last night. Those lips that were so sweet and soft against mine. I felt my the tears in my eyes trying to escape because I couldn't bare to watch her be with him when I know that she should be with me. I wanted to hold her in my arms just like he held her because I know that I can make her happy. She belonged with me.

I felt Adeline's arm wrapped around me and she whispered, “just be patient Malik. Give her time.”

I hugged her back because I needed the comfort and said, “It is hard to watch her be so happy when I know that that could have been me.”

“I am so sorry,” she said and I know she meant it. Adeline has been a very good friend lately and she has been the one to help me go through all of this with out going crazy.

Louis and Harry turned to look at me and gave me a weak smile.

“Mate we got your back,” Louis said.

“Thanks lads but I don't think there is much you can do to help,” I said.

“I got a plan. Niall and Harry are with me on this one,” Louis said.

I scrunch my eyebrows confused, “What do you mean you got a plan.”

“Yes a plan. We are giving Ella a hard time with Christian and we told her we don't like the guy,” He said.

“Actually,” Harry said, “I sort of agreed to meet his 12 year old cousin.”

Louis slapped Harry and yelled, “Hazza! We are suppose to be on Zayn's side.”

I laughed at how silly they were acting, but it made me feel good that they were thinking about me and planning something against him.

“I am sorry, but he was pretty nice to us and his cousin is a fan,” Harry defended himself.

“Fine only because we are talking about our fans here, but that is all we meet her and that is it we are back on making his life miserable,” Louis said.

Louis was giving everyone attitude today and it was making me laugh so much. I was glad that I ended up in this band because these lads were the best mates anyone could have. They were like my brothers except for Liam because I saw him more as a father figure.


Ella's POV

I looked over at Zayn and found him hugging her. I fought back the tears and wrapped my arms around Christian. He wrapped his arm around me and kissed my forehead making me smile.

“Are you nervous babe,” he asked.

I laughed sarcastically and said, “me? Of course not I love roller coasters.” I felt my voice tremble at the end because the truth was I wasn't really into them.

“Aw is my baby scared,” Christian cooed.

I smiled at him weakly and said, “are you mocking me.”'

“Of course not. I am here for you babe. I will always be here for you,” he said and planted a light kiss on my cheek.

I smiled at him and thanked him by gently kissing his lips. We pulled away smiling and soon we were at the front of the line preparing to go on. I felt a rush of nervous flow through my body and I wasn't sure if I wanted to go on anymore. I hadn't been on a roller coaster for a while and I wasn't sure what to expect.

I turn around to face Christian and say, “I changed my mind I don't want to go on.”

He looked at me concerned and said, “are you alright?”

I nodded and said, “I'm just nervous I am not sure I can go on.” I closed my eyes trying to hide the fear and bury my face in his chest.

Christian takes my head in his hands and I feel him pulling my head up so that I am no longer hiding it. My eyes were still shut because I know that he would try and convince me to go on. I feel his lips on my eye lids and flutter them open finding a smiley Christian looking down at me.

“Don't worry it'll be fun and I will be by your side the whole time,” he said making the nervous slowly fade.

I nod and smile at him. The doors to the roller coaster open up and I start to feel the butterflies in my stomach and I feel like I am about to puke. Christian takes my hand stroking the back of my hand with his thumb making me feel a bit better. We sit in the cart and buckle in. Christian gives me a quick good luck kiss and soon the roller coaster takes off making the butterflies in my stomach go crazy.

The roller coaster ride was intense and I felt the adrenaline flow through my body. Christian was having the time of his life throwing his hands in the air while I kept my eyes closed the entire time.

When we stepped out of the roller coaster I felt my knees go weak and tremble. My whole body shook due to the adrenaline rush that I just experienced. Christian looked at me concerned and said, “babe are you alright?”

“I don't think I can walk,” I said my voice shaky.

He giggled and said, “I can help,” then moved close to me picking me up from the ground and I squealed.

“Christian you are being silly,” I laughed.

“No I am helping my girlfriend,” he said.

I smiled and kissed his lips because he was so adorable and so nice and caring. I look around and my friends as well as the strangers around us were all staring and I started to feel embarrassed.

“Christian people are staring,” I whispered.

He looked around and said, “Well at least all of these people will know that I am your boyfriend and it doesn't matter if they stare as long as I have you nothing else matters.”

His words warm my heart, but the guilt I felt before just grew stronger. I had to tell him about what happen with Zayn, but I had to let him know that I still wanted to be with him and that yesterday's kiss was not going to change anything.

Once we were outside of the building he put me down asking, “Feeling better?”

I smiled and nodded, “Thank You.”

“Anytime babe,” he said and kissed me on the lips.

“Can you not do that again,” Louis yelled behind us, “we have a reputation and that was massively embarrassing.”

“Louis no one asked you to be around us. If you are so concern about your reputation maybe it is best you keep away from us that is if we embarrass you so much,” I said my tone rude. I felt bad as soon as the words came out, but I was tired of him always talking negative about Christian and I. We haven't done anything wrong for him to treat us this way.

Louis stuck his tongue out at us and then walked away.

“That was a bit harsh Ella,” Rosalie said.

“He is being a jerk,” I defended myself.

She rolled her eyes and ran after Louis calling out his name. I looked at Christian and he had a serious look on his face.

“I appreciate you defending us like that, but I rather not come between you and your friends,” he said stroking my hair back.

I stared at his concern expression and said, “You have done so much for me and you deserve to be defended.”

He pulls me in and starts kiss my lips with gratitude. I hear someone clear their throat behind me. We pull away from our kiss and I turn around to find Zayn standing there staring at the both of us.

“Um. We are all just waiting for you guys,” he said his voice soft.

“We'll catch up,” Christian says and Zayn walks away with his down.


Zayn's POV

I walked back towards the rest of my friends trying to forget what I just saw. She was kissing him and he was holding her in his arms. They have been together the whole time that we were in line hugging and kissing and laughing. I know Adeline said that Ella still liked me but it was hard to believe when she made it so obvious that she has moved on.

“So where are they?” Rosalie asked.

I shook my head trying to erase those horrible images from my head and said, “they said they will catch up.”

“Alright well then let's keep walking,” Rosalie said and we all followed her.

Soon Ella and Christian caught up behind us hand in hand. I couldn't help myself but glance at them every now and then and every time I saw them I felt a rage of jealousy flow through me. He looked at her as if she was so deeply in love with her and she stared at him with a smile on her face. I know that he made her happy and I know that he was the right guy for her, but that doesn't stop me from wanting to have what I she has with him.

Adeline keeps telling me not give up on her and to fight for her, but watching her with him makes me think that there is no way that I can ever have her. They look so happy together and I don't think I have ever seen her laugh so much or be so silly before.

They spent the rest of the day together in their own little bubble of happiness while I stood on the outside watching as the the girl I liked was falling for another lad.

When the night came and we watched the fireworks go off he held her tight against his body and she had the biggest smile on her face. She looked into his eyes and I can tell that she felt like she belonged in his arms. He leaned in to kiss her and my heart broke into pieces. I lost her. She was with the right guy and he made her happy. She was gone and that was something that I had to learn to live with.





















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