Bad Boy Thief of Hearts (Zayn Malik Fanfic)

Ella the bookworm finds a mysterious boy that turns her life around. What is it about Zayn Malik from One Direction that makes her feel different feeling that she has never encountered bfore? Will he break her heart? or will this end in a happily ever after like in her books? find out by reading...


14. Chapter 14

 Chapter 14

Christian tighten his grip on my hand and I turned to look at him. He had a worried expression on his face that was making me uncomfortable. I turn to look at Zayn and his eyes meet mine. I suddenly felt so insecure and embarrassed. I can feel my cheeks get warmer and I look down at the ground trying to avoid any contact with him. I look up and notice his eyes still fixed on mine. Their was an awkward atmosphere and I can tell that everyone else felt it too.

I felt like getting up from my seat and forgetting about everything and everyone. I wanted to walk towards him and tell him how I really feel about him. I wanted to feel the touch of his skin and look into his beautiful brown eyes while my heart raced. I wanted to feel his lips against mine and taste his kisses savoring every kiss. I wanted hug him tight and take in his scent. I wanted to feel the beat of his heart against my chest while I hold him in my arms. My mind was filled with millions of things that I wanted to do with him.

Just when I was about to stand up I see her. The girl that he has been dating. She came into the hotel room with out even being invite in and stood next to Zayn. Zayn looked at her and smiled. I suddenly felt all eyes on me and I felt so exposed because I my blushing and embarrassment suddenly turned into jealousy and rage. I wanted to be the girl that stood by his side. I didn't want to be the girl that stood on the side while the guy she liked shared his kisses with another girl.

Christian moved closer to me and whispered, “Do you want to leave?”

I shook my head and gave him a light kiss on the cheek. I mostly did it because I knew Zayn would be looking and I wanted to make him feel jealous. I did not want to leave either because I did not want Zayn nor Christian to know that the presence of Zayn and his girlfriend were bothering me.

After what seemed like ages aog silence and awkward stares Monica finally spoke and said, “Hi Zayn. How are you?”

“I am doing pretty well thank you,” he said.

“That is great we missed you so much,” Monica said.

“I missed you girls so much too,” he said looking at me.

I lean against Christian and look down at my hands avoiding Zayn.

“So are you going to introduce your friend,” Monica said pointing at the gorgeous girl standing beside him.

He looked confused at first but then he shook his head and said, “Yes sorry. Everyone this is my,” he paused, “my girlfriend, Adeline.”

She had a wide friendly smile on her face and said, “Hi everyone.”

She seemed like a nice girl and she is very friendly maybe that is why Zayn likes her. Then again she is a model and she looks flawless. Yea I sure that is why he likes her. I mean compared to her I was the troll living under that bridge.

Zayn held her hand and led her to the love sofa where he sat down and she sat on his lap. My little green monster suddenly wanted to come out and play. I couldn't help but feel so jealous of her. She was gorgeous and most importantly she had the man I wanted.

I cuddled into Christian's arms and he wrapped his arm around me kissing the top of my head. The the rest of the night continued with a battle of trying to make each other jealous. I wasn't sure if he was doing it on purpose, but I was sure that I was. Every time they whispered into each other and laughed at their inside jokes I kissed Christian or played with his hair. I think Christian started to notice that I was trying to make Zayn jealous because he started to pull away and put some distance between us.

“I think I am going to head out now,” Christian stood up.

I looked up at him and said, “Why? Please stay.”

He raised an eyebrow and said, “I can't I need to wake up early tomorrow and go shop for some car parts that I am going to need to fix the car.”

I pouted because I knew that I couldn't put up with this without him. I needed him for two reasons: to make Zayn jealous and to keep me away from Zayn. He frowned apolitically and I stood up to say goodbye.

I walked him to the door and tried to convince him to stay.

“I can't babe, but you can come with me if you want,” He said.

“I can't,” I said, “I need to drive my car back home.”

He frowned and kissed me goodbye. I wrapped my arms around his neck and deepened the kiss hoping Zayn would be looking at us. Christian pulled away slowly and lightly kissed my cheek whispering, “I hope that kiss wasn't because he was looking at us.”

I gasped and immediately felt a rush of guilt flow through me. Christian was nothing but nice to me and I was using him. He actually liked and truly cared about me.

I look down at the ground embarrassed and ashamed of what Zayn has done to me. Christian takes my head in both hands placing his forehead on mine. Our noses nearly touching he whispers, “God the things I do for you.” Then kisses my lips lightly slowly deepening the kiss.

He pulls away smiling and walks out the door. He left me so out of breath with that last kiss, but the guilt was still there. I turn to where my friends were sitting and realize that they were all staring intently. My eyes meet Zayn's and his eyes seemed sadder then ever making me feel even more horrible then I already felt.

“Wow. You two are intense kissers,” Louis said.

I blush and Harry says, “Do you mind doing that again?”

I roll my eyes and walk over to take my seat back. After Christian had left I felt so alone especially because that bitch Adeline would not keep her hands off of Zayn. They would laugh and joke around while I just sat there and watched them. Louis and Harry were playing around and talking about their weird stuff that I would never understand. Liam, Monica, and Rosalie were talking about the best places to go surfing were and Niall was busy flirting with Janell. I felt like I was out of place and I didn't belong.

I got up and said, “I'll be back I am going up to the roof for some air.”

They all watched me walk out and I made my way towards the roof. I couldn't stand being in that hotel room with all of them. It felt like high school all over again when I was always the outcast.

When I reached the roof a rush of memories started to fill my head. This was the same roof where Zayn and I talked about his mom and how much he missed her. That night I felt like he trusted me and could tell me anything. That night was also the night that he tried to kiss me. All of these memories were making my heart ache because if I could go back to that night I would change so much about it. I started to feel the tears wanting to escape my eyes and I took a deep breathe trying to fight them.

I walked over to the edge of the roof and looked down at the fans that were standing outside the hotel. Some of them had some signs and I started to read them to entertain myself. One of them read, 'Harry give me some gravy!' There was another one that read, 'Louis! I love carrots!' There was a very colorful one that caught my attention but it was hard to read because the girl was moving so much, when I finally got a chance to read it I couldn't believe what it read. It read, 'Team Zella!'

I started to get butterflies in my stomach because they still believed that we should be together. Maybe they were right. Maybe Zayn and I could be together.

“Penny for your thoughts,” a voice interrupts my thoughts.

I turn around and find Zayn standing in front of me. He had a friendly smile on his face that made my insides twist with excitement. His eyes stared into mine and I suddenly forgot how to breathe.

“Can we talk?” He asked.

“Where is your model girlfriend?” I asked.

“She has some friends in LA. She went over to visit them,” he answered.

I stood there speechless staring into his eyes.

“Can we talk?” He asked again.

“We have nothing to talk about Zayn.” I said and turned around to look at the crowd.

He stood next to me and said, “I am sorry.”

I said nothing to him mostly because his presence was making me nervous and was making my heart race. I didn't know what to say.

He grabbed my hand and a jolt of electricity traveled through my body. He pulled my lightly so that I was facing him. He stares into my eyes and my heart starts losing control once again. My eyes travel to his lips and my mind wonders what it would be like to kiss him.

He takes a step closer to me and I stop breathing. I don't know whether I should back away or let myself be this close to him because I know I want to be as close as possible. I could smell his cologne mixed with that lovely Zayn smell. My whole body shivers because all I want to do is kiss him and run my fingers through his hair.

“Listen to me,” he pleaded, “Please.”

“Zayn I--”

He puts a finger on my lips to cut me off and says, “Don't start making up excuses. You need to know that I didn't mean to kick you out that night.”

I couldn't listen to him. I did not want to listen to him because I was scared of what he would say. “Zayn please don't. You don't have to tell me anything. It's too late and it's all in the past.”

“No I have to. All I've thought about was how I needed to tell you the truth about that night.”

“What truth? I was there I know what happened,” I said confused.

“No you don't know why,” he said.

“Why what?” He was beginning to really confuse me now. What was it that he wanted to tell me? I was there and I know what happened.

“Why I asked you to leave,” he said in a whisper.

I backed away from him not saying anything.

“I was scared Ella,” He said.

I turn around to avoid looking at him because I can see the guilt and sadness in his eyes.

“I was afraid that I would be falling for you and that we would be moving to fast.” He continued.

I closed my eyes listening to his words and trying to fight the tears.

“I wasn't sure I was ready for our relationship to go that far and I am sorry I know it was all my fault. I should have never asked you to leave. I should have talked to you and told you why I didn't kiss you. I know the media twisted everything and I am sorry for that too.”

I turned around to look at him and yelled, “You left!”

He closed his eyes and sighed, “I know and I am sorry for that too. I wasn't something I wanted. I didn't have a choice.”

“Everyone always has a choice Zayn. You chose to put distance between us. Not me.” I said my tone angry.

“I didn't Ella. Our management forced me to put distance between us because they thought it would make the media calm a bit.”

No matter whose choice it was I was still hurting form that night and I don't think that a simple apology would me heal.

He stepped closer to me and took my head in his hands. He wiped the tears from under my eyes with his thumbs. I hadn't even realized that I was crying.

I took a deep breathe and got lost in the touch of his skin. I closed my eyes taking in his scent and the feel of his hands. I quickly open my eyes remembering not to let myself get lost in this Zayn fantasy world that I always get lost in.

I grab his wrists and pull his hands away from me, “Zayn please just leave me alone.”

Once his hands are away from me I let go of him. He surprises me by stepping closer to me and sliding one hand across my cheek and ran his fingers through my hair. He looked into my eyes and my body started to quiver. Stepping closer to me he whispers, “I missed you so much.”

His words make me tremble and I feel a tear escape my eyes. I part my lips slightly about to ask him to please stop because I couldn't take this anymore. My heart could not take anymore of these feelings that he erupted inside of me. And just when I was about to speak his lips meet mine.

He kissed me our lips moving so passionately and my heart beat increased with every movement of our lips. His lips were soft and sweet. The taste of his lips was like a drug that made me fly high and loose myself in a world where only him and I existed. In that moment I forgot about everything and everyone. There was no Christian and there was no Adeline. There was no long distance that can keep us apart. There was only Zayn and me.

We pull apart both of us gasping for air. He looks into my eyes and smiled then kissed me once again. Then my phone interrupts us and we both pull apart as if the ringing was a wake up call and we were back to reality.

“Hello,” I answer.

“Hey babe. Are you still at your friends hotel,” Christian asked and I felt more guilty then ever.

“Um. Yeah,” I said nervously, “but I think I am going home now. It's late and I am tired.”

“OK, I just wanted to call you and make sure you were alright.” He said.

We both said our goodbyes and hung up.

I put my phone away and look at Zayn. I felt so guilty but I wasn't sorry for what had just happened. I wanted to kiss Zayn and I was happy that I did, but I felt guilty for backstabbing Christian.

“I have a boyfriend Zayn,” I told him.

“I know I am sorry, but I've been wanting to kiss you since the last time we were up here and I don't regret kissing you,” He said.

The truth was neither did I but it felt wrong to betray the person that has been there for me all this time. It felt wrong when I know that all Christian wanted from me was to give him a chance and fall for him. And maybe what he was asking for was too much for me, but I promised him I would try. I couldn't just forget that Christian never existed because he does exist and he is there supporting me and helping me move on.

“Zayn you missed your chance. I was not going to wait for you forever. I can't do this. You have a girlfriend and Christian has always been there for me. You left,” I said and walked away.

“Ella,” he called out, but I ignored him and walked away.


I walked inside Liam's hotel room to find my friends running around with water guns in their hands chasing each other around. Harry was on the ground soaking wet and Niall was sitting on top of him pointing the water gun to his face. Louis was behind the couch trying to shoot Niall and save his best friend. Rosalie and Liam were chasing Monica and Janell into the other room. They noticed I was standing in the doorway and suddenly it was as if I was the enemy. They all stared at me with an evil eye and pointed their water guns at me. My eyes shot open realizing what they were about to do and just when I was preparing myself to run away they all squirted their guns and I was soaked.

I let out a loud yell and they all laughed and squirted their water guns.

“I am all wet!” I yelled when they stopped squirting.

“I bet you are love,” Harry said cocking his head to the side.

“Really Harry. You are so immature,” I said.

They all stood there laughing and I couldn't help but laugh too. I shook my head because no matter how upset and confused I was these people were always going to make me laugh and have a good time. They were always so childish and playful. Together we could all have a great time in a boring hotel room.

“Well I just came in to tell you guys that I was leaving and if you girls wanted to leave with me,” I said.

“Why are you leaving so early?” Niall asked.

“Early it's about to be midnight. I've spent almost all day here and I need to go home and clean up since I am now soaking wet,” I said.

“Can you not say wet you are making Harry think of dirty things,” Louis said staring at Harry's goofy expression.

I laughed and said, “Sorry guys I would love to stay but I really have to go now.”

They pouted and gave me a hug goodbye.

Janell, Monica, and Rosalie decided to stay and have a little bit of more fun with the guys. I would have stayed too, but I didn't want to risk meeting up with Zayn again. I couldn't let him get to me even though I really wanted to kiss him again.


When I got home I quickly got in the shower because I was soaked and didn't want to risk getting sick. I couldn't help but let my thoughts wonder and replay that kiss in my head.

I let the water run down my body closing my eyes and thinking about that kiss. My fingers trace my lips where his the touch of his lips lingered. The taste of his lips was so hypnotizing and was making me want to kiss him over and over. Why couldn't things be a lot simpler and we could have been together with no complications? Why didn't he just kiss me before and I would have never gotten with Christian?

I sat naked in the bath tub letting the water be the only thing consoling me and cried. I wished that he was with me. I wish we were together. I wished I didn't have to hurt Christian. I wished that Christian wouldn't be falling for me. I wished that for once I would fall for the right guy instead of falling for the wrong one.











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