Bad Boy Thief of Hearts (Zayn Malik Fanfic)

Ella the bookworm finds a mysterious boy that turns her life around. What is it about Zayn Malik from One Direction that makes her feel different feeling that she has never encountered bfore? Will he break her heart? or will this end in a happily ever after like in her books? find out by reading...


11. Chapter 11

 Chapter 11

“Ella, open the door,” Janell was at my door again begging me to come out of my bedroom. After the horrible news I received two days ago I wasn't in the mood to look at anyone or talk to anyone. I had barely been able to manage keeping up with work at the library. I've been forcing myself to smile and be nice to people at work, but it is hard to put on a smile when you know you feel like dying inside. I feel stupid for feeling this way because he was never mine to lose, but I had hope that maybe one day we could give things a try.

“Ella honey. Please come out of there,” Monica said.

I pulled my pillow over my head trying to tune them out and hide in the darkness. All I could think about was how badly I messed things up between Zayn and I. We were great friends until I had to open my big mouth in front of the press. I tried to make him understand that I did not do it on purpose, but he wouldn't listen. He now has a girlfriend and I am stuck in this dark room by myself with a hole in my chest. He stole my heart. I tried so much not to let this happen but I failed. I was doing good before he popped into my life. Before Zayn I was able to put up walls where no one will be able to get to my heart or make me feel so vulnerable, but Zayn came in to my world and took down the walls only to end up hurting me.

I didn't understand. He said it was hard for him to make friends because of his career. The reason why we never tried to get to know each other as more than friends was because of his career and now he found time to have a girlfriend. Maybe I wasn't good enough? Maybe he never really liked me?

“How long has she been in there?” I hear Monica ask.

“Since she got home from work,” Janell said.

“She's been doing this ever since we told her about Zayn,” Rosalie said.

“She just goes to work then comes back and locks herself in that room. I doubt she has even been eating.” Janell said.

I know my friends are worried about me, but don't think I can face anyone or anything for a while. I just want to be alone. I feel like if I go out there in the world I would be laughed at for being so stupid. I hate feeling this way. I feel like I have no control of my feelings and no control of my life. I start to feel the tears escape my eyes again.

All I can picture in my head is the first day I bumped into him at the beach. His beautiful brown eyes looking into mine as he helped me pick up my stuff that had fallen out of my bag. The way he smiled when he asked me to give him a tour. Oh how I missed his smile and his beautiful brown eyes. The memory of the way we talked for hours on the phone played in my head and I started to feel that aching in my chest.

The tears floated down to my pillow as I closed my eyes trying to suppress all memories of Zayn, but it wouldn't work. My breathing starts grow heavier and the tears start to grow thicker. I hug myself tightly, but I feel cold and alone. I feel unprotected and I don't think that putting up any walls will help me this time. I hardly even knew Zayn and we never has anything special, but I wanted to have something special with and I wanted to know him. He stirred up feelings inside of me that I never thought I would ever feel for anyone.

I closed my eyes remembering how close I was to feeling his lips against mine. Our bodies were pressed against each other and I could feel the beat of his heart, but that was as far as it would ever get. I would no longer know what it would be like to taste that kiss that I so badly want from him. I would no longer be able to feel that beating heart as our bodies press against each other while he holds me in his arms. I will be left with the wonder of what his touch would feel like against my skin when he touches me.

She had him now. Whoever she was she had his kisses. She was the one that would look into his beautiful brown eyes when he leans in to kiss her. She was the one that was going to taste those kisses that I wish were mine. She would feel his soft touch against her skin and feel his beating heart against her chest. He never liked me. He never felt anything for me. I was just an ordinary girl that he never even noticed.

“Ella, you need to eat,” Monica said.

I felt the tears streaming down again as I closed my eyes and cried myself to sleep.


* * *

Zayn's Point of View


“I don't want to do this,” I said to the lads who were all in my hotel room again, “I already went out with her twice. Why do I have to go out again?”

“Zayn, you know how it works the public is suppose to see you guys together so that it really looks like you guys are together,” Harry said.

This wasn't right. I know this is suppose to fix things with the media because ever since Ella was seen crying after leaving the hotel I was categorized as the bad boy thief of hearts. I apparently play with girls by stealing their hearts and then breaking them. I know it was all my fault that I made Ella cry, but I was mad that because of all of this I had to fake that I was dating this model named Adeline Sawyer. She is an amazing girl, but I still find it wrong to date her when I feel absolutely nothing for her. She was very exotic and a great kisser, but other than her looks I feel no connection and no chemistry with her.

“How long do I have to keep this up?” I ask.

“Management said only for a couple weeks maybe a month. You just have to show the public that you are the who they think you are and of course Adeline is going to help with that as well,” Liam explained.

I sighed and through myself on the couch. All I wanted was for all of this to be over. I wanted to call Ella and apologize because the last time I spoke to her I had blamed all of this on her and I know she wasn't to blame, but management told me that in order to fix things I needed to put distance between us. It was the hardest thing I ever had to do because I felt like we were growing closer. I know I did wrong when I asked her to leave from my hotel room when I nearly kissed her, but I wasn't ready to take it that far with her. I wanted to kiss her so bad that night. I couldn't resist myself to keep away from her and I knew that I had to keep away because it was all moving to fast. That was the only reason I asked her to leave that night because I knew I couldn't resist her.

I didn't know I hurt her until I saw her on TV crying. She looked so vulnerable and hurt and I wanted to call her up and apologize, but when management found out about everything they were very upset with me and I was suddenly mad at her for putting me in this position. I now know it was all my fault and I should have never gone through with putting distance between us. I don't care if management doesn't think she is the right girl for me right now. I know what I want and I want her.

“I just wish all of this can be over already. I want to talk to Ella,” I said.

“We are here for you mate,” Liam said.

I nodded and smiled in appreciation.

“Well I say we go out to eat,” Harry said and Niall's eyes shot open with excitement.

They all agreed and made there way out the door. I stayed put on the couch not wanting to go out an eat. They all agreed to bring back something for me in case I get hungry, but I knew that with this situation food was that last thing on my mind.

“Niall are you coming,” Louis turned to Niall who was still sitting on the couch next to me.

Niall did not move at all and said, “I will catch up with you in a bit.”

Louis gave him a shocked stare and so did I. Niall is always the first out the door when it comes to food. Louis went out the door and Niall and I stayed behind.

“I know I am not suppose to tell you anything, but I spoke to the girls,” he said.

He immediately had my attention, “did you talk to Ella?”

“No, but I did talk to Janell and she said that Ella did not take the news about you and Adeline so well.”

I felt my heart sink. I was glad she didn't take it so well because that meant that she was still thinking about me, but I hated that I was hurting her.

“How is she?” I asked concerned.

“I am not sure she is doing so well, mate. Janell said that she stays locked up in her room.” He said.

I felt so guilty for everything that was happening to her and I couldn't do anything to make it better. It seems everyone is trying to the best they can to make me look like the good guy in front of the media, but no one was doing anything to help Ella. While I was here trying to make things better for me; she was in her room hurting over me. She doesn't deserve this.

“Thank you for telling me mate.” I say to Niall.

“Your welcome,” he says and makes his way towards the door, “Now I have some food waiting for me.”

I give him a weak smile then stretch my legs out on the couch resting my head on the arm rest. I close my eyes and start to think of Ella. Memories of us talking on the phone for hours fill my head and I soon fall into a deep sleep.


* * *


“Zayn management asked me to make sure that the media sees you leaving the arena with Adeline,” Paul said.

I nodded and headed out the dressing room to find Adeline.

“Zayn,” I hear my name being called behind me.

I turn around and find Adeline walking towards me.

“Oh hey I was just looking for you,” I said.

“Well I am here,” she says cheerfully.

She takes my hand and we start to walk out of the arena along side the boys. We both put on a smile as if we were the happiest couple in the world. There are a few paparazzi outside that were purposely tipped off by management and they take our picture. Adeline presses her body closer to mine as if to shelter herself from the cameras and wraps one arm around my waist. I feel an awkward sensation when she is near me and I try not to pull away because the media would immediately know it is all fake. Instead I just put my arm around her shoulder and pull her closer to me.

Once we are away from the cameras we let go of each other and go back to just holding hands just in case someone followed us.

“We should go out to eat,” Adeline suggests.

Nialls immediately looks our way and says, “yes we should.”

Adeline laughs her sweet laugh and says, “alright you pick the place.”

Niall decides that we should eat some pizza. Harry and Louis said they were not hungry and that they just wanted to go back to the hotel. Liam said he was meeting Andy back at the hotel too so at the end it was just Niall, Adeline, and me. I wasn't very hungry either, but I had to be with Adeline and I didn't have much of a choice.

We went into a small pizzeria that was near the hotel and to our surprise there was no paparazzi near us. We sat down to eat our pizza and Niall and Adeline couldn't stop talking about the different types of food they liked. I wasn't really in the mood to talk, but I managed to make a few comments when it was necessary.

“You know for a model you eat quite a lot,” Niall said.

Adeline laughed and said, “Yes, but I also work out a lot.”

Niall checked his phone then said, “Well I think I am going to leave you guys. Zayn I'll see you back at the hotel.”

I shot my eyes open begging him not to leave, but he ignored my plea and left me alone with Adeline. I looked down at my hands trying to avoid looking at her.

“Are you alright, Zayn?” She asked.

“Yeah,” I answer coldly.

She didn't say anything and took a sip of her drink. I know I was being a bit rude to her, but I wasn't really in the mood to put on this show especially after what Niall told me yesterday. It felt wrong to be with Adeline when I know that Ella needs me. I wanted to call her and tell her the truth. I wanted to say I was sorry and that it was stupid.

After we finished our pizza we went for a walk because Adeline wanted to walk off the pizza she ate. The walk was a bit awkward and very quiet. I didn't know what to say to her all I was thinking about was Ella.

I was looking down at the ground trying to figure out a way on how to fix everything without going through with this fake date, when I notice Adeline stopped.

I look back at where she was standing and say, “Why did you stop?”

“I know this is all fake, but since we are going to be spending a lot of time together I want you to know that you can tell me anything,” she says.

“Ok,” I nod.

She steps closer to me; her face right in front of mine and says, “I am serious Zayn. We can at least be friends.”

I look down at her and give her a sincere smile. She was a nice girl and I know she means well when she says she wants to be my friend.

She loops her arm around mine and says, “So tell me. What is wrong with you? Is it that girl?”

I sigh and say, “Yes. I can't stop thinking about her. I know I hurt her and I wish that I could call her and apologize, but you know how it is with all of this.”

“Yea I understand,” she says.

The rest of our walk was nice. We talked about how hard it is to keep up a relationship now that we are committed to this job. She told me that the reason why she agreed to go along with this was because she heard rumors about her being fired from this new fashion line that the designers she works with were working on. They wanted to fire her because she wasn't popular enough and they told her that if she dated me that she would be known by millions of One Direction fans. We talked for hours and for the first time I felt like someone actually understood what I was going through.

After our walk I accompanied her to her hotel. She hugged me goodbye and I returned the hug. She pulled away and her face was close to mine, “Thank you for letting me be your friend.”

I nodded and smiled.

She kissed the corner of my mouth and smiled batting her eyelashes shyly; then made her way into the hotel.


* * *

2 weeks later

Adeline and I were walking along the beach in Miami enjoying some ice cream. I was telling her that I was worried because I hadn't heard anything about Ella in quite a long time.

“I think you should just call her Zayn,” she said.

“I don't think I can,” I said, “not only because management doesn't allow it, but because I am afraid that she will not listen to me.”

“You will never know id yo don't try,” she said batting her long lashes.

I smiled because she was right. I would never know what can happen between Ella and I if I don't try.

Adeline splashed some water on me then ran towards the ocean.

“Come get me Malik,” she taunted.

“That's not fair. You know I can't swim,” I said.

“Oh well. Too bad,” she said.

I ignored her and walked away from the shore. Then I felt her wet body slam onto mine making me fall in the ground. She laughed as I groaned.

“Great now my you messed up my hair,” I say.

“Calm down Malik you can fix it later.”

We drove back to the hotel to shower and change because we were both soaked and I had sand in my hair. Her hotel room was right across mine and right before going in to my room she says, “Malik. Call her.”

I smile at her and walk into the room closing the door behind me I walk straight towards the phone and dial her number.





















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