Let's Pretend It's Not Love

Let's Pretend It's Not Love is a story about Louis and Kim. Johanna is coming into town and Louis has been lying to his mother that he has a girlfriend, but to have a girlfriend, Louis dares himself to date a girl that would walk through the Math building door. The girl just happened to be Kim. Kim is a sweet and nice girl who's never had a boyfriend before. She's not let's say unattractive, but just something about her that makes her very old fashioned. Louis promises the lads that he'll date her for a month and then call it off, but what will happen when Louis's feelings for Kim changes before the month ends. Also later when Tate tells Louis Kim has Leukemia. Read on how Louis and Kim's relationship changes and how it ends up to be.


3. 1.3

Tate: *opens the door* Where the heck did you take my daughter! 

Louis: I'm sorry, it was my fault she got lost, but I found her and she's safe and sound. 

Tate: You are no longer allowed to see my daughter anymore! 

Kim: *faints* 

Tate: Kim! 

Louis: Kim! 

Tate: Honey? *carries kim* Grab my keys on the counter and bring them to me!  

Louis: *grabs tates keys* 

Tate: Open the door for me Louis! 

Louis: *opens the door* 

Tate: *puts kim in the back seat* Give me my keys. 

Louis: *gives the keys to tate* 

Tate: Lock my house door and go home. *gets in the car and drives off* 

Johanna: I thought you took her home Louis. 

Louis: No, we got into an argument... I told her to get out the car and find a taxi cab. 

Johanna: In, in the rain!? Are you crazy son! 

Louis: I wasn't thinking, I'm sorry that I did that. 

Johanna: What kind of boyfriend does this to their girlfriend?! *walks off* 

Zayn: *walks up to kim* 

Kim: *opens her eyes* Oh hey Zayn? 

Zayn: *smiles* Hi Kim, how are you feeling today? 

Kim: I feel better now. *smiles* 

Zayn: I heard what happened. 

Kim: Yeah, but I'm ok now. Where's everyone? 

Zayn: They're on their way; I was closer, so I got here first. 

Kim: *chuckles* 

Zayn: You look pretty sick, are you ok? 

Kim: Yeah, I'm fine. 

Zayn: *smiles softly* 

Louis: *walks in the room* Kim? 

Kim: Oh, it's you. 

Louis: I'm so sorry about last night; I really am, if anything, I take the blame for it. 

Kim: No, it wasn't your fault, I shouldn't have said it. 

Louis: I'm just glad that you're ok Kim. 

Kim: Thank you, tell your mom, it's gonna be ok between me and you. I'll let my dad know too.  

Louis: *smiles*  

Dr. Evans: Kim? 

Kim: Yeah. 

Dr. Evans: Hi Kim, how are you feeling? 

Kim: I'm feeling a lot better today. 

Dr. Evans: That's good, I'm looking here at the results, and it looks like you're ok to go home. *smiles* 

Kim: Really? *smiles and chuckles* 

Dr. Evans: Is there anyone picking you up? 

Louis: I can take her home. 

Tate: No, I can take her home. 

Louis: *turns around* Mr... 

Tate: Tate. 

Louis: Tate. *smiles* 

Tate: Here's your clothes honey, get change and let's go home. *leaves* 

Zayn: C'mon, Louis. 

Louis: *smiles at kim* I'll come by later. 

Kim: *kind of upset* It's better if you don't. 

Louis: I'm still coming over. *walks off* 

Johanna: Where are you going Louis? 

Louis: I'm gonna go see my girlfriend. 

Johanna: You abandoned her son, you can't just go see her like nothing happened. What do you think her father would say or think? 

Louis: I'm her boyfriend and I'll always be there by her side. 

Harry: *looks at Louis:* 

Louis: *looks at the groups* Why are you guys looking at me like that? Kim and I are in love, we been together for two years, we love eachother a lot. I was wrong to had left her, but I do apologize, and I'm gonna go there to show her that I am a good boyfriend. 

Zayn: *trying not to blow it* You two aren't even... I mean, are you two still together after that fight? 

Louis: Of course we are, she's just upset with me and I don't need a reason to ask her why she is. She has a reason to be upset with me. 

Zayn: Right. *looks at liam* 

Liam: Well, good luck and I hope you two can work it out again. 

Niall: Yeah, and if you need some advice, we're here. 

Louis: Thank you mate. 

Niall: Yeah. *smiles* 

Harry: Tell us how it goes. 

Louis: I will. *leaves* 

Tate: *opens the door* Louis? 

Louis: Hi, is Kim home? 

Tate: Is Kim home? She just got back from the hospital earlier this morning, where else would she be or go to already? 

Louis: Right, can I talk to her alone. 

Tate: Talk to her alone?! 

Louis: If you don't want me in, then can I talk to her alone in my car? 

Kim: *comes to the door* Louis. 

Louis: Your dad's not letting me come inside so, I'll be in my car waiting for you. I just want to talk, we're not going anywhere. *walks to his car* 

Tate: *looks at kim* 

Kim: I'll be back dad. 

Tate: Ok. 

Kim: *walks to the car* 

Louis: Look, I'm very sorry I did that to you Kim. 

Kim: Yeah, are you?  

Louis: I, I don't know what I was thinking; I should have known that you weren't familiar with that place and I should have known it was raining and you could have caught a cold or something. 

Kim: Should have known? Do you know how lost and scared I was! Louis, I never been left alone like that before! You're the perfect example why I don't want a boyfriend! You need to tell your mom the truth because I can't keep doing this with you Louis. 

Louis: I know, she's leaving in two weeks. We can do it Kim, just two more weeks. 

Kim: I don't know. 

Louis: Please Kim. 

Kim: Fine, but once she leaves, we are never talking again. 

Louis: Deal. *smiles* 

Kim: *opens the car door* 

Louis: Whoa!  

Kim: What? 

Louis: I wasn't done talking to you. 

Kim: Ok, what else do you need to talk about? We're not together, I don't have to sit and talk to you. I don't even have to listen to you or be hanging out with you. Matter of fact, I don't even have to play along with you. 

Louis: Ok fine, go inside then. 

Kim: I will! *gets out the car and runs to the house* 

Louis: *starts his engine and leaves* 

Tate: What happened? 

Kim: *fakes a smile* We just, we talked about that incident, and things are gonna get better. 

Tate: Is it? 

Kim: Yeah, I love Louis dad. He's the perfect guy for me. 

Tate: *gives a serious look* Ok. 

Kim: *smiles and walks to her room* 

Johanna: *kisses louis's cheek* I'll see you afterschool. 

Louis: Ok, bye mom. *leaves* 

Harry: So why isn't your girlfriend here yet? She's always early and before us. 

Louis: I don't know. 

Zayn: Maybe because she's still upset about that day. Or maybe she wants to take time off for a bit. 

Louis: I don't care if she's here or not. It's not like we're interest in eachother or are *looks at the lads* in love. 

Liam: Louis! 

Louis: What? 

Liam: Are you in love with her? 

Louis: I, I don't know guys. I only really needed her to sub for a month, and *gets upset a little* I don't know ok. I'm not interest in her or anywhere near liking her, but love? *silent* I don't know if I love her or not. She still that same person we all met in 3rd grade.  

Niall: I don't think she's bad looking at all Louis. 

Zayn: Yeah, if you think you're in love with her, tell her. She might just be in love with you too. 

Louis: *looks at zayn* She can't be because she told me not to fall for her! And I'm not gonna fall for that kind of pathetic stupid girl Zayn! She's not worth it and she's not my type! 

Zayn: Whatever you say Louis. 

Louis: *upset with himself* 

Tate: Honey? Are you gonna wake up for school? You're gonna be late. 

Kim: *tired/sweating/exhausted* 

Tate: Honey? *checks on kim* Honey, you're burning hot! *grabs the phone and calls the ambulance* 

Louis: *standing at kims locker waiting for her* 

Liam: What are you doing here at Kim's locker? 

Louis: *fakes a chuckle* What? No, I'm *looks* oh, I am.  

Liam: Louis, is there something you want to tell us or me? 

Louis: No. 

Liam: Are you sure you're not in love with Kim? 

Louis: I'm, I'm not Liam. I could never love that girl. 

Liam: Ok, well why are you waiting by her locker? 

Louis: I haven't seen her all day, I'm hoping she'll come to her locker because I wanted to talk to her about something. 

Liam: About you being in love with her? 

Louis: No! 

Liam: Ok, we'll see you in class, bells about to ring. *walks off* 

Louis: *looks both ways for kim and then her locker and walks off to class* 

Dr. Evans: Yeah, her temperature is really high, but she'll be ok. 

Tate: Please do everything to help her.  

Dr. Evans: Yes, we will. 

Johanna: Where's Kim honey? Why hasn't she been coming over? I'm leaving in two weeks; I want to see her before I leave. 

Louis: Yeah, I know, I tried calling her, but she isn't picking up. 

Johanna: Well be a good boyfriend and go over to her place. Who cares what her father says. 

Louis: Your right mom. Who cares what he has to say. *grabs his keys and walks towards the door* 

Zayn: *opens the door from outside* Whoa, where you going? 

Louis: Going to my girlfriend's house, what does it look like? 

Zayn: Girlfriend? 

Louis: Kim. 

Zayn: Oh, right, Kim. Good luck. 

Louis: *walks off* 

Tate: She doesn't want to see anyone right now. 

Louis: Why? I'm her boyfriend. 

Tate: It's her words. 

Louis: Please, I just want to see her and talk to her. My mom's leaving in two weeks and she wants to see Kim. 

Tate: She's not home. 

Louis: What? 

Tate: She hasn't been home. 

Louis: Is that why she hasn't been at school either? 

Tate: Louis, Kim doesn't have any friends, she's even lucky to have you as her boyfriend. 

Louis: *looks down* 

Tate: Are you two still together? 

Louis: Yeah, of course we are. *smiles* 

Tate: Kim's in the hospital. 

Louis: What? What happened now? She didn't do anything stupid that day did she? 

Tate: Louis, Kim has Leukemia. 

Louis: *heartbreaks*  

Tate: She's had it when she started her seventh grade year. 

Louis: *hurt* Is, is she... 

Tate: Same hospital Louis. 

Louis: *runs to his car and takes off* 

Front Desk Lady: Hi, how can I help you? 

Louis: Hi, I'm looking for a patient here. 

Front Desk Lady: Ok, what's their name? 

Louis: Kim Dashing. 

Front Desk Lady: *searches up the name* Ok, it's on the eighth floor room 824. 

Louis: Thank you. *goes to the elevator* 

Kim: *watching tv* 

Louis: *knocks on the side of the door* 

Kim: Come in. 

Louis: *walks in* I bought some flowers for you. 

Kim: *smiles sad* Thank you. *takes the flowers* 

Louis: *sniffs* 

Kim: Have you been crying? 

Louis: *grabs the chair and sits next to kim* Why didn't you tell me? 

Kim: Tell you what? 

Louis: *grabs kims hand trying not to cry* Your dad told me. 

Kim: *chuckles softly* Told you what? 

Louis: *cries* Why didn't you tell me that you have Leukemia Kim. 

Kim: *moves her hand from louis's and look away* 

Louis: *grabs kims hand again* Why didn't you tell me huh? 

Kim: Why should I? We're not together Louis. 

Louis: We're friends right? 

Kim: We're not even friends Louis. We nevered talked until this month, we weren't meant to be friends or be together. *gets upset a little* I, I was fine and ok until you came into my life Louis! I was fine! I was living a normal life, enjoying life to the fullest and then you came. You and your stupid story with your mom about your girlfriend! Louis, I was fine until you came. 

Louis: Your dad told me you had it in the beginning of seventh grade. 

Kim: *cries* Yeah, I did, I was diagnosed with Leukemia in the seventh grade. Ever since Junior year, Dr. Evans told me to stop taking them because it wasn't helping me. I said ok and just tried to live a normal life for once. I was doing good, I was doing ok *cries again* and then you came in. 

Louis: Why didn't you tell me? 

Kim: Why should I?!  

Louis: *silent* Because I love you. 

Kim: What? 

Louis: I love you Kim, I really, really love you. 

Kim: *crying* I told you not to fall for me. 

Louis: I couldn't help it, it all started with that stupid kiss at my place. 

Kim: How could you let that stupid kiss fool you Louis! *crying* What are you gonna do when I'm no longer living?! Go and try to find another girl to sub for me or tell your mom the truth. 

Louis: I'm not gonna do anything Kim. We're gonna still be doing the same thing except we'll really be together this time. 

Kim: *touched* 

Louis: We'll pretend that we been together for two years, we'll lie to everyone that we kept it a secret. *tries not to cry* Kim, I don't want to lose you. *cries* 

Kim: *cries again* Please don't do this to me. 

Louis: *crying* I love you so much Kim. 

Kim: You can't! I don't have long to live Louis! You have to tell your mom the truth. 

Louis: *cries harder and runs off* 

Johanna: Louis?! 

Louis: *running up to his room crying* 

Johanna: *runs up to the room* Louis?! 

Louis: *opens his door and hugs Johanna* 

Johanna: *concerned* Honey? What happened? Tell mom. 

Louis: Mom, you have to help my girlfriend. 

Johanna: What? What's wrong with Kim? 

Louis: *cries harder* Kim has Leukemia mom. 

Johanna: *shocked* Oh Louis. *hugs Louis* 

Louis: *crying* You have to save her. 

Johanna: *hugs Louis tighter* 

Tate: Hey princess. 

Kim: *fakes a smile* Hey dad. 

Tate: How are you feeling today? 

Kim: I feel great dad. *smiles* 

Tate: Don't smile like that. 

Kim: *frowns* Why? 

Tate: You're not ok princess. *cries* You're never ok.  

Kim: *cries* Dad. 

Tate: *walks up to kim and hugs her* I love you sweetheart. I don't want to lose you like your mother. 

Kim: *crying* Dad, you're not gonna lose me. 

Tate: *cries harder* 

Louis: *sitting at the table* 

Zayn: *walks up to Louis* Hey mate. 

Louis: Oh hey Zayn. 

Zayn: I heard about Kim. 

Louis: * still hurt* Yeah. 

Zayn: *hugs Louis* I'm really sorry. 

Louis: She's gonna be ok, we're not gonna start over, we're gonna stick to our relationship with my mom, but this time we're really gonna be together. 

Zayn: *smiles* That's good. 

Louis: I really do love her Zayn.  

Zayn: Yeah, I can tell you are, and I knew it was gonna one way or another. 

Niall: Louis. *hugs Louis* 

Louis: *hugs niall* 

Liam: *walking with harry* Hey guys. 

Harry: Louis, we're really sorry about Kim. 

Louis: Thank you. 

Harry: You know what I'm thinking. 

Louis: No. 

Harry: *looks at liam* 

Liam: Well, Harry and I thought about this together along with Niall and Zayn. 

Louis: What? *looks at the group* 

Liam: Maybe you and Kim met up for a reason. Maybe it was meant to be? You making up this stupid game or whatever you want to call it, happened for a reason. It was a sign for you and Kim to meet. God made it happen. 

Louis: You really think so? 

Zayn: We know so. You and Kim didn't just meet for no reason.  

Harry: Just look at all the times you talked about her or... 

Niall: Made fun of her. 

Harry: God knew you two were meant to be Louis. 

Niall: And he knew you two were gonna be friends one day and just made this all happen. 

Louis: Then why did he curse her with Leukemia guys!? She doesn't deserve this at all. She's young, she's smart, she's a top student, and she's... she's a very young beautiful girl. 

Zayn: So the truth comes out finally. 

Louis: I love Kim guys, I really do love Kim. She's changed my life and changed my opinion about her. She makes me want to change and just want to be a new person. 

Zayn: Then be it Louis. 

Louis: *takes a deep breath* I'm gonna go see her afterschool. Tell my mom, I'll be home later. *leaves* 

Dr. Evans: Ok. *smiles* You're all ready to go home now. 

Kim: *smiles* Thank you Dr. 

Dr. Evans: *smiles* 

Tate: Alright, let's go home. 

Louis: Oh? Are you leaving home already? 

Kim: *smiles* Yeah, Dr. Evans said I was clear to go home.  

Louis: *smiles* Great. I'll um, I'll come with. 

Kim: *smiles* Ok. 

Tate: So what made you love my daughter? It wasn't because she has Leukemia right? 

Louis: No, I knew I loved her the moment I sat my eyes on her. 

Tate: What the 3rd grade. 

Louis: *silent* I guess I should start telling the truth, but yes, I was always attracted to her since the 3rd grade, but I don't know why I kept bullying her and picked on her.  

Tate: I know why. 

Louis: Why? 

Tate: We're guys, when we really like someone, instead of getting to know them, we happen to pick on them and make fun of them. We think we don't like them, but at the end, we end up falling for them. 

Louis: *looks at tate silently* 

Tate: Am I right? 

Louis: Yeah. 

Tate: I was just like you Louis, you remind me of myself when I was younger. I look at you and I see myself. 

Louis: Really? 

Tate: Yes. 

Kim: *walks down the stairs* What are you two talking about? 

Tate: Honey, what are you doing down here? You should be resting. 

Kim: Dad, I'm ready to go back to school.  

Louis: Mr. Oliver, can I take your daughter to Winter Formal with me next week? 

Tate: Winter Formal? *looks at kim* 

Kim: *smiles softly* 

Tate: For caring so much about her, of course you can. *smiles* 

Louis: *smiles* Thank you. 

Johanna: Wow, you look great son. 

Louis: *smiles* Thank you mom. 

Johanna: I'm gonna go check up on Kim. 

Louis: Ok. *smiles and fixes his hair* 

Johanna: *knocks on the door* 

Kim: Come in. 

Johanna: *opens the door* Wow, you look beautiful Kim. 

Kim: *smiles* 

Johanna: *touches kims hair* I'm really happy you and my son are together. 

Kim: *faces to turn Johanna* There's something I need to tell you. 

Johanna: Yeah? 

Kim: I know he's gonna hate me for telling me this, but Louis and I weren't really dating. 

Johanna: *chuckles* Honey, I knew that already.  

Kim: You did? How? Did he tell you? 

Johanna: The day I got here and he introduced you to me. You two were clueless with eachother. You two look uncomfortable and looked like you two hated eachother's guts. 

Kim: *chuckles softly* 

Johanna: I knew you two weren't dating. He didn't tell me, but I knew already, but you two are dating now right? 

Kim: *smiles* Yeah, we are and it's all because of you, so thank you. 

Johanna: Aw. *hugs kim* 

Kim: *touched* 

Johanna: *looks at kim* What's wrong? 

Kim: *tears in her eyes* You reminded me of my mother just now. She would always hug me when she's fixing me up or after talking to me. 

Johanna: Well I wouldn't want to be your mother, but I would love to be your mother in law. *smiles* 

Kim: *cries* 

Johanna: *wipes kims tears* Don't cry, your make ups gonna be messed up. *chuckles* 

Kim: *chuckles in tears* I'm sorry. *wipes her tears* 

Johanna: Stand up, let me take a look. 

Kim: *stands up* 

Johanna: You are beautiful Kim. *kisses kims cheek* 

Kim: Is Louis ready? 

Johanna: Yeah, I'll go get him. 

Limo Driver: *opens the door* 

Louis: *holds out his hand* 

Kim: *smiles and takes louis's hand* 

Louis: *walks with kim in his arm* 

Mrs. Lopez: Attention everyone! It is now time for the announcements of tonight's winter formal's king and queen. *grabs the crown* Winter Formal's king is... Louis Tomlinson!  

Louis: *chuckles* Yes! 

Kim: *looks at Louis* Congrats, go up there. 

Louis: *hugs kim and walks up stage* Thank you everyone who voted me for King, you guys are awesome! 

Mrs. Lopez: And tonight's Winter Formal's Queen is... Kim Oliver! 

Kim: *shocked* What? 

Zayn: *walks up to kim* Congratulations Kim Oliver. You're the queen. *smiles* 

Kim: *slowly walks up to the stage* 

Mrs. Lopez: *puts the crown on kim* 

Kim: *grabs the mic* Um, wow, this is very new to me. I don't know what to say. *gets nervous* I never really been the center of attention and tonight, tonight's just a blessing from god. I'm really happy to be your guys Queen tonight, but... I can't accept this.  

Louis: *walks up to kim and grabs the mic* Kim, everyone didn't vote for you because of what they heard.  

Kim: *looks at Louis* 

Louis: They voted for you because of what you done and changed everyone for. You brought out the best of everyone and changed them for the best.  

Kim: *tears in her eyes* 

Louis: *smiles* Tonight we're the King and Queen, but every second, minute, day, night... you'll always be my queen.  

Kim: *touched* 

Louis: *kisses kim* 

Mrs. Lopez: Ok, everyone once again your King and Queen! *walks off stage* 

Tate: *calls Louis* 

Louis: *laughing* Yeah, I know. I can't wait to... *phone rings* Oh, hold on. Hello? *smiles* 

Tate: *silent in tears* 

Louis: *smiling/chuckling* Mr. Oliver? 

Tate: *sniffs* Kim passed away. 

Louis: *smiles fades* 

Niall: Louis? What happened? 

Louis: *hangs up and runs out the house* 

Johanna: Louis! 

Tate: Louis. 

Louis: Where is she? 

Tate: *crying* They just took her. 

Louis: *drops to his knees and cries* No! No! *gets in his car and drives off to the hospital* 

Dr. Evans: Louis? 

Louis: I have to see Kim! 

Dr. Evans: I'm sorry, we are about to perform an operation. 

Louis: *cries* I want to see her god dammit! 

Dr. Evans: *sighs* Alright. 

Louis: *walks up to kim crying* Kim? 

Kim: *dead* 

Louis: *kneels to his knees and holds kims cold hand crying* Why Kim? *wipes his tears* Why did you have to go? Why the morning after Winter Formal? *cries harder* Why did you have to go? Kim. Kim. Can you hear me? Can you please wake up, let's go home. *wakes kim up* Babe, wake up, let's go home. We still have prom, grad night, and graduation to attend. *cries harder* Kim! Please wake up babe. *hugs kim and buries his face by kims ear* I love you babe. I love you! *cries* 

Dr. Evans: Louis. 

Louis: *looks at dr. evans* I can't, I can't let her go. I love her. 

Dr. Evans: I know you do, but we have to take her down now. 

Louis: *crying* You can't take her. What will I do without her! 

Dr. Evans: Louis, please, your minutes are up. 

Louis: *looks at kim crying* I love you babe. *kisses kims hand and lets go of it slowly* 

Dr. Evans: *takes kim to the operation room* 

Louis: *hugs Johanna* Thank you for coming down for Christmas and visiting my girlfriend mom. 

Johanna: Honey, Kim told me everything, and before she even did, I already knew. 

Louis: *sad* Really? 

Johanna: Yes honey, it's ok. But I know she loved you at one point when I was here and I know you did too. 

Louis: *cries* 

Johanna: *hugs Louis* I know it's hard, but just remember, she's still with you. She'll always guide and protect your from above. 

Louis: *crying* I miss her mom. 

Johanna: Aw my son. *hugs Louis tighter and tries not to cry* I love you ok, remember that. 

Louis: I want her back. 

Johanna: I know son, I know. *looks at Louis* It was great coming down for Christmas and seeing Kim, she's a very beautiful girl and I wish I knew her longer. 

Louis: *looking down sad* 

Johanna: I love you son, but I have to go now. 

Louis: Yeah, I know. Thank you for everything and thank you for coming, I really appreciated it. 

Johanna: *smiles sad* 

Louis: *fakes a smile* 

Johanna: I love you Louis. 

Louis: I love you too mom. *hugs Johanna* 

Johanna: *boards on the plane* 

Louis: *standing by the edge looking at kims locker*  

Niall: Hey. 

Louis: Hey Niall. 

Niall: I know this is wrong, but you have to stop looking at her locker. 

Louis: I know I have to, but it's just... I wonder what's in there. 

Niall: You don't even know her combo. 

Louis: I'm gonna ask the counselor. 

Mr. Kiel: Oh hi Louis, aren't you supposed to be in getting ready for graduation in the gym? 

Louis: Yeah, but can I get Kim's combination locker? 

Mr. Kiel: I don't think I can... 

Louis: I'm her boyfriend. 

Mr. Kiel: 16-20-05. 

Louis: Thank you. 

Niall: Did you get it? 

Louis: Yeah. *opens kims locker and sees a paper* 

Niall: A paper? 

Louis: *grabs it and reads it* For him. 

Niall: I'll see you in the gym, don't take to long. 

Louis: Yeah. *leans against the locker and opens up the letter* 

Kim: To the one I love. As you are reading this, I am no longer alive. You made me happy and put on a smile for me. I really appreciate you for that. I'm glad that we got to know eachother in such a little of time. I really wish we gotten to know eachother more back in the 3rd grade than just you picking on me. I hated that you did that, but I also liked it because it was the only way we talked and communicated. Your mother has told me a lot about you and how you always talked about me when you got home. I really wish you could have told me. I would have been happy and been with you. We could have been together for nine years. I really thank god for leading you into my life at the end. I waited all my life for you to be mine and at the end I got you. I could not thank god how much I am lucky to have you and to be yours. You made my life miserable, but also great at the same time. I'll always remember you and that first kiss we had at your dinner table. I really thank your mom for being here and making us happen. Without her, I don't think I would have been with you. Thank you for showing me what a handful a boyfriend can be and at the same time, showing me what a boyfriend will do for their girlfriend. Thank you for being by my side when I was weak and thank you for loving me for me. I love you and I will always love you. Kimberly Oliver. 

Louis: *slides down the locker and cries hard and then into his lap* 

Mrs. Lopez: Louis Tomlinson. *smiles* 

Louis: *walks up in front of the mic* Hello family, friends, and faculty. Tonight we are all here gathered for the class of 2013. *cont. talking* This girl has changed my life for the better and I want to thank her for it. She brought out the best of me and I thank her for it. I know she isn't here with us anymore, but her spirit, the things she did, and so much more will live with us here. Kimberly Oliver, I know you are no longer here with us, but you will never be forgotten, especially by me. *tries not to cry* Babe, I love you and I just want you to know that I'll always be here waiting for you to come back. Your presence and love will forever be right here... in my heart. *looks at mrs. Lopez* 

Mrs. Lopez: *does some talking* The class of 2013! 

Harry: *runs and hugs Louis* 

Louis: *hugs harry* 

Zayn: *joins Louis and harry* 

Liam: *jumps on the group and tackles them to the ground* 

Niall: *runs and jumps on top of the lads* 

Zayn: I'm glad you made that speech Louis. 

Louis: *smiles* I'm glad I did too. *looks and sees kims locker again* 

Zayn: We'll be in the car waiting for you. *smiles and leaves* 

Louis: *walks up to kims locker* Thank you for bringing out the best out of me Kim. *smiles* I love you. 

Kim: *standing next to the door smiling at Louis in tears* 

Louis: *walks through kim and leaves the building*

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