Let's Pretend It's Not Love

Let's Pretend It's Not Love is a story about Louis and Kim. Johanna is coming into town and Louis has been lying to his mother that he has a girlfriend, but to have a girlfriend, Louis dares himself to date a girl that would walk through the Math building door. The girl just happened to be Kim. Kim is a sweet and nice girl who's never had a boyfriend before. She's not let's say unattractive, but just something about her that makes her very old fashioned. Louis promises the lads that he'll date her for a month and then call it off, but what will happen when Louis's feelings for Kim changes before the month ends. Also later when Tate tells Louis Kim has Leukemia. Read on how Louis and Kim's relationship changes and how it ends up to be.


2. 1.2

Kim: *sitting in the car annoyed* 

Louis: I'm sorry that I made it awkward for you. 

Kim: You didn't have to kiss me in front of everyone. 

Louis: More like I didn't even have to kiss you. 

Kim: That too. 

Louis: But I didn't want my mom to think about us being awkward with eachother. 

Kim: That's true, but thanks for tonight. I had a great time with... your mom. Tell her, goodnight for me and goodnight to you too. 

Tate: *opens the door* It's pass your bedtime Kim! 

Kim: I'm coming. Goodnight. *looks at Louis* 

Louis: *looks at kims lips*  

Kim: *looks at tate* 

Tate: *goes back in the house* 

Kim: *looks back at Louis* Ok, goodnight for reals. 

Louis: *chuckles* Goodnight Kim. 

Kim: *walks to the house* 

Louis: *backs up and leaves* 

Tate: What'd you do? Sleep with him? 

Kim: Dad! No, I met his mom. 

Tate: His mom? 

Kim: Yeah, it was out of the blue, she really likes me and I like her too. She's a great person, and has a great son. 

Tate: I thought you don't like him? 

Kim: I do, just taking it slow with him. 

Tate: Better be. 

Kim: It is dad, I'm gonna go to my room, I'll see you tomorrow. 

Tate: Ok. 

Kim: *looks in the mirror and touches her lips* 

Louis: *laying in sofa and touches his lips* 

Harry: I can't believe you kissed her. 

Niall: Yeah and I can't believe you spat in my face, that was disgusting. 

Louis: *laughs* That was funny at the same time. 

Niall: No it wasn't. 

Louis: I seriously can't believe we kissed. 

Zayn: Are you sure you two aren't dating? 

Louis: No, I'm not interest in her and she's definitely not into me. 

Harry: Who knows? 

Jessica: Hey I called you last night, but your dad said you were with Louis. 

Kim: Yeah, I was. 

Jessica: At that time? Are you two... together? 

Kim: *chuckles* No, we're not together. 

Jessica: If you are, you better tell me or else I'm gonna get with him. 

Kim: Jessica, you want to get with him, go ahead, I'm not even dating him or interested in him. You know I don't have time to be with anyone. 

Jessica: Ok then. 

Louis: Hey Kim. 

Kim: Louis, hey? *looks at Jessica* 

Jessica: Louis, do you want to be together? 

Louis: *chuckles* No, I'm sorry. 

Jessica: *embarrassed* Why not? 

Louis: My mom really likes Kim, sorry. 

Jessica: Mom?! You met his mom! I thought you said you two didn't have anything going on! *walks off mad* 

Kim: Thanks Louis. 

Louis: *laughs* What? Look, I just wanted to say thank... 

Kim: You embarrassed my friend and now she's mad at me, thank you! 

Louis: Why are you upset with me? I was just telling the truth. 

Liam: *stops walking* 

Zayn: What? *looks and sees Louis and kim talking* 

Harry: Who are you guys looking... oh? 

Niall: I wonder what they're talking about? 

Liam: Maybe another plan for tonight? 

Kim: *pushes her hair back* She really likes you and I told her that me and you didn't have anything *pushes her hair back* going on. I don't know why you would just come and say that. *hair gets back in her face* Now she won't *about to move her hair* 

Louis: *moves kims hair out of her face* 

Harry: Did he just? 

Zayn: Yeah. 

Kim: Please don't touch me ever again. 

Louis: I'm sorry, you kept moving your hair and I wanted to do it for you. 

Kim: Ok, well don't. 

Louis: Kim, why don't we just give it a chance. 

Kim: No! I don't want to be with you Louis. I don't even want to go back to your place tonight! 

Louis: My mom's expecting to see you tonight again. 

Kim: Well tell her I have homework. 

Louis: She trusted you Kim. 

Kim: *upset* Fine, I'll think about it and I'll call you. 

Louis: Ok. *about to kiss him* 

Kim: *moves back* Ugh, no. 

Louis: *smiles* You know I wouldn't want to kiss you again. *walks off* 

Kim: *crosses her arms upset* 

Zayn: We saw you talking to Kim. 

Harry: Yeah, you were touching her. 

Louis: I was not touching her Harry. 

Niall: You moved her hair. 

Liam: And you tried to kiss her. 

Louis: I was only kidding, I wouldn't kiss her again. 

Zayn: So what's the plan? 

Louis: What plan? 

Zayn: Tonight? 

Louis: Oh, I don't know yet. She said she'll call me. 

Liam: So she's not coming tonight? 

Louis: I don't know. *phones rings* Yes mom, I'm at school, I can't talk. 

Johanna: Tell Kim I'm picking her up afterschool to go shopping with me. 

Louis: Oh? Ok. 

Johanna: Well let me talk to her. 

Louis: She just left I'll tell her though. 

Johanna: Ok, I love you. 

Louis: Love you mom. *hangs up* I have to find Kim. *leaves* 

Kim: *opening her locker* 

Louis: Babe. 

Kim: Don't call me that ever again please. *closes her locker* What do you want? Didn't I just talk to you less than 5 minutes ago, plus I said I'll call you if I change my mind. 

Louis: You have to because my mom just called and said she's gonna pick you up to go shopping with her. 

Kim: What?! 

Louis: Yeah, want me to call her back? 

Kim: No, why does she want to pick me up? I don't want to go shopping. 

Louis: Well... That's my mom and she loves you already. *smiles* 

Kim: You told her to didn't you!? 

Louis: No, she called me. *smiles and leaves* 

Kim: *annoyed* 

Johanna: *honks* 

Kim: *looks* Oh my gosh. 

Louis: I'll see you at the house. *leaves* 

Kim: *walks to the car* Hi Johanna. *smiles* 

Johanna: Are you ready to go shopping with your soon to be momma? *chuckles* 

Kim: I see where your son gets his jokes from. *smiles* Of course I'm ready. 

Johanna: *chuckles* Alright, let's go. *drives off* 

Zayn: So shopping with you mom huh? 

Louis: Yeah, you really think that she believes Kim and I are dating? 

Zayn: I don't know, you two pretty much make it look real. 

Louis: *chuckles* Well thanks. 

Johanna: Honey, let's look at these rings. 

Kim: Rings? Uh, ok? 

Johanna: Ooh, this one is beautiful, try it on honey. 

Kim: No, I don't think I should try it *sees Jessica* on. 

Johanna: C'mon, I'll buy my son one too, just as promise rings. 

Kim: *fakes a chuckle* I don't think Louis would appreciate this. 

Johanna: Of course he would, he loves you, I can see it in his eyes. 

Kim: Really? 

Johanna: Yeah, I can totally tell he's into you Kim. My son hardly shows off his girlfriend to me and with you, you're the one, you're special and beautiful. Just amazing honey! *smiles* 

Kim: You really think he's into me?  

Johanna: Yeah, he's in love Kim. 

Kim: *concern* How sure are you? 

Johanna: I known you since you were in 3rd grade Kim. 

Kim: Third grade? 

Johanna: You haven't changed; you're still beautiful, gorgeous, and have the same personality. My son had the biggest crush on you forever honey. *chuckles* 

Kim: *laughs* No way. 

Johanna: He always talks about you whenever he got home from school, from 3rd grade to 10th grade. 

Kim: *chuckles* Really? 

Johanna: Yeah, but he hasn't talked about you in a while. 

Kim: Oh?  

Johanna: He mentioned he got a girlfriend and it wasn't you, and that they been dating for two years and he's in love with her. 

Kim: *tries to lie* Oh that's funny, we dated since sophomore year, why would he... 

Johanna: He nevered mentioned her name to me though. 

Kim: Oh? *chuckles* I guess he wanted it to be a surprise? 

Johanna: Honey, even if you're not dating my son. You two put on a great show last night. It was really cute. 

Kim: I'm dating Louis, we been dating for two years. I'm happy with him, I love him, he's incredible and I can't wait to share the rest of my life with him. 

Johanna: Really? 

Kim: Yeah. 

Louis: *calls Johanna* 

Johanna: Sorry, Louis's calling. 

Kim: *fakes a smile* 

Johanna: Yes son? 

Louis: Are you two coming home yet? 

Johanna: Yes we are, I was just having a talk with Kim. 

Louis: A talk? *looks at the boys* What kind of talk? 

Johanna: I'll talk to you when I get home. 

Louis: Ok? 

Johanna: *hangs up* Let's go Kim. 

Kim: Ok. 

Louis: Mom! 

Johanna: Son? What's with that tone? 

Louis: What did you mean talk with Kim? 

Kim: *walks through the door*  

Louis: Kim? 

Kim: *smiles* Hi Louis. 

Louis: What did my mom talk to you about? 

Kim: Just about our relationship. 

Louis: That's it? 

Kim: Yeah, umm, it's kind of late, do you think you can take me home? Babe.  

Louis: *looks at Johanna* Yeah of course babe, I'll take you home. *grabs kims hand* C'mon. 

Kim: Bye Johanna. *smiles* I'll see you. 

Johanna: Bye. *smiles* 

Louis: *leads off* 

Johanna: Ok boys, be honest, are Kim and Louis really dating? 

Liam: Yeah of course they are. 

Zayn: Yeah, they have been together for two years. 

Harry: Two amazing years. 

Niall: They're in love Johanna. 

Johanna: Just making sure. 

Louis: What did my mom and you talk about? 

Kim: *smiles* Is it true that you had the longest crush on me? 

Louis: What? *chuckles* She said that? 

Kim: Yeah, she said you would always talk about me after school from 3rd grade to 10th, but I guess you stopped after we "got" together. 

Louis: I did not talk about you, I don't even like you, more like I'm not even attracted to you. 

Kim: Lies, your mother told me everything Louis. 

Louis What do you mean? 

Kim: She kinda caught us. 

Louis: Caught us! *slams the break* 

Kim: What the hell Louis! 

Louis: Wait, she knows were not really dating!? 

Kim: Kinda, I told her we been together for two years and that we're in love and... *gets silent* 

Louis: And what! 

Kim: And I told her that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you. 

Louis: *laughs* You said that? Kim, I don't plan on being with you for that long, matter of fact, I'm gonna "pretend" to break up with you before she leaves. 

Kim: *kind of hurt* Thank you because I wasn't planning on coming to your place and be with someone I hate. 

Louis: So you hate me? 

Kim: Yeah! I do actually, I hate you Louis. I can't even stand being with you in the same house, sitting next to you. Matter of fact, I almost don't even want to sit in the same car next to you! 

Louis: Get out. 

Kim: What? 

Louis: *takes out his wallet* Here's your 50 you gave me, catch a cab and go home. 

Kim: You still have my 50 dollar? 

Louis: Take it and get out my car. 

Kim: It's raining outside! I can't find a cab right here. 

Louis: Walk and go find one! 

Kim: *takes the money and gets out the car* 

Louis: *drives off* 

Kim: Nice, where the hell am I supposed to find a taxi right here. *looks around and gets scared walking off in the rain* 

Tate: *calls kim* 

Voicemail: The number you are trying to reach is not in service, please call again later or try again. 

Tate: *hangs up and gets worried* 

Kim: *about to cry* Dad? I'm lost, please come find me, it's really cold and I'm scared. 

Tate: *calls Louis* 

Louis: Hello? 

Tate: Louis? 

Louis: Yeah, this is him, who's this? 

Tate: This is Tate, Kim's father calling. 

Louis: Oh hey Tate, is everything ok with Kim? *looks at everyone* 

Johanna: *looks at Louis* 

Tate: Kim never came home; do you happen to know where she is? 

Louis: Never? Never came home? Have you called Jessica? 

Tate: Jessica said she last saw her with you. 

Louis: I'm sorry, I'll go look for her.  

Tate: You are banded from seeing my daughter and you better make sure she is safe! *hangs up* 

Johanna: Something you didn't tell me son? 

Louis: *putting on his shirt* I can't explain right now, I have to go look for Kim. *grabs his keys and leaves* 

Kim: *sits on the corner in the rain crying in her lap* Mom, I'm scared. I'm lost; I can't find my way home anymore. I don't know where I am.  

Louis: *driving around looking for kim* 

Kim: Mom. *cries harder* 

Louis: *sees kim and pulls over* 

Kim: *looks at the car* 

Louis: *runs out of the car* Kim! 

Kim: *stands up and stares at Louis* 

Louis: *runs and hugs kim* I'm so sorry Kim. 

Kim: *touched* 

Louis: I'm so sorry I left you alone here in the dark and rain, I'm so sorry. *hugs kim tighter* 

Kim: *hugs Louis and really cries* 

Louis: *rubs kims back* I'm so sorry, let me take you home. 

Kim: *looks at Louis in tears* 

Louis: *stares into kims eyes* 

Kim: *scared/breathing hard* 

Louis: *wipes kims face and then slowly kisses her romantically*

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