I can't stop thinking about that crash last year... I feel like there is something missing from my life... Someone. The only clues I have are the necklace that was left in my hand, and the images I get with headaches. I've been trying to put the puzzle pieces together for a year, but it doesn't make sense!

Until I meet a guy who fits in the story and makes all the pieces go together.


1. Thoughts and Yogurt Shops

I'm siting at a two seater table at the little frozen yogurt shop, poking at my yogurt. Ever since that crash last year when I was 18, I feel like there's something missing. More like someone. Someone in my memories, someone in my life, someone important, so SO important.

The only clue I have to what or who this is, is a necklace that was in my hand when I woke up from the hospital after the crash. The hand I found the necklace in was warm, and the other was cold, as if whoever left the necklace was holding my hand.

The necklace was a little silver chain, with a charm dangling at the bottom. The charm was a perfectly formed silver 'J'. The peculiar thing about this, My name is Hannah. I don't have any 'J''s in my name. Not my middle name, not my last name.

My hand is at my neck, messing with the necklace. Sometimes I'll wear it like a life line. Other times its locked in a box in my room because I can't bare it.

I have checked the yearbook from last year to see anyone with a name that starts with 'J'. I don't talk to any of them, and it makes it all the more frustrating.

"Excuse me, can I sit here? I couldn't find any open seats."

I snap from my thoughts. I've never seen anyone like him. Not that I remember anyway. He has brown hair, spiked up. He has hazel eyes, and an amazing jawline.

"Sure," I say, sitting up straighter in my chair.

"Hi, my name is Josh," he says, once he sits down. "Are you okay?"

"What? Oh! Yes, yes I'm fine. Hi, my name is Hannah," I say.

I was thinking about something, and that must have been why he asked me if I was okay. I was thinking about how his name is Josh. I don't think he goes to my school. He may have at one time when we were little, but you never know. His name starts with a "J". Could it have been him?

"Trust me, I'm fine," I smile at him.

"Okay," he smiles back.

We start talking, just small chit chat. Then, a little girl, no older than 5, spills a drink all over the floor near us. My first instinct is to stand up and bolt for napkins, but Josh was on top of that.

"Sophie!" A woman who must be her mother shrieks.

The woman picks the little girl up, and carries her out the door. I stare after her in disbelief. I know it was only water, but at least tell an employee.

Josh hurries back with napkins and I take a few and start mopping up the water on the floor. Josh wipes up the water on the chairs. We both run out of napkins, so I run and get some more. Josh goes and throws the soaking napkins away.

When I come back I see the floor is dry enough, so I work on the table. When Josh gets back he joins me. We're almost done with drying the table, just mopping up a few more puddles. Our hands meet at the center of the table. I stare at our hands, the collision made mine slip on top of his, the napkins slipped out if my hand. Our hands stay that way for three seconds, and then I slowly pick mine back up. I resume mopping the table up, and then throw the sopping wet napkins away. There was one single napkin that we didn't use, so I left it there.

When I take my seat back at the table we were at before, I see my yogurt is a just mush, so I throw it away. Josh meets me at the trash can, and we head out the door together. When I reach my bike, Josh hands me something. He gives me a smile and walks off across the parking lot.

I watch him until he turns the corner by the pizza place down the street. My eyes flicker down to what he handed me. I see it's the single napkin that I left at the table, but with a new addition to it.

The napkin now says "Text me  555-0129 Josh x"

I hold the napkin in my hand for a while reading it over and over. Finally I draw my eyes away back to the empty corner where Josh disappeared as if hoping he would be standing there.

I press my lips together ,which before were a but apart, and place the napkin carefully into my bag and slide it into my laptop. I close my backpack and slide it on. I put an extra hair tie on my pony tail, and then get on my bike.

The cool breeze makes my bangs flutter out of my face, and I set off. The warm sun burns my shoulders exposed to the heat because of my tank top.

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