I can't stop thinking about that crash last year... I feel like there is something missing from my life... Someone. The only clues I have are the necklace that was left in my hand, and the images I get with headaches. I've been trying to put the puzzle pieces together for a year, but it doesn't make sense!

Until I meet a guy who fits in the story and makes all the pieces go together.


2. This Time is Different...

I sit on my bed, my knees against my chest, my chin resting upon them, my arms wrapped around my legs. I rerstare at the jewelry box that sits on my desk across the room. The silver 'J' necklaces resting inside it.

When I got home, I shut the door and leaned against it. I closed my eyes and let the air conditioning cool me off from the heat outside. My parents were at work, so the house was mine, along with my German Shepard/Labrador mixed dog.

I walked though the living room and into the hallway in front of the stairs. I walked down the hallway to my room, and threw my bag on the chair that rests beside the door.

I sighed, and opened the door to my closet. I pulled out some black sweatpants and my blue Cookie Monster tee. Now that I changed, I feel the coldness of the necklace burning my skin.

I take the necklace from under my shirt, and then take the necklace off. I let it sit there for a while, getting warmer. Finally I place it in the tiny jewelry box that sits on my desk. Next I walk over to my desk, and that ends me up where I am now, hugging my knees, thinking.

Thinking about the necklace, about Josh, about that car crash, about everything.

Then I get a weird headache out of nowhere. I can't help but slam my eyes shut and press my hands on my temples. I've gotten these since the crash with little clips of things.

Sometimes I see trees, the sun, a pair of hazel eyes. Others I get parts of the crash. It's always a small bit of something, nothing more than an image.

This time is different.

I fall back on my bed and press my hands over my eyes. I try to block out the light waiting for the image, but it doesn't come for a few minutes.

I'm riding home from school in the front seat, my mom driving. I'm staring at my phone, texting my best friend Josh.

"Can I go to the movies this Saturday with Josh?" I ask my mom.

"To see a movie, or a movie premiere?" She smirks.

I just feel my face flush red. "It's the first one I've been to with him."

I could tell something's skipped because we were automatically at a stoplight. The light turned green so mom drove into the intersection, when a car rammed into us.

I hear a distant screaming and manage to pull out of that when I realize the screaming is my own.

I hear a pounding on the front door and run to go get it. I check my hair in the mirror down the hall, then answer the door.

"Are you okay?! I heard screaming and hurried over." I'm standing face to face with Josh.



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