My Savior

Angel has a rough life. All she wants to do is die.... But one day, she runs into niall. They talk and talk and talk.... They become very close but as niall and the boys become bigger, more issues take place. Do niall and angel have a strong enough relationship to last, or even stay friends? Will her life get easier? Will she move on to one of the other boys? Read and find out:)


3. The Hospital

*Angel's P.O.V.*

'Oh no. She was drunk... She realised I was gone.... She's. Pist...' "Where the hell were you?! Who do you think you are? Just getting up and leaving! DID I GIVE YOU PERMISSION TO LEAVE AND GO AND WONDER OFF WHERE YOU WANTED TO?!" "No mum.. I'm sorry.." "Sorry doesn't cut it! You shall get punished for this!" And before I knew it, I was kicked to the ground and in an immense amout of pain... I think a rib was broken. I herd a gasp and I saw Niall there, standing. Watching. 'Oh no! How much did he see?! How long has he been there?' I gave him a look of no. Don't come near me. You're going to get hurt..'

*Niall's P.O.V.*

She looked at me with much concern... How could anybody do that to someone as innocent and sweet as her?! I have to do something.. Then I see the woman walk over to her and comtinue to beat her. Than the worst seemed to happen... She picked up her head and smashed it into the pavement and the she stepped on her arm, and I herd Angel yelp... 'I'm calling the police' I thought. Within minutes the paramedics and police came. The put the woman in cuffs and I was over by Angel who was unconscious. The paramedics rushed over and put her on a gurney. One of the paramedics offered me to come with and so I did. I texted the boys to come and meet me at the hospital. I was in the room with Angel when the boys came in. Zayn said "Niall? What happened?!" I explained what happened and the just sat in shock.

*Angel's P.O.V.*

I hear talking from what seems about 5 different boys... Who is it? Is that Niall I hear? That thick Irish accent sounds familiar. Should I open my eyes? Ugh. I don't want people to see me like this.. Then I hear foot steps walk out. I open my eyes and see Niall sitting in a chair staring directly at me. His gorgeous blue eyes gave me goosebumps. "What are you doing here?" "Are you okay? I'm so sorry I didn't call the police sooner.." "The police?! Why would you do that?!" "Why wouldn't I?" "Because. I have nowhere to stay... No home... Nothing." "Well you do now.. I mean that is if you want to. You can stay with me.." "I. I have nothing left though.. She was my only family left!" "What she did to you is something 'family' never does to you..." "But I deserved it!" "No. You didn't. So what do you say? Will you come stay with me until arrangements can be made?" "I. I gues so.... Oh. And Niall.. Thankyou. Thankyou for not leaving me alone when I told you otherwise. You saved my life..." "Don't thank me. I wish I had helped soon... And for that, I am sorry.." "No. Believe me. It's fine." "But it's really not..." All I could do is just give him a half smile. 

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