My Savior

Angel has a rough life. All she wants to do is die.... But one day, she runs into niall. They talk and talk and talk.... They become very close but as niall and the boys become bigger, more issues take place. Do niall and angel have a strong enough relationship to last, or even stay friends? Will her life get easier? Will she move on to one of the other boys? Read and find out:)


4. Niall's Place

*Nialls P.O.V.*

'Wow... Her smile is beautiful... Wait. I can't think like this! She's going to be living with me... I can't like her....' "Niall.. When are we going home?" She said with an unsure voice. "Soon. I hope. I hate hospitals...." "Same... So. If you don't mind me asking, who are your friends?" "They're my best mates! We're in a band together. They're like my 4 brothers:) Speaking of them! Here they are! Angel, please meet Zayn, Louis, Liam & Harry!"

*Angels P.O.V.*

The boys all seemed very nice. And they were quite attractive. Zayn, I think that's his name, is like amazing looking, but there's just something about Niall.. I know I can't like him... I mean, I'm going to be living with him. That just won't do... So I just pushed that thought out of my head. Before I knew it, I was finally walking out of the hospital and Niall took me to his car. "So. Angel. Do you want to go back and gather things that you will need while you'll be staying with me for a while?" "Yeah. I guess so. I don't have much though. Just enough for a bag or two." "Well grab what you need and we can figure everything else out later, okay?" "Sure! And Niall... Thankyou. Again. I appreciate what you're doing. It's really nice.", I say with smile. "It's my pleasure, and not that big of a deal. I couldn't have you out on the streets or worse, back with her.." So I went packed my two bags and off we were to Niall's house. When we got there, I was shocked with how big the place was. There was a giant family room with a couch that pulled out into a bed. There was a huge master bedroom. A really nice bathroom and a great size kitchen. I knew I was extremely grateful for being able to stay here..

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