My Savior

Angel has a rough life. All she wants to do is die.... But one day, she runs into niall. They talk and talk and talk.... They become very close but as niall and the boys become bigger, more issues take place. Do niall and angel have a strong enough relationship to last, or even stay friends? Will her life get easier? Will she move on to one of the other boys? Read and find out:)


1. Angel & Her Story

Angel is what seemed like a normal happy teenager.. She was 17 years of age and one of the sweetest people ever. But she was only sweet because who she lived with, could be a monster at times.. She lived with her mum and her mum seemed like such a sweet woman, until alcohol was placed infront of her. Her mum was an abusive alcoholic and Angel would get beaten regularly. A few times it got so bad that Angel was rushed the hospital. Her mum always used the excuse of, 'My daughter is very clumsy and she fell down the stairs.' Or the other 'She slipped and fell in the bathtub.' You would think people would question the excuses, or Angel would tell someone, but no. She knew better than to tell, because she knew that she'd be dead if she did. When Angel wasn't being beaten up by her mum, she was cutting herself... She thought it was the only way to get rid of her pain that she had. She felt like her mum didn't care about her and that her mum just wanted her dead anyways. So one day, Angel left and went to her normal spot which was her best friends grave, under a weaping willow tree, in the nearby cemetery. Her best friend, Brianna, was tragically killed in a car crash 3 years ago. Angel was holding her razor, crying her eyes out. She wasn't sure what she wanted anymore. Her bestfriend isn't with her and her mum hates. She thinks 'is it worth trying to survive anymore?' She goes to cut her wrist when she hears a thick Irish accent say 'Please don't love. Talk to me.' She looks up, then looks down, realising she already drew blood, and then looks back up at a gorgeous, blonde hair, blue-eyed, boy.....

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