Amy, a girl who hasn't had a good life, finally does something about it. She runs. The world turns inside out, and everything she knows vanishes, until she meets One Direction. Then everything changes. She goes through bad times and some good ones, but nothing lasts forever...


11. Never Again

*Amy's P.O.V*

It's about two days later and nothing has really been happening. Niall has been eating more than usual, but other than that, it's all been normal.

How wrong I was.

I was watching YouTube videos on Liam's phone when he got a text. Now I'm not a nosey person, so I gave Lili his phone, and instantly his eyes got wide. I snatched his phone away from him and read the text. 

From: Dani;)

Great! So we'll meet at the beach Friday night? I'm so excited! I guess I'm doing you a favor if this Amy person is really a skanky hoe like you said. Love you! Bye;)



"Amy! That wasn't real! She just... texted me! I never actually-"

"Fuck it. Fuck you." I said, looking into his eyes. Mine were already stinging with hot tears. I dropped his phone on the ground and ran up to my room, crawled into a ball, and cried.

Sometimes it just feels good to do that.

After about an hour, I decided on the same thing I did when Liam kissed me.

I was going to run away.

But I wasn't stopping this time.

And I wasn't going to leave a note. 

Never again will I see the boys. Never. I packed again, and then hopped out of the window, like always. When I landed I took a look at the house for the very last time. It was my first home. Well, no more of that. I walked onto the sidewalk and just kept on. Past the park, past everything. I got out of town pretty quickly, but then my feet started to hurt. I didn't want to stop yet, because that would give them to much time to find me. I started missing them. Not Liam, I was still pissed at him. I started thinking about Harry. I really missed him, more than the other boys. I guess I always liked Harry, even while I was dating Liam. Oh well. He didn't give a fuck about me. Damn, my relationships have all been terrible. That's what you get I guess, you know, when you come from the streets. God, I have to stop now. I should be far enough. I found a comfy bench and sat down, almost instantly falling asleep.

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