Amy, a girl who hasn't had a good life, finally does something about it. She runs. The world turns inside out, and everything she knows vanishes, until she meets One Direction. Then everything changes. She goes through bad times and some good ones, but nothing lasts forever...


9. Liam

Liam's P.O.V.

I felt bad for Amy so I went up to her room to talk to her. She wasn't there and the window was open. I saw a piece of paper and read the note. She ran away. I quickly went downstairs and left the note on the couch. I couldn't waste time so I ran straight out the door. 

"AMY!" I yelled. No answer. It had rained earlier and the concrete was wet. Her footsteps. I ran beside them leaving some of my own until I got to the park. 

"AMY! WHERE ARE YOU?" I yelled. I heard something shifting in the tree above me, and then an I-Phone dropped on my head.

"Shit!" Amy said. I looked up and there she was.

"Come down. There's no use in running now." I said. She leaped from the tree and before she could fall I caught her. My arms were around her waist. I looked into her eyes as she looked into mine and I kissed her. I couldn't help it. She kissed me back. It would have lasted longer but a picture of Louis eating a carrot fell on her head.

"Oh my god," she chuckled, looking at the picture. I smiled at her and she smiled back. Holding her hand we walked back to the house. Of course we had to run back to the park because she forgot her stuff, but when we got back the rest of the boys were standing at the door reading the note. They all looked at her but Niall.

"What the hell were you thinking!" Harry yelled.

"Why do you care?" She asked. Then she hopped on my back and I ran upstairs to my room, locking the door. 

"I- Can't - Breathe," she laughed. 

"Let me help you out there!" I said and started tickling her.

"I'LL- DO - ANYTHING!" She screeched. I smiled devilishly and she kissed me.

"Anything?" I said, wiggling my eyebrows. She nodded.

"Be my girlfriend?" I asked her and she smiled. 

"Liam! Are you sure you want ME? I mean, you're famous and hot and a bunch of other stuff and I'm, well, not!" She said. I looked at her.

"Amy, you're the most beautiful girl I have ever met. I don't want some fake model. I want you." I told her. I meant it. 

"Yes. Liam, yes!"  She said. I was so happy. I attacked her with kisses and she started laughing again.

"Liam! Stop!" She shrieked. I kissed her forehead and then her lips. Everything was absolutely perfect.

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