Amy, a girl who hasn't had a good life, finally does something about it. She runs. The world turns inside out, and everything she knows vanishes, until she meets One Direction. Then everything changes. She goes through bad times and some good ones, but nothing lasts forever...


16. Amy And Harry 2.0

*Amy's P.O.V.*

"I am going to need some warm milk, some salt, ketchup, ooh... Warm water would be nice, too!" I said. Harry nodded and raced to the kitchen. I went into Liam's room and messed up his bed. I cut off a few strands of my hair, and then took some of Harry's against his will.  I put them on the bed.

"When Liam comes home he'll find a nice surprise." I said whilst sprinkling salt into the milk, and then pouring a small amount all over his bed. I then did the same with ketchup. Just to add to the effect, I poured on some water.

"There! Wait!" I said. I went and grabbed a pair of my old underwear and put a little of everything on them. I threw them onto his bed.

"That is vial!" Harry said, running out of the room.

"Now for phase two. We go out somewhere and come back tomorrow!" I said. Harry nodded.

"Let's go! We can get a room somewhere, I'm sure." He said. I laughed thinking about how Liam would go at this.

*In Harry's car*

"Harry?" I asked.


"Earlier when you tweeted about Joey... You said boyfriend..." I trailed off, "But we aren't dating."

Harry stopped the car at a petrol station. 

"I'll fill up the car. You can go get snacks inside or something." He said. I nodded.

When we both got into the car again, I said, "You never answered my question, Harry." I said. He looked at me. When his green eyes met my brown ones, I swear my heart stopped. He just sighed and started the car.

"Wait!" I said, leaning over my seat belt. I kissed him. Right then and there. He kissed me back.

I guess Harry did answer my question after all.

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