Twice the Tomlinson

Keegan's not overly fond of her brother. He left. But now he's back, and he has no idea why she hates him so much. Can he get her to forgive him? And what'll happen when she is sent on tour with him? What happens when 5 Seconds of Summer is thrown into the mix?


6. It's All On the Table

When I woke up the next morning, I was lying in Louis's lap on the mattress in my attic. I shifted slightly, getting into a more comfortable position, when Louis woke up. 

"Hey, sis," he said, his voice still groggy. He had a funny morning voice. I smiled. "You look in a better mood. Do you still hate me?" He stuck out his lip and gave me the puppy dog eyes.

I glared up at him. "Yes." His funny face faded. 

"Oh. Okay."

"I'm kidding! I could never hate you!" I laughed at his naivety. 

"Then why have you been so hostile to me? You've hated me ever since X Factor. What did I do?" I guess he honestly didn't know. 

"You left me, Louis," I said, sitting up. I leaned against the wall next to him, staring off into the distance, remembering that terrible day.

"Keegan..." His voice was pained. "Keegan I love you. I never meant to eave you. I'm sorry. I was going to come back right after we were kicked off but Mum said you were doing so well without me. I was crushed when she said you were better after I left, but I didn't want to disturb the peace. Just ask the guys, I was broken up about it. I kept going on and on about what an amazing girl you were, and whenever I came home and you never wanted see me. Mum said you never opened anything I gave you, and I just figured you wanted nothing to do with me, so I stopped coming. Mum understood it was time for me to leave. The only reason I cam home was because I thought you might want to see me."

"Louis... I did want to see you!" Tears started falling from my eyes. "I love you so much and I only started acting better after you left for Mum's sake. She was so depressed when you left, so I figured if I was a better daughter, she wouldn't have such a hard time. I never opened anything you sent because I was trying to just forget about you and move on. I didn't want to have to deal with the fact that my brother left me. And I never came down because I knew I would lose it when I saw your face. Through the years I built up a wall against you, and it was so much easier to hate you than have to have you keep coming in and out of my life."


"Louis, why did you come back after all this time? You left and stopped coming and I figured you just forgot about me." Another tear escaped my eye.

Louis reached over and wiped the tear away. "I came back because I couldn't take it anymore. I wanted to see my baby sister."

"Louis, I'm not a baby." I laughed.

"I know you're not. But why didn't you tell me any of this sooner." I gave him the 'are you serious' look. "Okay okay, but you didn't have to shut me out. It's not like I couldn't text, Skype, or call. And if all else failed, there was always writing!"

"I know. You wrote me letters after I blocked you." I rolled my eyes.

"Hey," Lou defended, "I was desperate!" I laughed. 


Louis stood up and held out his hand. "C'mon. Wanna go meet the guys?"

"Louis," I said, taking his hand, "I've already met them."

"Yeah, but they haven't met the real you." He shrugged as he picked me up. We exited the attic, then my room. Louis carried me down the stairs and into the living room, setting me on the couch between Niall and Harry. "Guys, this is my sister."

"Hey everybody," I said, waving. 

"Hey Keegan," they all chorused. 

"Hey Lou, we have to go down to London tomorrow to meet with Simon," said Liam. 

"But-but-but," he looked at me. 

"Crutches," I sing-songed. Louis glared. He didn't want me to have crutches (he thought he could just carry me everywhere, goof!) because he didn't want me leaving. But now was the perfect opportunity. 

"You can just come with us," he said, triumphant.

"Mhm... And you want all the fans seeing you carrying around your sister?Yeah. 'Cause I want the hate from fans about not being able to walk on my own."


"She's right, Lou." I knew I liked that Harry kid.

"Crutches." I crossed my arms and gave him my defiant glare.

Louis finally gave in. "Fine..."

"Yes!" I jumped up and cheered, then fell back down on the couch. "Ow..."

"Are you alright," Niall shouted.

I put my hand over my ear. "Right here, Niall."


"Honestly though, are you alright?" That was Zayn. 

"Yeah, just forgot. Lou, take me down to the basement." I stood up, swaying slightly.

"Woah," Harry stood up and gently grabbed my arm, steadying me. "Maybe you should just sit for a minute."

"I'm fine. Louis?"

"I got it, Lou." Harry picked me on and started walking towards the stairs. 

"I can walk on my own you know."

"Yeah, but this is easier. And faster. Now, where exactly are we going?"

"Down the stairs, the light switch is on the left." We descended the stairs and he set me down to turn on the light. I hopped over to the door on the right and opened it. I went in, then reemerged a few minutes later, with a dusty old pair of crutches. 

"Ready?" I nodded towards the stairs and we walked back up and into the living room. I stood off to the side as the boys started a conversation. I wasn't really paying much attention. I was just happy I had my brother back. Not that he'd stay for long...

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