Twice the Tomlinson

Keegan's not overly fond of her brother. He left. But now he's back, and he has no idea why she hates him so much. Can he get her to forgive him? And what'll happen when she is sent on tour with him? What happens when 5 Seconds of Summer is thrown into the mix?


2. Graduation

"We did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Julianna, my best friend, screamed at me as we threw our graduation caps in the air. I pulled her in for a big hug. Now, normally, I. Don't. Hug. Everyone knows that. But this was a special occasion. We were graduating for pitty sake! After she got over her initial moment of shock, she hugged me back, almost crushing my ribs. "Grab me a hat and wait right there," she called over he shoulder as she rushed off to where her parents were.

Jules came back with her camera in her hands. She loved photography. I was her model. It was kinda odd, but I went along with it. She made me look great though! Proof:

"Lemme get pictures of you," she squealed as she focused her camera. I struck silly poses for a few minutes until she was satisfied she had enough. 

"I'm gonna go find my mom. I'll call you later!" I waved as I turned around and headed off to where my mom told me she would most likely be standing. I scanned the crowd, not seeing her.

Suddenly, a pair of arms wrapped around me. I couldn't help it. I acted on instict and my self defense training. I elbowed whoever grabbed me in the gut and turn around and away, ready for a fight. I looked at my "attacker" and saw it was none other than my stupid brother, Louis. 

"Ouch... Glad to see you too, sis." Louis groaned and got up after he laid on the floor for a few more seconds. He was just lucky we had graduation outside and that he fell on grass, rather than the hard-wood floors of our gymnasium.

"Oops." I shrugged, not really apologetic. "That's what you get when you grab me. You should have known better. What the hell are you doing here and where's Mom," I asked, looking around for her. 

"No hug for your big brother?" Louis gave me his innocent pouty look. 

I faced him with a flat, hard expression. "No." I then resumed looking for my mother.

"Keegan!!!!" I heard the familiar voice of my mothr behind me. I turned around and ran towards her. 

"Mom!" I hugged her, suprising her, just like I had Jules. Wow, I was on a hugging role. It had to stop. Mom was the last. That's it. 

"Congratulations sweety! You did it!" She beamed. I could see how proud she was.

"Yep!" I gave her a silly grin, then heard a camera click. I looked and saw Jules. "I'll get you for that!" She knew better than to take suprise pictures of me! I ran after her, calling back to my mom, "I'll meet you at the house!"

I caught Jules and we both fell to the ground, giggling like a bunch of school-girls. We checked her camera to make sure nothing had broken - nothing had - and then continued to laugh on the ground. 

"So," she began once we had our breathing under control. "I see your brother's home. You wanna stay at my place tonight?" She knew how much I hated my brother. 

"Maybe... Thanks though. I have to go home and socialize first though... Catch up on 'family stuff'. Not much to catch up on though. I mean sure, he was gone for 3 years, but he wrote - not that I read his letters - he sent gifts - not that I opened them - and he Skyped. I never stayed too long for those though. He visited occasionally too, but he always had is friends, so I stayed as far away as possible. But Mom's acting like we haven't heard a word in a decade." I let out an angry breath and sat up. Jules stayed on lying on the grass. 

"Well, we have all summer. If you ever wanna come over or stay the night, just text me!" She smile sympathetically at me. 

"Thanks..." I stood up and offered my hands to her, helping her up. We brushed stray pieces of grass off of each other and parted ways. I took off my cap and gown, stuffed them in my backpack I had hidden in the tree, stuffed my heels in too, and headed off towards one of the bathrooms. 

I changed into running shorts, a tee-shirt, and some sneakers. I put my dress in my backpack, trew my hair into a high ponytail, and started jogging home. I liked jogging. It was good for thinking, and it saved energy; well, more so than running.

I finally reached my house after a half an hour, found the hidden spare key, unlocked the door, replaced the key, and walked inside. 

I could smell pizza in the oven. Mmm, my favorite! "Mom," I called out, setting my bag by the door.

Someone responded, but it wasn't Mom. It was Louis. Great... "No. Mom had to leave for the airport fifteen minutes ago. She left you a note though."

I walked into the kitchen to see Louis and the other four boys of the band seated at our kitchen table. I quickly plucked the note from my brother's hand and read it.

"Sorry I couldn't be home when you got here. Congratulations! I'm so proud of you! You made it! I'll be gone for an unforseeable amout of time. I don't kow how long this case will last. I love you! Be nice to your brother! He's going to be watching you while I'm gone. I gave him the keys. Don't forget, you have gymnastics through the summer. Thursdays! I love you! ~ Mommy"

Ugh! Louis was babysitting me? Really! I was 18. I didn't want or need a babysitter. Especially not my brother. But I was glad I got to go to gymnastics over the summer. I was one of the top competitors in my division, but I only did it during the school year since my coach was always away on vacation. But since Sofie was staying in town this summer, I could go! Mom was called to testify in some court thing. She didn't tell me the details. Some civil case though, nothing interesting. 

I crumpled the note, threw it in the trash, and headed upstairs.

"Keegan," Louis's voice stopped me.

I turned around, slightly annoyed. Now what? "Yes?"

"Mom told you I'm staying with you while she's gone, right?" 

"Yup," I said, popping the "P". 

"'kay. Pizza will be ready in five."

"Got it." I raced upstairs, eager to get away from Louis and his band mates.

I fished my cell phone out of my back pack - I grabbed it on my way up - and called Jules up. She asnwered after 2 rings. I didn't even give her time to say "hello" before I jumped into my rant.

"Jules, Mom went away on the court thing today and that's why Louis is home. She's making him watch me! I don't need a babysitter! I'm an adult, and he should be on another continent. That's how it always works. That's how I like it!" I huffed as I finished, waiting for her response.

"Aw! Keegs! I'm so sorry! That sounds awful! I'm sure it wont be that bad though. I mean, he is your brother. And millions of girls would kill to be in your place."

"Yeah, well they didn't have their brother walk out on them when they needed him." I heard the oven beep, followed shortly by Louis yelling up the stairs for me to come and eat. "Look, I gotta go. Thanks for letting me rant. I might come over later if Mom didn't give Louis instructions... Love ya!" I pushed "end call" and shoved my phone in my pocket. 

Man, I really hoped Mom hadn't given Louis instructions. She wanted me to stay home this week, get everything together for when I went to Dad's next month. I didn't know what I hated more. Staying home with Louis and his band of flying monkeys, or going to live with Dad in America for a month. Mom told me I could stay home this month, since I was 18. But the real reason she was going to let me stay home was because Louis was home and she wanted us to bond. As if.

I walked down to see the boys sititng at the table, all eating pizza. I grabbed a slice of pepperoni and sat down at the island. So much for peace. The boys swarmed me as soon as they realized I wasn't going to sit with them at the table.

"Louis," a boy with curly brown hair whined, "your sister doesn't like us..."

"Damn straight," I said at the same time Louis said, "That's not true."

I glared at him. "Thank you for speaking for me, dear brother who knows nothing about me." I cocked my head to the side and gave him a sarcastic glare. 

"Not true." Louis was getting defensive.

"So true." He just shook his head at the accusation. "Name my birthday."

"April 17, 1995. You were born at 11:37 A.M. It was a Monday."

"My best friend?"

"Julianna Barnes."

"My favorite color." 

"It keeps switching between grey, green, and yellow. Now do you believe me?"

"Fine. But that doesn't mean you're right by saying I like you boys. I don't." I took another bite of pizza. So Louis remembered a few things. That didn't prove anything. He remembered facts, nothing special. It didn't prove he cared. Nothing would. 

The boys all gave Louis a confused expression. So he hadn't made it clear I didn't like him. Lovely...

"Well, this has been spectactular, but if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go to Juliannna's house for the night." I hopped up, put my plate in the sink, and turned to go get my things.

"No, no, no. Mom left specific instructions. She said you had to stay home this week. Sorry sis." He shrugged.

"Ugh," I groaned loudly. "Fine. Whatever. I stormed upstairs and texted Jules, letting her know I couldn't come over. Fantastic. This was going to suck. I was stuck in a house with five teenage boys for the rest of the week. And it was only Wednesday...

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