Twice the Tomlinson

Keegan's not overly fond of her brother. He left. But now he's back, and he has no idea why she hates him so much. Can he get her to forgive him? And what'll happen when she is sent on tour with him? What happens when 5 Seconds of Summer is thrown into the mix?


5. Confession

This is definitely Keegan's theme song right now... Just saying. And I LOVE it!!!! If you ever need good music referances, just lemme know. I got tons!!!!!


When I came to, I realized my feet were propped up on something. Odd... I peaked my eyes open ever so slightly and saw that my feet were resting on some guy's lap. Well, not some guy, he was Louis's friend, the one with the curls. Ugh... Of all the guys it had to be the cheeky one. I had barely met him and honestly, I wasn't impressed. I mean honestly! The kid liked to tell perverted jokes and act like an idiot. I wanted someone more like the guy Louis had raised me to like. No. No I didn't. I didn't want anything to do with Louis. He was gone. Well, soon. As soon as Mom got home he would leave and everything would go back to normal. 

I pulled my feet off of his lap as I sat up. "Keegan!" Louis rushed over to my side, kneeling by me.

"What?" I was oblivious as to why he was making such a fuss. 

"You passed out! Why?"

"Louis, you break your bone, then put your weight on it and try not to pass out. 'Kay?" He was being so odd... He was like this before he left, but ever since then he was cold and distant, more interested in regaling the tales of his tours than actually listening to what I had to say.

"Keegs, you were out for 72 hours..." He trailed off. What!?! I know I love sleep but seriously, come on! Three days? Geez...

I looked Louis in the eyes. Man they were blue... I remembered looking into those eyes as a kid. He always made everything better. Always. How had he screwed everything up!?! I just wanted my brother back! Tears started to fill my eyes as I mourned my lost brother. Sure, he was her, physically. But he was gone. The kid I grew up with had left the minute he signed up for X Factor. Tears started falling down my face and my lip started to quiver. All the years building up my anger and sorrow over Louis, bottling it up, and it was finally all coming out. 

"Keegan? What's wrong?" Louis was starting to panic. He knew I never cried unless something was truely upsetting. 

I gave him one last look before I whispered, "I want my brother back," and bolted up the stairs. I locked my door and climbed up into my atticand promptly collapsed on the mattress in utter agony. Not a good idea. Not to self, don't run on a broken ankle...

I started sobbing as I burried my face in the mattress. I just kept sobbing "Louis" over and over and over again until I felt a pair of strong, familiar arms wrap around me. 

"I've got you," I heard Louis say. I burried my head in his chest and pretended like he had never left. Like we were kids again. Oh how I missed those days. I wanted them back like none other. 

I couldn't stop crying, couldn't stop repeating Louis's name, even though he was here with me. 

He rubbed infinity signs in my back, just like when we were younger. "It's alright, Keegan. I right here. You're going to be alright. Keegan, I love you." 

I cried harder. 

I cried and cried for who knows how long. I felt myself stop crying tears, but I kept crying and Louis just kept holding me. I slowly started to drift off to sleep. The last thing I heard was Louis saying, "Keegan, I'm sorry, and I love you."

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