Twice the Tomlinson

Keegan's not overly fond of her brother. He left. But now he's back, and he has no idea why she hates him so much. Can he get her to forgive him? And what'll happen when she is sent on tour with him? What happens when 5 Seconds of Summer is thrown into the mix?


7. An Unexpected Arrival

The guys and I finally fell aslee[ around 2 in the morning. They said it was early for them. I said it was crazy. We had meant to go to bed earlier, around midnight, but we we just got to talking and catching up and well, midnight turned into two... We all just kinda passed out around the living room. 

I sat up and looked around. Louis and Harry were stretched out on the couch, Niall and Liam were squished together in the love seat, and Zayn was lying on top of a few pillows. I was sprawled out on the carpet on the edge of the living room. When I checked my phone, I saw it was only four A.M. I groaned and laid back down. I was out instantly.


"I'm home!"

All six of us bolted upright at the sound. It was comical really. Louis screamed and rolled off the couch, pulling Harry with him. Liam and Niall were stuck in the love seat, both struggling to get up. Zayn was sitting up, trying to fix his mess of hair. I laughed at them as I looked around at who made the sound.

"Mom?" Why was she home. She wasn't supposed to be home until the end of the summer. I was supposed to have the whole summer with him. I just got him back!

"Hey honey! How was staying home with Louis," she asked as we all righted ourselves. 

I stood up and brushed myself of as I replied, "Fine. How long is he staying now that you're home?"

"He's going home tomorrow morning." So did Louis not tell her we were friends again?

"Okay," I yawned. "I'm headed over to Julianna's. Love you Mom!" I kissed her cheek and ran up the stairs. 

As I ran into my room, I closed the door and sank to the floor. Louis was leaving tomorrow. This is why I didn't want to be his friend. This is why I didn't want him home. Because he was so sweet and nice and he'd get me to forgive him, and then he'd leave. Just like now. It was always the same. 

"Keegan? Keegan, open the door please?" Louis was knocking on my door, trying to open it.

"Not now Louis!" I wiped my eyes and stood up, locking my door. "I have to get ready to go see Jules."

"Keegan... Talk to me. I'm sorry I have to leave. We have to go see our manager tomorrow evening and now that Mom's home, I can leave. You never wanted me here until yesterday. Now you can just go back to hating me. I'm sorry, Keegan. I really am. I should have told you she was coming home today." I could hear the remorse in his voice. 

"It's fine, Lou. I knew you couldn't stay." I opened the door and pushed past him. "I'm gonna be late, Louis. I told Jules I'd be at her place by 11. It's 10:45."

"I can drive you."

"It's fine. I can walk."

"You're on crutches."

"I'm fine."


"I'm fine! Just go. Bye Mom," I called as I reached the door. "I think I'll probably sleep over at Jules's house." 

"Love you!"

"Love you too, Ma!" I locked the door behind me and started walking to Jules's house. I got there in about half an hour. I knocked on her front door and she answered in record time.

"Alex? What happened?" She hugged me and pulled me inside. 

"Eh, broke my ankle on bars." I shrugged. 

"What'd you do that for?." She smiled at me to let me know she was joking. "So how was staying with Louis? I hear your mom is home."

"She is. Yeah, Louis goes home tomorrow morning."

"Phew! I thought he would never leave! Congrats! You only had to put up with him and his buddies for about a half an hour!" She smiled brightly, so ignorant.

I played along. "I know right! Ugh... I think I would've died if Mom didn't come home sooner. Since he'll be gone tomorrow morning and I don't want to see him, do you think I could stay over?"

"Of course!" she sing-songed. Jules was the best... She was always helping me out, even if she didn't know the reasons why. "So," she said, moving over to the couch, "what ever shall we do today?"

"No clue. Get some lunch?"

"Yeah! Where do you want to go?"

I shruged, not really up for caring about anything in my current mood. I mentally kicked myself for not keeping my walls up. Stupid brother...

Jules began to pick up on my vibes and grabbed her keyes. She held the passenger door open for me and I slid into her car as she tossed my crutches in the backseat. 

The drive was fairly quite, with little conversation from us. Instead, we just listened to th eradio. When one of the boys' songs came on, I was quick to change the station and wipe away a tear. I wish he'd never come home... He should've stayed touring the world and hanging out at his own flat. I could feel the anger seeping back into my heart and honestly? I was glad. It meant the walls were coming back up. He'd proven that I shouldn't trust him, so I vowed not to. I'd never trust him again.

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