A Forgotten Love Story

Kayla and Louis are completely in love, but what happens when Kayla moves to the U.S unexpectedly? What happens when they meet unexpectedly at a NYC Starbucks?


3. We Meet Again

      His drink slipped out of his hand and spilled all over the floor. “Louis!!” The girl said shaking Louis out of shock. “Oh my!” He said. “Don’t worry sir, we’ve got it. We’ll get you another.” Joe said. “Thank you.” He said. I was still in shock. “Louis?” I asked. “Kayla?” He asked. I nodded. “Oh my god.” He said running his hands through his hair. “Um, who is this?” She snapped. “I- uh, she is-” Louis stuttered. “Oh my god.” He said again. “I’m Kayla, and you are?” I asked sticking my hand out. “Eleanor.” She said not shaking my hand. I put my hand back at my side and looked back to Louis, who was still shocked. “You guys look awful busy, I should let you go.” I said. “We are busy.” Eleanor snapped pulling Louis towards the door.

     “Wait!” Louis shouted running back to me. “Meet me at my hotel in an hour. Trump International, room 172.” He said. “But Lou-” I began. “Just come.” He said before walking back to Eleanor, who was glaring at me. They walked out and I turned to the counter. “The usual?” Joe asked. I nodded, still speechless.

     “Here you go!” Joe smiled handing me my coffee. “Thanks Joe!” I smiled. I pulled Sadie along to a window seat in the Starbucks. I was questioning whether I was going to go or not. I mean, being alone with Louis in a hotel room after 3 years, I was worried. I thought about it for a couple of minutes until I came to a decision. I was going.

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