A Forgotten Love Story

Kayla and Louis are completely in love, but what happens when Kayla moves to the U.S unexpectedly? What happens when they meet unexpectedly at a NYC Starbucks?


7. Perrie and Danielle

                Madison Square Garden came into my view and I saw a really long line waiting to go in. I walked closer and saw girls of all ages waiting to get in. I looked around confused on where I go in. I walked to the ‘Help Center’ and waited for the woman to finish with the older man in front of me. “How may I help you Miss?” She asked. “Um, I have a backstage pass for the concert.” I said, not knowing really what to say. “Oh, ok! All you have to do is come back to this door and a man should let you in. Just tell him who you are here for and he’ll take you to them!” She smiled. “Ok, thank you!” I said. “You’re welcome!” She said.

                I walked back to the door and saw the man, the woman told me to see. He was big and intimidating. “You’re not supposed to be back here.” He said blocking the doorway. “I, uh, um have a backstage pass and was told to see you.” I said. “Who are you here to see?” He asked, examining my pass. “Louis Tomlinson.” I said. “This way ma’am.” He said leading me into the building.

               We walked down a number of hallways who had other celebrities’ names on them. We came to a dimly lit hallway. I looked at the doors; the first one had ‘Malik’ then ‘Horan’, ‘Payne’, and ‘Styles’, the last door in the hallway had ‘Tomlinson’ on it. The man knocked on the door. “Mr. Tomlinson, someone is here to see you.” He said. “One moment.” Louis shouted. I heard some things fall and Louis get frustrated. He swung the door open and smiled. “Thank you Jeff.” Louis said grabbing my hand.

              He pulled me in and shut the door. He placed a kiss on my lips and smiled. “I’m glad you’re here.” He said. “Me too.” I smiled. He pulled me close to him and passionately kissed me. “I love you.” He mumbled against my lips. “I love you too.” I whispered. His hands were on my hips and mine were around his neck. “Lou, what if Eleanor comes.” I asked. “She’ll knock before coming in.” He said. “Are you sure?” I asked looking at the door. His index finger turned my face up to his. “Babe, don’t worry.” He said gently kissing my lips. I sighed and broke from his grasp. I walked to the mirror and saw a picture of his family. I smiled before feeling Louis’ arms snake around my waist. “Your sisters are so beautiful.” I said. “They are.” He smiled.

             I was still looking at the picture when we heard a knock at the door. “Go sit on the couch and act like you were reading a magazine.” Louis whispered in my ear. I scurried over to the couch and grabbed a magazine. Louis jogged over to the door and opened it. “Louis, babe!” Eleanor said giving him a kiss, making me slightly jealous. She looked over at me and scoffed. “What is she doing here?” She asked. “El, you’re being rude. She’s a very good friend of mine.” Louis said. Eleanor rolled her eyes and walked over to the mirror.  “Louis, please come over here.” Eleanor snapped as Louis sat next to me. “I’ll be back.” He sighed. He walked over to her and I heard a whispered argument between them.

               In the midst of the argument, there was a knock at the door. “Should I?” I asked. “No. I will get it.” Eleanor said. She walked to the door and opened it. “Perrie! Danielle! It’s so good to see you!” She said hugging them. They walked in and saw me. “Who’s that?” Perrie asked smiling. I stood up and walked over to them. “I’m Kayla, Louis’ friend.” I smiled. “I’m Perrie, Zayn’s girlfriend!” She said giving me a hug. “I’m Danielle, Liam’s girlfriend.” Danielle smiled, giving me a hug. “It’s nice to meet you!” I said. “It’s nice to meet you too!” They said.

         “Well girls, shall we go?” Eleanor asked. “Yeah, Kayla, want to come along?” Perrie asked. “Um, sur-” I began. “She’s fine.” El interrupted. Danielle and Perrie looked at me, confused. “I’m good, thank you for the offer.” I said with a weak smile. “Ok, we’ll see you later right?” Danielle asked. “Yup!” I smiled. They walked out of the room and shut the door. I walked over to Louis, who was sitting on the couch. I sat next to him and sighed. “God she hates me.”

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