A Forgotten Love Story

Kayla and Louis are completely in love, but what happens when Kayla moves to the U.S unexpectedly? What happens when they meet unexpectedly at a NYC Starbucks?


4. Keep Quiet

     I walked back to my apartment and set out food and water for Sadie. I changed into something more appealing than just a pair of sweats and a t-shirt. For some reason I had the need to impress him. I felt as if he would think less of me if I didn’t dress better, even though I knew he wouldn’t. I slipped my flats on and grabbed my jacket. “Bye Sadie!” I said walking out the door. I had 20 minutes to get there so I decided to walk. I walked down past the park.

    It wasn’t long before I reached the hotel. There were a lot of screaming girls as I saw a boy with blonde hair run in. I walked towards the door and the same two big guys, who stopped me at Starbucks, stopped me there too. “I live here.” I lied. “Oh ok.” They said stepping aside. “I live here to!” A fan screamed. “Not happening.” One man said. Jeez, they were rude.

   I saw the elevator door start to close. “Can you hold the elevator?” I asked jogging over. The door opened to reveal the same blonde boy who ran in. I gave him a smile as I walked in. “What floor?” He asked in his thick Irish accent. I looked and saw floor 3 lit. “Same.” I smiled. “Neighbors!” He shouted, causing me to giggle. “What room number?” He asked. “I’m actually visiting someone.” I said. “Ah, I see.” He said. “I’m Niall by the way!” He said. “I’m Kayla!” I said. The elevator doors opened and we went our separate ways. “Nice to meet you, Kayla!” He said. “Likewise.” I smiled. I walked down the hall and saw ‘Room 172’ in gold lettering.

   I sighed and knocked on the door. I waited a bit before knocking again. “Coming!” Louis shouted through the door. The door swung open to reveal a shirtless Louis. “You came.” He said breathlessly. I nodded. “Sorry, I was sleeping.” He said fixing his hair. “It’s fine.” I smiled. “Here, come in.” He said stepping aside. “Are you sure your girlfriend won’t care?” I asked rolling my eyes. “She probably would but I don’t care.” Louis said.

    “Look Louis, I-” I began but I was cut off by a kiss, which I didn’t resist. Our lips moved perfectly in sync. I honestly missed his kiss. “Louis, we can’t do this. You’re in a relationship.” I said. “But, I need to do this.” He said leaning in for another kiss. “W- What if they find us?” I asked. “Keep quiet and they won’t.” He smirked, tugging at my shirt.

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