A Forgotten Love Story

Kayla and Louis are completely in love, but what happens when Kayla moves to the U.S unexpectedly? What happens when they meet unexpectedly at a NYC Starbucks?


6. Getting Ready

       I paid the cab driver and got out at my apartment. I went inside and sat on the couch. Sadie came and jumped on my lap. “Hi there Sadie!” I said petting her head. She wagged her tail and jumped off. I got up and headed for the closet to pick out something to wear. I picked out a short blue dress and sliver heels to go with it. I skipped into the bathroom to get changed. I looked into the mirror and realized how messy my hair was. I grabbed a brush and brushed through my messy hair. I decided to loosely curl it for the concert.

       “Sadie!” I called as I walked out of my room. I stood in front of the mirror in the living room and put my earrings in. I looked up and saw someone in the doorway. I spun around and saw Louis standing in my living room with Sadie in his arms. “Holy shit Louis! You scared me!” I said walking over to him. “You know, you should lock your door.” He laughed. “What are you doing here? You show starts in less than an hour!” I said. “First, I had to make sure you were coming. Second, you need your VIP ticket.” He smiled.

      He placed a kiss on my lips and smiled. One thing was on my mind though. “Have you done anything about Eleanor?” I asked. He frowned slightly. “No.” He said quietly. “Louis, you know if someone finds out, we’re in HUGE trouble.” I said. “I know, but-” He began. “Do you love her?” I asked. He was silent before he looked up at me. “I thought I did, but now you’re back in my life, I’m not sure I do.”

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