A Forgotten Love Story

Kayla and Louis are completely in love, but what happens when Kayla moves to the U.S unexpectedly? What happens when they meet unexpectedly at a NYC Starbucks?


1. Don't Forget Me

*3 Years Ago*

     “Don’t leave me!” Louis said tears threatening to spill. “Do you think I want to Louis?!” I asked, a tear falling from my eye. He was silent. “Do me one favor then.” He said. “Ok.” I agreed. “Stay the night.” He said pulling me into a kiss. “Louis I-” I began. “It wasn’t a question babe.” He said. “Ok.” I smiled. He grabbed my hand and pulled me inside his house. He led me upstairs and into his room.

      He pulled me close to him and he kissed my lips passionately. “Louis, we can’t do this, what about your family?” I asked. “They’re not home, remember?” He asked. “Oh, that’s right!” I smiled. “Now, where were we?” He smirked, leaning in to kiss me. I ran my fingers through his feathery hair as his hands roamed my back. My hands got to his shirt and tugged it off. “Babe, are you sure you want to do this?” He asked. I looked into his eyes. “Yes.” I nodded.

      Later that night, I snuck out of his house. “Louis, Louis!!” I said shaking him awake. “Yeah babe?” He asked sleepily. “I have to leave.” I said. That woke him up. “I- I thought you were staying the whole night.” He said sitting up. “You know I want to but I have to be in my room when my parents wake up.” I said. A tear rolled down his cheek but I wiped it away. “I love you so much Louis, you know that right?” I asked. He nodded. “I love you too.” He said kissing my lips. I pulled back and bit my lip. “Goodbye Louis.” I said placing one last kiss on his lips and I walked to the door. “Kayla.” His voice said softly. I turned around to see him standing behind me. “I need you to do me one more favor.” He said.  “Ok.” I said. “Don’t forget me.”

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