Summer Love

Abbey and Bree are best friends and complete opposites... Bree has dark brown straight, long hair, hazel eyes, 5'6 and is a complete bad ass. Abbey has dirty blonde shoulder length, straight hair, piercing blue eyes resembling crystals, and is 5'9. They are both 17 and both attend Devon Wood High school. Abbey and Bree are considered the "Populars" of the school along with their best friends Perrie and Eleanor. When the girls find out that the one and only One direction are coming to their school, everyone goes wild. Well except for Bree...Anyway, this is the last summer before grade 12, Bree, Abbey, Perrie and El find them selves hanging out with one direction all summer, will they find love, what happens when one of the members tells everyone a secret that no one saw coming, and will possible ruin one direction forever!!!
This is co authored by Abbs06


36. Tear Jerker

Bree's POV

The rest of the gang arrived maybe 10 minutes later. I didnt say a word to them and i dont think they knew what to say. All of a sudden Abbey burst out, "It's all my fault...." Niall immediately comforted her, telling her it was no ones fault. "If i hadnt of called you, if i hadnt of made you bring me to Bree's house...." she says. Niall looked up at me for support, but i just looked away. Maybe it was Abbey's fault... what if she hadn't shown up... Harry could of grabbed him from behind... and maybe things would of been different. Maybe Harry and i would be cuddling on the couch right now. His arm around me. My head on his chest. Him telling me he is the luckiest guy in the world when really i was the luckiest girl. I kept replaying what i had saw when Chad whipped around and shot Harry. I kept seeing it over and over and over in my head. The worst part was that Harry didnt look scarred or hurt. He looked worried, and sad. He looked worried that he might not make it. Not scarred for his own well being, but worried for me. I felt like i was the one getting shot. over and over and over. Finally i couldnt take it anymore and right as i stood up, about to do who knows what, the doctor came out. "I assume this is the party for Styles?" He said we all nodded. And the next few words i will never forget. I felt like my hole world had crashed around me. Like suddenly i didnt belong, like the world didnt make sense anymore. Harry is gone. Never again will i ever walk down the sidewalk holding hands with him. Never will i ever be able to have him kiss me good night again. Never will i feel safe in his arms. Never will i know that everything is going to turn out alright because i know that Harry will always be there for me. I fell to the ground not even caring how dirty it is. Not caring about anything. I scream out for Harry.  "NO!" How could he do this to me. How could he leave me! What about our children that we never got a chance to have, what about their children... We will never be able to grow old and sit on the porch of our house and watch as our grandchildren run around on the front yard while their parents chase  after them. "Bree..." I hear Abbey say. I hear Niall immediately jump infront of her. "I dont think it's a good idea to see her right now...." He  escorted her out of the room. Liam excuses him self claiming that he is going to call Simon. Zayn left to call Ell and Perrie. Louis just looked at me. I looked into his eyes. He came over to me and pulled me into a bear hug. I put my head on his chest and cried and cried and cried. About half an hour later, the doctor told us we could say our final good byes to him. I walked in the room first and what i saw before me took my breath away...

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