Summer Love

Abbey and Bree are best friends and complete opposites... Bree has dark brown straight, long hair, hazel eyes, 5'6 and is a complete bad ass. Abbey has dirty blonde shoulder length, straight hair, piercing blue eyes resembling crystals, and is 5'9. They are both 17 and both attend Devon Wood High school. Abbey and Bree are considered the "Populars" of the school along with their best friends Perrie and Eleanor. When the girls find out that the one and only One direction are coming to their school, everyone goes wild. Well except for Bree...Anyway, this is the last summer before grade 12, Bree, Abbey, Perrie and El find them selves hanging out with one direction all summer, will they find love, what happens when one of the members tells everyone a secret that no one saw coming, and will possible ruin one direction forever!!!
This is co authored by Abbs06


18. Shit

Abbey's POV 

Shit, shit, shit!!!! Why does he have to be here??? Why????? Just as my life is starting to be good he comes back. Shit. OH fuck Niall has a black eye and his gut is probably killing him. I half drag him into the bathroom after he passed out and now have him sitting on the counter. He groaned and opened his good eye. "Hey babe" He says with a cheeky smile. "Niall I am so sorry. I feel so bad, he is such a dick" I hung my head with shame. "Hey don't worry about me, are you alright?" He asked me. "What do you mean don't worry about you? Niall you have a black eye, a bloody nose and I'm pretty sure you have some bruised ribs." I say. He just shruged. "Here" I said while laughing lightly. I bring some toilet paper up to his nose to stop the bleeding. I felt him watching me, but I didn't look at him untill after I was done. "I think I need to see if you bruised any ribs. Just so I know." I ask him with a cheeky smile. "Alright babe, anything for you." He pecked my cheek and stood up, slightly leaning on the counter for support. He peeled off his blood stained shirt and reveled his abs. I started tracing my fingers lightly over them. "Does this hurt?" I ask when I touch his ribs. They were already starting to turn a light shade of purple. "Nah" He replied although I saw the look of pain on his handsome face. "Maybe you need something to take your mind off the pain?" I suggest leaning in slightly. "What do you have in mind?" He says with 1 eyebrow raised, leaning in slightly too. Our noses were almost touching. I gently cupped his chin with my right hand and leaned in the rest of the way. When our lips touched it was amazing. It was the most amazing kiss I had ever had. There were fireworks, it was passionate, it was perfect. I pull away slightly and looked into his eyes. "That" I said softly. This time he leaned in and kissed me. Our lips moved in sync and I almost forgot how to breathe. Just then we hear the door open "Niall?" Harry called out. "Oh sorry....." He continued when he saw us kissing. He left and we pulled apart and started laughing. "That was defiantly a memorable first kiss" Niall stated. I laughed again "Yes it was" After I got Niall to Harry so he could take him home, I checked my phone. It was 11 o'clock. 'Great..' I thought to myself. Bree left and I have no ride home. But its okay my house isn't to far from here. I started walking and within 5 minutes turned onto my street. As my house came into view I noticed there was a some people on the front lawn, those people looked a lot like Chad's friends from the restaurant. 'shit' I thought to myself. 'Screw it' I ducked behind a tree before they could see me. From there I climbed the tree and hopped onto my fence. I jumped off my fence and went in threw my back door. "Piece of cake" I say to myself. After changing into my pj's and scrubbing my make up off I laid down in my bed and quickly fell asleep. 

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