Summer Love

Abbey and Bree are best friends and complete opposites... Bree has dark brown straight, long hair, hazel eyes, 5'6 and is a complete bad ass. Abbey has dirty blonde shoulder length, straight hair, piercing blue eyes resembling crystals, and is 5'9. They are both 17 and both attend Devon Wood High school. Abbey and Bree are considered the "Populars" of the school along with their best friends Perrie and Eleanor. When the girls find out that the one and only One direction are coming to their school, everyone goes wild. Well except for Bree...Anyway, this is the last summer before grade 12, Bree, Abbey, Perrie and El find them selves hanging out with one direction all summer, will they find love, what happens when one of the members tells everyone a secret that no one saw coming, and will possible ruin one direction forever!!!
This is co authored by Abbs06


29. Laser tagging part 2

Harry's POV

Bree drove us back to the school so i could get my car, and she had detention. We get out of the car and Bree sits on the hood of it. I stand in front of her, in between her legs. "I really wish you didnt have detention..." I say to Bree and she laughs. "I don't go anyways... and its always the trig teacher, and im usually the only one thats goes, so if im not there, he gets to leave early." I look at her and she smiles. "What are you thinking about?" She asks me, and i reply, "How amazing you are.." She gently pushs me away. I go between her legs again and wrap my hands around her waist. "Bree?" I ask her and she smiles. "Ya Harry?" i take a deep breath and ask her the question i had been wondering all day. "How come you didnt like me at first?" Her face changes from a smile to a frown. I don't like it when she frowns, so i brush my thumb down her cheek, which quickly regains a smile on her face. I lean in slowly. My lips brush hers softly. They are so soft and they taste like strawberries. I kiss her again passionately. I brush my tongue on her bottom lip, and she spreads her lips apart, letting my tongue explore her mouth. All of a sudden i hear a bunch of snickering and i turn around to see Zayn, Liam and Louis. I rub my forehead embraced. "Noo don't let us stop you!" Louis says. Bree jumps off the hood of the car, saying "Nah im just heading to detention anyways." I watch her ass as she leaves. "Stop starring at my ass Harry!" She shouts without even looking. The boys snicker again, and i shush them. "So we are gonna go laser tagging, you wanna come with?" Liam asks changing the topic. "Ya sure! What time?" i reply. "7!" they all reply and i jump in my car." A boys night.... With Louis..... Who just saw me making out with Bree....greeeaaaat." I say out loud to my self.

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