Summer Love

Abbey and Bree are best friends and complete opposites... Bree has dark brown straight, long hair, hazel eyes, 5'6 and is a complete bad ass. Abbey has dirty blonde shoulder length, straight hair, piercing blue eyes resembling crystals, and is 5'9. They are both 17 and both attend Devon Wood High school. Abbey and Bree are considered the "Populars" of the school along with their best friends Perrie and Eleanor. When the girls find out that the one and only One direction are coming to their school, everyone goes wild. Well except for Bree...Anyway, this is the last summer before grade 12, Bree, Abbey, Perrie and El find them selves hanging out with one direction all summer, will they find love, what happens when one of the members tells everyone a secret that no one saw coming, and will possible ruin one direction forever!!!
This is co authored by Abbs06


33. Abbey's Worries

Niall's POV

After I got home from laser tag, I decided i was gonna call Abbey! I pull my phone out of my pocket and just as I do, my phone rings. Sure enough it's Abbey!

Me: Hey babe!

Abbey: Hey! How was laser tag?

Me: Good! Im glad we all went, its good that we continue to bond...

Abbey: Ya... Hey um did Harry mention that he was going to Bree's after?

Me: Um... i think so... im not sure... uh why?

Abbey: Because im just worried... Chad got out... he broke out of prison or something and I don't want Bree to be alone tonight....

Me: Im sure she's fine! It's you we have to be more worried about! You're the one hes after!

Abbey: Thanks for taking the stress off....

*I mentally slap my self in the face*

Me: Oops... How about I come pick you up, we will pop by Bree's real quick.. just to wait until Harry gets there, and then we can come back to my place and eat ice cream and watch romantic movies?

Abbey: Alright... that sounds good....

Me: Okay, ill be there in 5.

I jump off the couch, quickly through my jacket on, grab my keys and run out to my car. When i pull up to Abbey's house, she is standing outside at the end of her driveway. I pull up beside her, and lean over to push open the passenger door. When she gets in the car, i give her a quick kiss on the cheek. "Hey babe!"

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