Time wasting (a one direction fan fic?)

Obviously this movella is about time wasting there is not really A point of view just me memories.


4. thunder buddie

                                          in this chapter its still 2009 and I know all of the material in this is basically from this year or last so please forgive me :) it probably wont be 2009 until it gets more to the point of the story ;)


 *flash back*


           It was a cold night the clouds were rolling in. Louis screamed "IF IT FLOODS IM GOING SCUBA DIVING" Then I said to him "maybe you will se Adele rolling in the deep" Every one laughed. me and harry snuggled up with a blanket then that's when the thunder started. I looked at harry and he nodded, then we started to sing " when you hear the sound of thunder don't you get too scared just grab your thunder buddy and say theses magic words f you thunder you can suck my d you cant get me thunder because you are just Gods farts.

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