Time wasting (a one direction fan fic?)

Obviously this movella is about time wasting there is not really A point of view just me memories.


2. hooked like a fish

              As I lay back in my lawn chair one of my favorite memories popped into my head...



                                                                             *********Flash Back*********


                      I was lying on my beach towel listening to the waves roll in, one ear bud in one out. I was listening to replay by iyaz. I must have ben dancing or something because a curly head boy approached me. He asked why I was all alone. I was going to play "hard to get". I replied with "because I can be and you are not my boyfriend so why do you care? "I just thought you would like some company" he said. 'I don't even know your name What are you 13"? Thank you very much but im 15 and its harry...harry styles. "well im charlotte mr.styles and I am to 15" I replied. "You know you can just call me harry, so what would you like to do"? "I don't know about you but im ready to go surfing". "The least I can do is fail" harry said.

 I grabbed my light orange surf board and waited for harry. He came back with a darker orange surfboard. He said to me "how did ya know my favorite color was orange' I said 'I didn't but that happens to be mine too. I knew from that point I had him hooked like a fish.

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