Time wasting (a one direction fan fic?)

Obviously this movella is about time wasting there is not really A point of view just me memories.


3. first last kiss

                                              Then my next favorite memory popped into my head carefully replaying what exactly happened



                    *****FLASH BACK*****


                  It has been exactly two months since I met harry. As I sat on the couch watching family guy my phone buzzed  


            Hazza: Hey! do you have any plans for later?

         Charlotte: No not yet but I would love to;) hint hint:)

              H: I was thinking we could go to the pool ya know have some fun

           C: sounds good to me:) pick me up in thirty?

          H: sure! exactly what I was thinking

      *end of convo.*

                                              I put on my peach colored bikini and placed my matching shorts over top and threw on a purple shirt. Remembering not to put makeup I just grabbed my whole bag of makeup and my towel and speakers etc.. I put my hair up in a messy bun and grabbed my shades and texted harry that I was ready. five minutes later he showed up. I jumped into his car and we were off.


                                                  20 min later

                   we arrived and I began to put on sunscreen then asked harry to put some on my back like they do in the movies. so romantic. then I did the same for him then I ran and jumped in and harry following behind. I began to swim farther into the pool and harry grabbed my foot. he spun me around and kissed me. I could feel the sparks, the fireworks. we came up both shocked of what just happened. Harry was my first kiss and I wanted him to be my last.




thank you guys for just looking at this I really appreciate it I think my limit is going to be 1 to 2 chapters a day. thank you so much:)

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