Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Imagine a world without imperfection, no errors or anything classified as a mistake. A world where being a Human is a flaw. Comply to the rules and you'll be rewarded. Disobey the law and you die. ---Set in the year 2027, at a time when multinational corporations have grown in power beyond the control of national governments. After a project called 'Deus Ex' spirals out of control, raises the question whether humanity's reach has exceeded its grasp.


3. Lab Rats

Lab Rats

         ...6 Hours Ago

I wanted to wear my holographic face, but the thin cable that goes around my neck along with a ring was missing. It feels weird for some reason. My skin looked perfectly fine, but I got used to going outside while hiding the real me. People get frightened and call the cops when they realize that you don't belong wherever you are.

The clock tolled out the hour again. It was 2 a.m. and I couldn't  -or wouldn't - close my eyes shut. Every time I dreamed, disturbing pictures of something that didn't actually happen emerged.

               "Back door open." The house alerted me.

This time I took a frying pan before falling on my knees.

I haven't been myself lately. I can hear and see things more clearly. Today, I even ran five miles without feeling tired and didn't stop to catch my breath like the other days. I find it hard to believe myself that I even passed my neighbor next door, Jensen, during his daily run. Adams Jensen isn't someone I should meddle with. He's not just a regular guy, but the security director of a powerful company called CEO. A company that has grown in power beyond the control of national governments.

I rested my hand upon the kitchen table, trying to get a grip on myself.

Aria had broken into the house and wandered around looking for me, until she finally found me eating in the kitchen.

               "Did you really think you could get rid of me that easily?" Aria said amusingly.

                "Now, mind to explain why you haven't returned my calls?"

I sighed and dipped my bread in the warm coffee, attempting to avoid the conversation. I detested Aria's fuss about something particularly unimportant. Then, she got fervent in her curiosity.

                Aria grinned. "I'll bet you thirty bucks that you've seen Dmetrei!"

                A smile urged to escape. "Yes. I went to see him."

                "What's the problem then?"

                 I looked down to see my reflection in the coffe. "Someone called the cops and I wasn't able to tell him the truth."

                "What truth?" Aria inquired.

                "Dmetrei thinks that I'll assent to the surgeries." I said while fixing dark blond strands of hair that fell on my face.

                 She tossed her glasses aside and sat across the table. "Why can't you accede?'

                 "I won't let my mother's demise be in vain." I looked up to meet her sunken hazel eyes.

Aria's interface ring implanted behind her neck started to beep.

                 "Dad's calling. He's probably trying to locate my whereabouts."

                  I took Aria's hand for a second, squeezing. "He must not know where I live."

She winked and before I knew it she was gone like the wild wind.

                "Back door open." The house alerted me again.

                "Aria! Please, can you close the door!" I yelled from the kitchen.

                "Back door open." The house repeated the same alert. I rolled my eyes and decided to close it myself instead.

I was half way there to reaching the door when Dmetrei appeared. I gasped as I took in the view of the horrible nightmare before me.

                "Trinity. I'm sorry." Dmetrei staggered and fell on the floor. Blood ran like a river along the floor tiles.

I dropped my mug and covered my mouth with both hands.

I wanted to call the police, but I knew it would make matters worse. I instantly knelt right next to him and watched him die, unable save the only person I've ever truly loved.

               "They ..." Dmetrei tried to tell me something but blood was already clogging his throat.

               "They are.... coming" He closed his eyes and suddenly stopped breathing.

I put forth my hand towards his heart that had stopped beating. There was a breath of wind, and for the first time in years, tears finally welled from eyes.

I felt condemned to hell because he'd just been killed (the same way my mother was assassinated) in order to protect me.

I managed to stand up, although my shaky legs betrayed me. With each stealth step towards the generic bathroom, more disturbing images and fragments of a dream emerged like déjà vu. The same dream I had last night and the night before that.

I slapped my own cheeks, smacking the sense into me. The bathroom mirror became blurry and I couldn't see my face anymore, and then I fainted.


I woke in the center of a room surrounded by four giant glass walls and a large semi-circle on the center of the ground. My face marked with lines from sleeping on the floor. My legs didn't respond the way they're supposed to and I'm too weak to get up. Instead, I crawled on the floor and managed to stand up as I reached one of the walls.

                I hit and punched the glass walls, "Help!" I screamed.

It was a bad idea. I could hear the squeak-squeak-squeak of rubber soles getting closer and closer. Moments later I'm engulfed by men in white suits and green surgical masks.

               A cold hand grabbed my arm. "The subject is ready. Transport her to cell thirty-four." Said the woman in a white lab coat and nursing shoes.

At the command, two other nurses arrived and abruptly gripped my arms. The thin paper covering my body billowed out around me.

They strapped my arms, legs and head around an exam table, the kind of bed a doctor would use for a check-up. A nurse pulled my arm to extract as much blood as she needed.

The first few seconds were a sheer terror, my pulse beating fast, and my teeth clenched hard that my jaw ached.

              "Don't worry. Everything's going to be alright." Said a man  next to me and in the same situation. My head was stuck to the surgical table so I couldn't see his face. 

               My throat was too dry to speak. "What's your name?" I asked.

               "Adams Jensen." He said in a dignified voice. "What's yours?"

              "Trinity Reed." I gave a half smile that only the nurses could see.

I looked down to see his body. A few bones jutted from his stomach, like the bones of a decaying animal. I shivered at the thought of being one of their lab rats.

               "Please. Let me go." I told the nurse at my right  who was preparing for the surgery. 

               "Stay still. This will help you sedate your muscles." She replied.

               "Pick a color." The second nurse said as she showed me a catalog containing every existing color. "Let me repeat myself. Choose a color!" And she grabbed my weak arm so tight I could feel the numbness already all over it.

My tongue and lips were too dry and instead I pointed to the first color I saw, hazel like the color of my eyes.

I could only see two possible endings for me, becoming the government's marionette or dying.

The sedative coursing through my veins was already having an effect on my eyes. It paralized every muscle, turning my hands into shivering claws and my vision too glassy to see.

                "I'm dying, aren't I?" I spoke to Adams.

                "I'm sorry. I don't really know." He said lamentably. 

                I swallowed and stared at the ceiling. "Dmetrei. Aria. Mom. I love you." I murmured and closed my eyes. 


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