Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Imagine a world without imperfection, no errors or anything classified as a mistake. A world where being a Human is a flaw. Comply to the rules and you'll be rewarded. Disobey the law and you die. ---Set in the year 2027, at a time when multinational corporations have grown in power beyond the control of national governments. After a project called 'Deus Ex' spirals out of control, raises the question whether humanity's reach has exceeded its grasp.


9. Author's Note



Thanks for viewing this story.  

I was inspired by a game called Deus Ex with a program called Human Augmentation which enabled humans to reach perfection (In reality when you're actually playing the game, the augmentation improves the player character's combat prowess). All of the characters - except Adams Jensen - were created by me. Adams Jensen is the main character in the game but I wanted to make my own version of what might be happening during the process of augmentation and that we didn't know. So I created Trinity Reed, a normal human, hunted by nightmares of the past. From the start she wanted to remain normal, but consequently she learned the hard way that sometimes you have to fight for what you believe.

So what happens to Trinity and Daisy? The ending is always the happiest or the saddest. I created two versions of this story. In this version, Trinity wants to stay Human and the CEO company didn't simply change her but they altered her DNA and those who resisted. At the end Trinity saw in Daisy something unique - that even though Daisy wasn't actually normal, - Daisy was still a Human.


I hope you liked it! :)

- C. Alexander

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