heart attack

ash and natalie only knew each other for two month. they knew each other when ash started to work part time as the school to tuition car-driver. natalie started to like ash when he first met ash. will ash feel the same? or natalie was just another school girl that he picked up everyday?


2. .

the reason nat always come to school is because she want to meet ash. as ash will pick her up from school to the tuition centre. after sometimes, ash keep asking nat to sit besides the driver side. everyday single day. the reason he asked to because he'll picked a bunch of boys in the other schools. 

"but nahh.... i'll still gonna think that he want us to be more closer. aha !"

nat said that because theres this one time when he pick up only girls instead of boys. 

nad only talk when theres only her and ash. even theres only one person besides them, she will always keep silent. she also dont know why.

nat's class was on the second floor which means it is located in front of the workers desk which means in front of ash's desk. everyday nat will look outside searching for him. theres one thing that nat dont understand. why would ash seems to wait for her after class? he'll sit on the couch near nat's class and talk to his friend. he'll also look at nat through a sneaky way.

"its confusing. guys do confusing" nat said to herself. 

so the routine continue everyday and nat happy living this life until this one day when she waited for a long time suddenly when the car arrived, she walked in happily but then suddenly she heard that ash was talking to his girlfriend through telephone. it breaks nat's heart a little. 

the way his talking, it shows that ash want to end the conversation quickly and he do feel bad.  

"but he wasn't suppose to feel bad, wasn't he? i mean its up to him to have a girlfriend. and i shouldn't have this awful crush feelings on him. right?" nat said to herself.

"okay we've arrived....." ash said.

nat went out immediately and she didn't wait for the others like always. because she can feel some tears fall down.

"well, i come here to study. so yeah." nat's monologue.

after class, the same waiting thing happen. nat die a little inside because ash is someone's but her friends keeps talking and drag her outta the bad thoughts.

its been an awkward day for a several days. but nat will stay happy when she meet and look at ash's skill when he drive the car. 

but ash breaks the awkwardness when he start a conversation. 


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