Catching Feelings ( Zayn Malik Love Story)

* Based off the movie John Tucker Must Die *

Zayn Malik is the heart throb of the school, every girl wants him and every boy wants to be him. When Zayn breaks a few hearts, three girls are sick of watching him play his little game and always coming out the winner. No this time they are going to get a little pay back by making a girl nobody really cared about into a girl that everyone just wants to get their hands on. But she has one mission and that is to break Zayn's heart. Can she do it or will he get her under his spell just like he did every other girl.


1. 1.

 Hey. You see that girl right there that's me Jahala White. As you can see i am a very silly type of girl, i love to skate and hang with my friends. I am 18 years of age and I'm a senior in high school. But any way I am here for a reason and that is to get back at this scumbag that everyone loves. I did love him or well thought i loved him at a point in time in my life. But then i realized or someone made me realize that i was getting played. So right now i am ready to get back at him and to show him that it's not fun getting your heart broken.


Hey there the name is Brittney Lynn. I don't like my last name so i just use my first and middle name when i introduce my self to people. Any way I'm 18 years of age, I'm a senior in high school, head cheerleader, and really ready to graduate. But before i graduate i want to get my revenge on the one boy that every girl so happens to be in love with. He played me like a piano and i didn't even know it until one girl helped me out. He's going to get it and i can't wait.


How's it going the name is Allison Montgomery, 18 years of age, and you can say i am a kind of a band geek. I play the drums and the guitar. I don't know why i just love it. But anyway I'm a senior and I should be focused on graduating but no i am more focused on getting back at this loser i know. He broke my heart and i can't wait to do the same to him. He needs to learn a lesson i can't wait until we put him in his place.


*Jahala's POV*


"I honestly can't believe the douche bag played us" I yelled through my house, i was beyond pissed how i didn't notice to begin with that i wasn't the only one dating that two timing, man whore. I sighed and sat down on my bed. Oh sorry let me tell you who i am talking about

We are talking about him. His name is Zayn Malik the schools player, he is every girls dream guy, the athlete, the musician, the sweet talker. Practically everything you can dream of then that's him. Any way he was going out with me but at the same time he was going out with two other girls. Those two girls just happen to be the two girls i hate the most and they hate me too, Brittney and Allison. But now we decided that we are going to get back at this douche bag by making him pay. We thought long and hard about how we are going to do this and finally we came up with a good plan the girl that helped us learn that he was playing all of us is the girl we are going to use to help us break his poor little heart.


Meet Justyce Wiliams, Senior, 18 and a girl that Zayn hasn't noticed or been with yet. Which i don't get because she's hot and has a nice body. Hm maybe he was to busy trying to figure out a way not to mix us all up and keep us all a secret from each other he didn't have time for a new girl to come into the mix. But now that he's single and being a bigger jerk Justyce is the perfect girl for us to get to him. He deserves everything he is going to get and i can't wait to see him crumble.

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