5 Happy Girls who love making music +5 Boys new to the singing world what could go wrong eh?


25. When we up in the club.....

Avery's Pov


'When we up in the club all eyes on us' the music pounded as we entered the club there was mini tables and chairs dotted around the place which was useful."Would you like a drink love?" Niall asked I smiled and replied "yeah can I have a Smirnoff Ice please".He soon went off to buy the drinks Louis and Lola were playing the arcade games,typical, and right now Lola is thrashing Louis at Dance Master 2. Harry and Ari have gone off to dance same as Danielle and Liam and ooooh Hallie and Zayn seem to be hitting it off pretty well for 'friends...right' and there is poor Carter. She is all by herself. Niall is back with the drinks "here you are princess" he said handing me the bottle then I noticed a girl grinning like crazy as she made a bee-line for Niall maybe she's a fan. "Belle? Belle Green?" Niall asked to the girl once she had sat down. "In the flesh" she giggled and grabbed Niall's hand they looked at each other for a minute so I coughed "sorry to interrupt but I am confused still" I said "oh sorry princess this is Belle we or dated then I had to break up with her for my career" he trailed off "that's sweet" I murmered. I listened for what seemed like hours to their little stories I swear if I hear "remember when we..." one more time I will scream. Then Hey there Delilah by the Plain white T's started playing I LOVE THIS SONG "Niall I love this song do you want to dance" I asked standing up "well I was hoping Me and Niall could know for old times sake" Belle giggled and Niall looked at me "o-o-k" I stuttered fake smiling.Once they had left I let a tear roll down my cheek.Then I looked up and saw something horrifying "CARTER!" I yelled above the music.

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