5 Happy Girls who love making music +5 Boys new to the singing world what could go wrong eh?


7. Wassup Uncle Si

Hallies Pov, 

"Wake up" I nudged Avery "hm?" she muttered I got up off the sofa and walked into the kitchen where Lola was sitting eating carrots "Yo" she said as I came in. "No one will wake up" I grumbled Lola grinned "I can fix that" then she  trotted off to her room. Moments later I heard "WHAT THE!!" coming from the lounge i sprinted to see what happened when I saw I burst out laughing Avery,Aria and Carter were soaked in water and there behind them was a laughing Lola. "Jesus Lo I am gonna get you"laughed Aria they all went off the dry while I made break fast suddenly I heard footsteps "food glorious food!" yelled Avery and I smiled. Everyone sat down and ate the ommlettes I made when there was a knock on the door "I'll get it shouted" Carter before scooting off.

"Uncle Si!"we all shrieked seeing a familiar face appear "so what brings ya"asked Lola curiously "well girls,as you know your band Smile is becoming very successful world wide" he started and we all grinned like physco's  when he said that."Well I have recently signed a new Boy band to my record label and I have made the decision that they are to stay here with you I mean this mansion is pretty big" Si continued "so you want us to basically show them the way and all that" Aria said dumbing it down "yup"Simon said.He grabbed an ommelette and made for the door "oh and nice" he said then walked out and Lola started grinning like a mischievous lil kid.

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