5 Happy Girls who love making music +5 Boys new to the singing world what could go wrong eh?


9. The Boys

Nialls pov


I cannot believe Simon signed us....US ONE DIRECTION! I am real nervous but so excited i am sitting in a limo A LIMO! And keep cool  Niall keep cool. Iook over at the guys they are all grinning probably thinking the same as me.My favourite song came on it is called never give up and it is my a girl band called Smile.Simon said we will be sharing the mansion with another band I think they are girls I hope they like us.


Harrys pov

Well this beats working at gregs


Louis pov

I hope there will be somebody fun there who i can prank with and if she likes carrots we are gonna get along just fine


Liams pov

i can't wait to meet everyone it is gonna be so amazing


Zayns pov


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