5 Happy Girls who love making music +5 Boys new to the singing world what could go wrong eh?


11. That is my kinda girl

Carter's pov

suddenly Lola flew down sitting on the banister the landed with a thud on the floor and closed her eyes all the boys rushed over."Wait for it" Avery grinned "3...2...1"Aria added.Lola jumped up "THAT WAS AWESOME!" she yelled then saw the boys "oh hey I am Lola"she said "anyone needs me I am in the kitchen with ma carrots" she yelled and walked off.


Louis Pov

 Lola is my kinda girl I followed her to the kitchen she was sitting on the side eating a carrot "ya want one?" she asked and I nodded she tossed one at me. "So what is your band called then Louis?" she quizzed "one direction I answered then her eyes lit up "hey Louis ya wanna help me prank the others  I always do but it gets boring alone" she said "I thought you would never ask" I laughed.The she hopped off the side and whispered the plan in my ear.God this girls a genius. 

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