5 Happy Girls who love making music +5 Boys new to the singing world what could go wrong eh?


18. Movie Night

Avery's Pov

Me and Aria were setting the DVD up so I put all the food I bought on the table 

"Jeez Aves!" laughed Aria then everyone came."let me guess Avery got the food?" grinned Hallie "that's my girl" said Niall but then realized what he said and blushed so I just smiled at him."What do you want to watch?" asked Lola "TOY STORY 3!!" Carter and Liam shouted at the same time then look at each other shocked "I love that movie!" Carter said "me too!" Liam squealed Nawwww romance is a coming."let's watch this"said Zayn holding up a horror movie with a zombie on the cover 

I shuddered."hmm kay" said Aria then Zayn slit the DVD into the player.As the creepy music started I sat down beside Niall he smiled flashing his braces.

Middle of the movie

I had my head resting on Niall's shoulder I was getting tired but this movie was REALLY CREEPY. 


Aria's Pov

"I need the toilet I told the guys and got up I passed the kitchen but Harry stopped me "oh hiya Harry" I said he pulled me close and kissed me.He pulled away "sorry I uh" he fumbled I kissed his cheeked "no need" I whispered "Aria will you be my girlfriend" Harry asked "ok" I grinned and he hugged me tightly."uh Harry" I said "yeah babe" he replied "I REALLY gotta pee" I laughed and he let go "oh yeah" Harry grinned then went back to the others."Louis and I have an announcement"Lola said then looked at Louis "we are dating" he confirmed everyone grinned "so are Aria and I "Harry added "Great" everyone said."Uh um uh er A-A-Avery will you go out with me" Niall asked sheesh this kid was shy.Avery nodded and he hugged her.What a nice night.


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